Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why Do Women Destroy Everything They Touch?

Okay, let's look at what is my favorite story: the Garden of Eden.

Women's greatest sins are two: hubris ("you shall be like God") and envy (the serpent is symbol of envy).

It think it's best to consider Adam and Eve about four years old, and four-year-olds tend to see everything as black or white: good or evil. So the serpent's promise to them to "know good and evil" is to know that narcissistic either all-good or all-bad. Which of course is hubris. It explains Jung's observation that women's greatest flaw is to think they are always right.

Women desire that which they should not have, i.e. to be God-like. To think they are always right, which means they believe they try to change things to suit themselves.

Hubris, for one thing, means you think you can improve things ("All tyrants call themselves benefactors") even though you can't, and envy causes you to think everyone should the the same by leveling them.

So women meddle in things which they should not, and think they can improve things by leveling and making people "equal."

This means why women want to enter men's spaces (out of envy) and then want to change them to suit themselves (since they think everyone must be "equal," which means dragging men down to their level).

The logical conclusion of all hubris and envy: everything is damaged and destroyed.


kurt9 said...

Once again, you are misusing the term "hubris". Hubris means to publicly humiliate someone. It has nothing to do with someone who wants to become more than what they are now (which is all positive). A lot of appropriately defined words by the Greeks were warped in meaning by the Christian religious meme which, BTW, is an alien oriental import to the West rather than a organic creation of Western culture.

Unknown said...

I am well aware of what hubris means. Originally, it meant to humiliate someone in public, often with a sexual connotation, and the Greeks banned it. It is the same thing as Biblical Pride.

Those afflicted with hubris always think they are right, they always want more, and they think they have to right to change things to suit them, by whatever means they can.

At their worst, women are worse than men when it comes to these things.

Anonymous said...

"why do women destroy everything they touch?" Really???!!! If not for the natural gentle nature of the female- men would have destroyed everything long ago. Men kill and destroy everything beautiful in the world. Or have you been sleeping- rip van winkle?!

Sabrewolf said...

kurt9 Once again, you are misusing the term "hubris". Your definition is BS.
Hubris means:
1. Overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance.
2. Excessive pride, presumption or arrogance (originally toward the gods).
3. Overbearing pride or presumption

Maybe next time do some research before posting.
It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.