Friday, August 29, 2014

Know Why You Shouldn't Listen to This Woman?

Because she's charming and authoritative. Many people fall for that. Let's put it this way: do you want really her or someone like her screwing with your head?

"Charm" means the use of words. And charming and authoritative people can misuse it - that's why we get cults. They give people meaning, importance and community in their lives, the feeling they have the answers, ones that give them the security they've sought for years.

Use your brains, otherwise you're no better than some ditzy woman.

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." - Rudyard Kiping


Anonymous said...

"Know Why You Shouldn't Listen to This Woman?"

She's a post menopausal minger?

Axe Head said...

Oooh, she has secrets!

Glen Filthie said...


When she started clucking about how she can read body language and magically understand people with hyper-empathy I lost interest.

If we were at a singles bar I would flag Uncle Bob down, introduce him to her - and bail out before either could object! HAR HAR HAR! Y'all make the handsomest couple dontchya know...

I would probably get pounded for it later but it would be worth it just for the laffs!

Anonymous said...

Her words:

"You're so worried about pleasing us. I mean, do you get that the whole primary point of game is to like supplicate and perform for a woman? Do you know how emasculating that is? Like - that's the sad little secret about all of this. That's not sexy!"

Some of the most destructive people to ever live were the most charismatic and charming (both men and women). In our society, we adore the pathologically narcissistic and sociopathic (to our own demise).

If you're modifying your behavior to please another, you're the court jester (i.e., you're a fool).

The most sought after in this life are those that act independently, in accordance with integrity and don't succumb blindly to the beliefs or wants of others. In other words, they think critically and for themselves.

Those that walk a path defined by themselves, in a way that’s not harmful to others, that’s independent of the manipulation and/or misguided influence of others, will be thirsted after.

Unknown said...

I've said for years "Game" is about altering yourself to please women. It should be about being the best you can, and women's purpose, if anything, is to please men.

Anonymous said...

Her spiel has been practiced so many times in the mirror. The words, the hand movements, the pauses. So robotic. This is 'rare' woman form of creepy. Reminds me of Karen Crowder from Michael Clayton.