Friday, August 1, 2014

"Signs and Symbols Rule the World"

"The propagandist's purpose is to make one set of people forget that certain other sets of people are human." - Aldous Huxley

Confucius said that, and he said it a long time ago.

Here are two examples: Red Pill and Blue Bill. The Red Pill is a symbol of "waking up." The Blue Pill is a symbol of "staying asleep." They're inexact, but that's not the point.

The point is that people fight viciously over symbols and what they represent. And the ones who win end up having an enormous influence on society. In fact, they win the Culture War. At least for a while.

For example: what is a gun a symbol of? To a leftist, a symbol of children being killed. A symbol of evil. To a libertarian or conservative, it's a symbol of freedom and decreases in crimes.

I've posted this before:

What is it a symbol of? Originally it was a symbol of good luck and well-being. Now it's a symbol of evil and genocide. Incidentally, the reason horseshoes are supposed to be upward is to hold the good luck in.

Each group tries to define the symbols of an opposing group as evil. Democrats try to define the Republican elephant as a symbol of evil, and the Republicans do the same to the Democratic donkey.

I've mentioned this before, but Transfer is "a technique used in propaganda and advertising. Also known as association, this is a technique of projecting positive or negative qualities (praise or blame) of a person, entity, object, or value (an individual, group, organization, nation, patriotism, etc.) to another in order to make the second more acceptable or to discredit it. It evokes an emotional response, which stimulates the target to identify with recognized authorities. Often highly visual, this technique often utilizes symbols (for example, the Swastika used in Nazi Germany, originally a symbol for health and prosperity) superimposed over other visual images. An example of common use of this technique in the United States is for the President to be filmed or photographed in front of the country's flag. Another technique used is celebrity endorsements."

This is a symbol of Christianity, on which the West and Christianity was based. Certain groups are trying to remove this symbol for various reasons, all of them wrong. The attempt to remove this symbol is an attempt to destroy the West and America.

The ones who win the Symbol, Propaganda and Advertising Wars also win the Culture Wars.

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rkshanny said...

Ever notice how many badged praetorian meatheads are photo'd in their blue Halloween costumes standing by the imperial red/white/blue. Our heroes!