Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Brief History of How I Was Raised

"A pimp has gotta know his whores, but not let them know him; he's gotta be god all the way." - Sweet Jones

We'll start at middle school.

When I was 13 years old one of the boys in my homeroom mentioned to me a girl had come to his house when his parents were gone and had sex with the five boys there. She too was 13. I just looked at him and said nothing and was a bit shocked. He was telling the truth.

I didn't know what it meant at the time, but I found out in high school, when I started running across promiscuous girls, including 13-, 14-, and 15-year-olds. I thought, these girls aren't just sluts; they could be whores (later some did become whores).

When I got in college I was told in some classes that women were monogamous and wanted sex with commitment. That wasn't my experience. My experience is that if they could, many would go nuts sexually and become very promiscuous. Turned out later that's exactly what scientists have discovered.

I also found out these promiscuous women didn't go after "Alphas." I've never seen an "Alpha" in my life, but more on that later. These promiscuous women slept with the men they found attractive, and they were all over the map. I've never considered myself all that good-looking, but I've had more than one woman jump in my bed naked. And I was popular enough to be the object of envy from less popular guys,

As I said, I've never met an "Alpha." I've met guys who were popular with women - we called them "popular with women." Ones who were natural leaders of men we called "natural leaders." Ones who tried to dominate other guys we called "pussies" and we beat their asses. Bullies always collapse when you stand up to them.

Then there were the guys who beat women. Known more than one of them. We beat them up, too.

But those "Alphas"? Never met one.

Never met a "Beta," either. The closest was "pussy-whipped," which meant a guy who radically changed his behavior to have sex with women, which included everything from acting like a nice guy to a tough guy. Today, weirdly, some of these guys are called "Alphas" (even though they supplicate to women to get laid and don't even know it they're supplicating). Which is why I take the Manosphere with a boulder of salt. Many don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

"Bad Boys" and the "Dark Triad"? Jesus Christ, are you serious? The first time I saw a needle kit I was 15. The guy is now dead, as is our mutual friend, who died of a heroin overdose at 19.

The first guy I ever saw die of a drug overdose was when I was 16. He was sniffing something; I forget what. And I've seen people sniff paint in front of me when I was 16. I've seen people shoot up, too, which is why I know they draw blood back into the needle to make sure they hit a vein.

None of these guys were popular with women. I've never seen a "Bad Boy" who was. Most so-called Bad Boys are wannabes anyway, and would collapse out of sheer terror if they met a real one, who are mostly quiet guys who aren't "insanely confident," as the "Beta" Roissy deludes himself.

As for confidence, that is one of the Four Cardinal Virtues, and it goes with justice, prudence, self-control. If you don't have one, you don't have any of them. So you can pretend to be "insanely confident" without any justice or prudence or self-control, you're just a fraud, and an insecure one at that. But these things are not taught in church anymore. Or society.

As for promiscuity, it's probably worse for women than men. I've known more than one man who's slept with over a hundred woman. None are capable of love, although they end up desperately attached to one woman or another - when you desperately change your behavior just to get laid you end up being under women's control. That's why they're not "Alphas," but pussy-whipped.

In high school I read an enlightening book called Black Players, about the lives of black pimps (I also have known pimps and boy are they fucked up). In order to be a successful player the first thing they had to do is make they were never under the sexual control of a woman. They never changed their behavior to get laid. The women were there to serve them. In all ways.

If you want to understand the slut/whore nature of degraded women read the two books above. It's nothing new, that extremely limited and indeed deluded Manosphere belief that all women are hypergamous loveless whores. If you believe that, stop reading the bad advice in the Manosphere and buy the those books. I mentioned. I read them as a teenager.

I know a guy who pimped out his own wife - and she would have done it even without him. She wanted to.

I have never been under the control of a woman. When I was 19 I wondered how many women I could see at the same time. I hit three when I stopped. It could have been a few more. I also found it wasn't worth it.

Women are the receptive, the passive, the supporting. They can be good wives, or they can be sluts, or they can be turned out to be whores. Ultimately they will always do what they're told,for good or bad.

And the reason why men "put women on a pedestal" is because if they don't they see them as whores. I know a slut who once whined to my sister, "They treat me like I'm a whore" and my sister told her, "That's because you've always acted like one." And according to guys I know, that was since she was 11.

If women don't nurture and support, men will cease to protect them. That is, they'll become PUAs (women are whores) or go MGTOW (women make me sick).

And that's why Roosh and Krauser are going to end up pussy-whipped. Not to mention liars. Not to mention jaded. They'll find out. It doesn't matter to me.

Because of all these experiences, I realized by the time I was 21 that society is a thin, fragile film holding down a lot of bad human nature. And this stuff screwed with my head for years.

How did I survive all of this, unlike some of my friends? Because I had enough fun, and play, and community to overcome all of the rest of the nasty stuff I experienced.

The idea that smarter men in the past, like Marcus Aurelius or Thomas Aquinas or St. Augustine or Rudyard Kipling, haven't figured these things out is beyond ridiculous. It's just pathetic.

"Goodbye squares, kiss my pimping ass!" - Sweet Jones, before shooting himself.


PhantomZodak said...

i hope no one takes you seriously because you don't know what you're talking about.

nowhere in your post do you address guys who are not successful with girls. you don't seem to understand red pill terms like alphas & betas. they are not defined by qualities that men respect & value but rather by what girls find attractive.

notice i didn't say girls respect alphas. i said find attractive. girls oftentimes find losers attractive. it's why they stay with abusive men & unemployed men & drug addicts.

if you haven't experienced that firsthand, then you are inexperienced or have not been paying attention.

Unknown said...

I've experienced things you cannot even imagine. For that matter, you will never understand life.

Anonymous said...

Bob, again you are correct.

"Taxi Driver."

Phantom doesn't know shit.

Unknown said...

Creepy as hell you can turn out a 13- and 14-year-old girl to be a whore if you can get her emotionally attached to you. Then she'll do anything to keep you there.

I knew enough to be a pimp but I have a conscience. Hell of a life, as Iceberg Slim noticed. And he got out of it.

Bernard Brandt said...

I am happy to see that someone still knows of the Four Cardinal Virtues (thank you, Aristotle and Nicomachus). A pity that the Church, or many of its prelates, do not.

My regards. Please do keep up the good work.

j said...

Phantom pointed out the elephant in the room. A man can embody virtue and yet not be attractive to women, because women are not very sensible beings in the first place, as you said, when it comes to what turns them on.

That is often the sexual strategy of a beta, whether he is conscious of it or not: Believing that sexual success automatically follows from being a good person.

And what is a pimp if not a powerful example of a Dark Triad alpha? He behaves with full knowledge that what he does is immoral, and yet it works extremely well with the women under his charge.

It is precisely because virtue does not automatically beget sexual attraction, that powerful men established Patriarchy to enforce virtue and distribute wives to men in an equitable manner. Hence, one of the bylines of the red pill is "sexual strategy is amoral".

Nowadays, it is women, not the long-dead Patriarchal social structure, that chooses who receives sex. Since women, who are not very sensible, are now the choosers, the metrics of sexual attraction have become amoral, have drifted away from requiring virtues that are respected and loved by men, in favor of what sexually excites women; even if being a good man still garners respect in social circles, one may very well be a good man and yet not get laid -- in contrast with earlier periods of time in America.

So compared to the past, we have more sexual license, but less equality of distribution. There are pros and cons.

What do you think?

Also see:

j said...

Also highly relevant:

I found that to be very thought-provoking.

"We aren't fighting to get pussy, or even to preserve technological wealth, we're fighting to preserve abstraction itself."

Unknown said...

Many women are close to incapable of abstract thought, which is one of the lessons of mythology (think the story of the Garden of Eden). Being attracted to "bad boys" (which is actually pretty rare) is a sign of their degradation, and the degradation of men who act like that. Thus I write about pimps and whores, which is just about the most degraded men and women can be. Together men and women acting like this will destroy society.