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"There’s no such thing as an Independent Woman"

Not only is there no such thing as an independent woman; there is no such thing as an independent man. We are completely dependent on the earth, air, and sun, for example. Without them, we'd be goners.

It's why I'm amused when women think they're "strong" and "independent." They're nothing of the sort. Without men civilization would collapse quite rapidly. Like in a week, if not less.

Men are the ones who take nature's bounty and make civilization with it. Women can't do that.

Carl Jung said women's greatest sin was thinking she was always right. The Greeks called that, and the Bible called it Pride. They're always followed by revenge and collapse.

This article in from Be Feminine, Not Feminist.

I've also added her to by blogroll.

"I have a confession to make. I used to proudly think of myself as an independent woman, simply because I live alone, work to pay my bills by myself, and have learned to be resourceful enough to get most things done without asking for help. Oh, I’ve hated every minute of it, and for the life of me can’t figure out what could possibly be so appealing about it for women today. I was planning on writing a post that would go something like this: 'Being an independent woman stinks. Not ‘someone walked by you and passed gas’ kind of stinks. More like ‘the car in front of you just ran over a skunk and you’re trying not to throw up because of the smell’ kind of stinks. So don’t let the feminists out there fool you into thinking that it’s so wonderful. It’s not. It’s a miserable way to live, when you were designed for a completely different way of life.' But then a commenter named Guest left a comment on one of Donal Graeme’s posts a couple of months ago that stopped me dead in my tracks and showed me that in fact, there’s no such thing as an independent woman. Here is his comment in it’s entirety, with some corrections that he requested:

“'Independence' is based on pride – an overdeveloped opinion of self, and a refusal to submit to authority.

"Pride – the sin all women have without even realizing it – is praised in society as a virtue rather than condemned as a vice. Pride tells women to elevate themselves and their lives to accomplish their own desires and goals in life at the expense of honoring God, their men, and others around them.

"The Bible says that if we lose our lives here, then we will find new life with Him in Heaven, but if we save our lives here, then we will lose our lives with God, and thus lose eternal life with Him in Heaven.

There is a one, straight, wide road, which most people – even most 'Christians'/Churchians – choose to take, because it is easier, safer, convenient, and 'happier,' but it leads to death. Then there is a different, smaller road that bends, and is much more difficult to navigate, but it leads to eternal life.

"What the Bible calls 'pride,' society calls 'proper, high self-esteem.' What the Bible calls 'humility,' society sometimes calls 'low self-esteem.'

"Eve wanted to be 'like God' because she wanted the 'happiness, freedom, and liberation' of being her own 'independent' 'goddess,' who could do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, without being held to anyone’s (even God’s) standards of conduct – even when those standards were in her own best interest that would bring her a long life in God’s presence and peace with the affections of her own husband.

"A woman’s desire for 'Independence' is like a cell phone that says to its own power charger, 'Hey, I don’t need you anymore! I have my own power source now with my fancy new battery!,'………….until that battery runs out, and the phone is forced unwillingly to come back to reality, crawling manipulatively back to it’s old 'boring' charger again to take more energy from it (use it as a disposable resource, not an equally valuable entity of its own.) The phone might say (rarely), 'Thank you! I really appreciate your help with that! I could not have ever done that on my own!,' but then that phone will inevitably leave again as if it could be happy, function, and live forever on its own. The phone never realizes all the unique qualities, design, and purpose that the power charger has on its own. To the phone, it is just an inconvenient stop at the gas station along the highway to bigger, better, more exciting things elsewhere. But, chargers are designed to understand and live within the finite parameters of reality, and make difficult, dangerous things both possible and safe – things that would otherwise be impossible and deadly were phones to be “independent” and attempt to do those things on their own. A phone thinks it is capable of conquering the world on its own……until that power supply decides to stop giving any power away. Then what? Back to reality!"

"What women call 'independence' isn’t even true independence, because they refuse to see and acknowledge all the millions of men who work behind-the-scenes in dangerous, unglamorous, unappreciated jobs to deliver all the conveniences women take for granted.

"Nearly 100% of everything women look at and touch every moment of every day was thought of, invented, designed, created, tested, engineered, manufactured, built, assembled, packaged, loaded, shipped, delivered, unloaded, moved, setup, arranged, and sold by men to improve the modern comforts and lifestyles that women think of unrealistically as 'normal.' And that doesn’t even factor in all the efforts of the men who recycle/reuse the products/materials that women don’t want anymore.

"Women pridefully call themselves 'fabulous' when they sit in their expensive houses, on their large, comfy sofas, drinking from fancy glasses of wine, and gossiping about all the 'stupid' men in their lives. They don’t even see the irony that men designed, built, and delivered all those things they are using the very moments they gossip about and mock their men.

"Men are the ones who made it possible and safe for women to sit in their comfortable, air-conditioned, window-view offices, playing with the internet, computers, phones, desks, copy machines, and all the other office furniture and supplies they use daily – all of which were invented, made, delivered, and installed by men.

"So, the next time a woman wants to wait for her next government-supplied child-support check, and claim she is 'independent,' even as she sips her vanilla latte, buys 'cute' new shoes online, and pins new photos to her Pinterest account, she should be forced to realize that her idea of being 'independent' is not based on any form of objective reality.

"What if men were to stop doing all these things for women?

"What if every reason women have to avoid commitment to men is one more reason we men have for refusing any further commitment to them?

"Guest’s comment is pretty self explanatory, so there’s no need for me to elaborate on it. I would, however, like to talk about what exactly it would take for a woman to really be 'independent', as I’m sure a lot of women who stumble upon this post will be more than a little annoyed by someone telling them that they aren’t really independent after all. So, lets take a look. I will focus on just the bare minimum basics needed for survival: food, water, and shelter. And keep in mind – in order to be completely independent of men, you can’t take any sort of advantage of things invented, manufactured, or supplied (etc, etc, etc) by men. (This next section will probably sound satirical and/or sarcastic, but I’m completely serious about what I say there.)

1) Food

"I’ll give you a freebie and assume that you have a piece of land of your very own (somehow). Grocery stores have men involved in every step of the process, so in order to be completely independent of them, you can’t get your food from one. You’ll need to plant a garden big enough to get you enough food to last you until the next year’s harvest. Plenty of women have home gardens, so this should be easy enough, right? First, you have to till the soil, get it soft and ready to host the seeds. But wait, you can’t use any modern plow equipment, because those where invented by men. That goes for hoes, shovels, anything of the sort. You could always build your own I suppose, which would require you to locate the materials (naturally, from the earth, nothing store bought) necessary to build them, fashion them into the shapes needed to get the job done, then assemble them. If you don’t know how to do that without using man-made things or processes thought up by men (I don’t), then I guess you could take a sharp rock or something and loosen the soil up that way. I sure hope your arm doesn’t fall off while you carve away at a few acres (or more?) of land with that rock… you’re gonna need it. Once that’s done you place the seeds, keep up with weeding while the crop grows, and get ready for harvest. Harvesting should be easy enough, just pull the food off of the plant for some, and dig up the rest with your rock. You’ll need a container of some sort to transport them to your designated storage area. Again, nothing man-made can be used. You could weave a basket to carry them in, women used to do that long ago. Now that you’ve harvested all of it, you need to preserve it. I mean, if you don’t it will all rot long before you harvest more next year. Women traditionally spent a huge chunk of their time preserving their food for winter. One way is by canning things… problem is, this requires a stove (which was invented by men), and glass jars (which would be impossible to make without materials and processes already designed and thought up by men). There are various ways to preserve some things, such as hanging them to sun-dry, or burying them in the ground. Most of those methods still require materials that will require you to take advantage of the work of men (salt, for instance) to obtain. So I doubt you could preserve enough of that food to last you all year without them. Oh, but wait…

"You can hunt for food! Deer, Squirrels, Turkeys, Bears, Wild Boars, Buffalo, Fish, all sorts of things out there for you to choose from. First, you’ll need a weapon to kill them with. Guns are out, obviously. So are fishing poles. Both were invented by men. You can find some way to attach your sharp rock to a stick, making a makeshift knife or spear out of it. I don’t think you’ll survive trying to kill larger animals this way, if you could even get close enough to them to try without them running off first. You could figure out some way to make a bow and arrows, all from things you collect from the land of course. Or you could spear some fish from the shallow parts of a river, lake, or stream. I know from experience that Crappie fish hang close to the shore during certain times of the year. You can find them hiding in underwater brush. And Trout are easy to find in creeks. And if nothing else, you can wander around looking for berries, nuts, and seeds to pick.

"I doubt you’ll get enough food this way to survive all year. I know I couldn’t get enough of it all on my own, especially with how much food I have to eat to maintain a healthy weight, given my high metabolism. That’s 0/3 for me.

2) Water

"Bottled water and indoor plumbing are out of the question, since men are involved there too. So I’ll give you another freebie and assume there’s a fresh water source of some sort on your land. Maybe a stream or creek. Fetching water would be easy enough. You just want to make sure it’s sanitary before you drink it. I mean, animals drink out of it, and possibly release waste on occasion in it. Plus there’s plenty of germs in there… people in third world countries die from diseases they got from drinking unsanitary water. You could use Iodine, but that would require you to take advantage of the hard work and services of men who were involved in every step of the process of getting it to that store. You could boil it… only problem is that you will need a metal pot to put it in, which means you will have to find some way to get materials from the land to make that metal pot, (though I have no idea how to make it without Blacksmithing methods and tools, which were thought up by men). Then you could put it over a fire until the water boils. You can’t use matches or man-made lighters to build that fire either. But you can make one by causing friction with a stick, some dry grass, and some elbow grease. If you don’t want to (or can’t) do that, you can take your chances with the various waterborne diseases and all.

"I, for one, will pass on the waterborne diseases. That’s still 0/3 for me.

3) Shelter

"You’ll need to build yourself some sort of home on that land of yours to survive the elements. Assuming you have trees on your land, you can cut a bunch of those down to get logs to build your house with. But wait… what will you use to cut them down? Chainsaws are out, as they were invented by men. You can’t use a man-made axe, so you’ll have to find a way to make one yourself. Again, get the natural materials from the earth somewhere and figure out a way to fashion them into the pieces for you to assemble to make that axe. If you do that, then you will need to chop those trees up so the pieces are light enough for you to carry to your designated spot. Then you need to figure out how to attach them together to build the house. You can’t go buy man-made nails or stakes. You’ll need to make those yourself, from the natural materials you found from the earth. (I should’ve mentioned somewhere previously that you will need to be a jack-of-all-trades master Blacksmith, as well as a miner, to survive on your own…). Or, you could make yourself a Hut made from dried mud, that sounds easier. Or a TeePee like the Native Americans used to live in. Just save the skins from all those Deer, Bear, or whatever you decided to hunt, then attach them together (but wait… what will you sew them together with? Needles were invented by men), then wrap them around some thick sticks that you’ve shaped and attached together. (Or, on a funny note, you could always use your sharp rock to dig a hole in the side of a hill… a 'Hobbit Hole' might be fun to live in.) But no matter what kind of home you end up with, you won’t be able to have the modern conveniences that require electricity, since it was discovered by a man. (I know it’s not required for survival, but I thought it worth pointing out anyways. I mean, have you ever had to go for more than a day with the power being out? Not pleasant for those of us that have gotten so used to it).

"Ya know, that’s a lot of heavy-lifting that my scrawny little body would probably not be able to handle long enough to get a whole house finished (even a very tiny one) without the help of a strong man, no matter how hard I were to try. And I certainly wouldn’t be able to get it done in time for Winter, in addition to all the time it would take to get enough food ready to make it through. That’s another 0/3 for me.

"And just think… I didn’t even go into what it would take for a woman to have a car, a cell phone, a career in a cushy corner office, with her computer and internet, etc etc etc, without the prior work of men that made it all possible. Seriously, is it really worth it to go to these lengths just so you can call yourself an “independent woman”? Anyone with even an inkling of common sense and/or sanity would say that it’s absolutely NOT worth it.

"If that doesn’t convince you, then just look at how Genesis 2:21-23 says Eve was made (note: this is primarily a Christian blog, so I’m going to assume you are a Bible believing Christian). God made her out of one of Adam’s ribs. He could’ve just made her out of the dust of the earth, just like He made Adam. But He didn’t. Why? I believe one of the reasons is because women weren’t meant to be independent of men (I believe there is another reason as well that I will talk about in a later post). We were meant to be interdependent with them (I will go into how men need us in a later post). So yes, we DO need men. We DO depend on them, whether you want to admit it or not. So, we should just swallow our pride and admit that we can’t truly survive without men. We should recognize all the hard work they’ve put into making life easier. We should appreciate the sacrifices they’ve made for us, the not so cushy work they have done, and continue to do, in large part FOR US. We should see how smart these men really are to be able to figure out ways to do all these things. So, to all the men throughout history and today that have contributed to society… (repeat after me ladies)… THANK YOU!!!

"****On a completely different (but related) note: when I hear the term 'independent women', I’m reminded of the Destiny’s Child song that was the theme song for the movie Charlie’s Angels that came out roughly a decade ago. I’m sure most women would say that Charlie’s Angels were the model independent women, right? Well, lest we forget… every mission they ever embarked on was the result of them gladly following a direct order from a man named Charlie…"

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