Saturday, August 2, 2014

"It's About Power"

"What is more plausible is that black men, and other nonwhites, have no real concern with those outside their own group. Post-tribal morality seems to be a white thang that others just don't understand." Jay Z, a commentator at the site.

Multiculturalism isn't going to work. It's real name is multitribalism, and when different tribes try to share the same land, strife always ensues. And that "strife" means murder, rape, theft and every crime imaginable.

The deluded open borders advocates will understand this when bad things start happening to them and their own.

This is an article from the site, Issues and Views.

"It's not about 'social justice,' it's about power. It's not about doing what's morally right for the underdog, it's about power.

"Wherever two or more groups live in proximity to one another, the men are going to jockey and compete for power. The bunch on the bottom of the social-economic ladder will seek ways to usurp power from those at the top. The prevailing conditions will be unique in every instance, but it's still the same old story.

"The less powerful men will work at devising whatever tools or methods they can, to defeat the dominant men, who usually are the ones with greater weaponry and manpower. For the black man in this country, it was unrealistic to think he could succeed against his opponents' armaments, so other means had to be found. Beginning with a little help from his white Abolitionist friends, continuing onward with the help of his white Communist friends, and carried forward with the help of his white liberal friends, race, and the endless ramifications that could be derived from his degraded past history, became the weapon of choice.

"The pose of anger and indignation over past humiliations must be nurtured, since this has proven to be the most effective club in the black man's arsenal. Whites, who have all but given away the store to blacks, in terms of the abandonment of constitutional principles, required nothing more than the threat of public disorder and mayhem. That blacks should be appeased, by granting the never-ending demands of their elites, was hardly questioned by the establishment whites.

"Once appeasement became the norm (a Federal holiday for a preacher?), the die was cast for the future. Those whites and blacks who protested many of the strategies of the civil rights movement, because they understood where it was leading, were marginalized, and are still exiled to the fringes of decent society.

"The initial reaction of blacks to Barack Obama, who seemed to come from nowhere, was a sense that power was being taken from the hands of 'real' American blacks, those who could count many generations of black grandfathers and great grandfathers born here in the States. How could they bring themselves to support a semi-foreigner of dubious antecedents?

"This visceral objection did not last long, however, as black men quickly realized the benefits that can accrue from the presence of a black in the White House, who owes his very station in life primarily to his racial group. It dawned on them that no matter which black man got there first, it will not only mean power over Whitey, but ownership of the most prestigious base from which to expand that power. How can it get any better than that?

"Deborah Mathis, writing on BlackAmericaWeb, speaks for many blacks, when she obliquely references those 'eyes on the prize.' She can hardly control her exuberance at the prospect of a black becoming 'the most powerful being on the entire planet,' and declares, 'This is the prize.'

"Obama's 'Great Speech' makes it clear that if he wins the Presidency, he will encourage blacks to continue wielding the same weapon of power that has served them so well, that is, the victim's call for 'social justice' and an 'end to racism.' Because the nation's institutions, for decades, have complied with the race game as established by blacks and their political compatriots, white men have nowhere to go -- except to continue the pretense that the conflict with black men is a moral issue, not one of power. It's embarrassing to admit that you've been complicit in your own dispossession. "

"White folks was [sic] in caves while we were building empires…. We taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and those Greek homos ever got around to it." - Al Sharpton


Anonymous said...

JayZ stated exactly what I have been saying to my fellow whites, particularly the males, for decades.

My observations have essentially fallen upon deaf ears and there shall be a terrible price paid for that. In the big scheme of things there are only winners and losers, and personal wealth isn't the metric by which this is judged. It's who is left standing at the end, and given the totality of the circumstances, it will not be whites. Fools they be ...

Unknown said...

The future belongs to those who show up.