Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”

"Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics" was popularized by Mark Twain.

I took a statistics class in college (actually it’s statistics and probability). I realized all of it was just opinion, not fact, not science.

You take a small sample and try to extrapolate it to tens of millions of people. Example: I have no idea who was polled, but it was not the Heartland, when it came to Trump. He was given a 2% to 3% chance of winning.

I laughed.

I had done my own polling in my hometown, which had been Democrat since forever. All I heard was “Trump, Trump, Trump.”

My hometown was a middle-class steel mill town with the steel mill now out of business. I extrapolated that to rest of the U.S. and realized Trump was going to destroy Hillary Clinton.

I was right; that is exactly what he did. I knew it was going to happen, beyond all doubt.

The only part of the country that matters politically is the Heartland. Flyover Land. Los Angeles and New York City don’t count at all.

Perhaps the next Presidential election the pollsters will grow some brains and ask questions in Missouri or Tennessee. Because those states matter a lot more than New York or California.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Problem Isn’t Being a Criminal, Corrupt and a Liar

"There are always two parties; the establishment and the movement." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is that she is a member of the Establishment, as is Barak Obama, all the Bushes (back to Prescott Bush), and Bill Clinton. That’s why none of them did anything good but instead damaged and destroyed. Had Mitt Romney got in, or John McCain, or Al Gore…nothing would have changed for the better since all are part of the Establishment.

I used a quote a few articles ago from Henry David Thoreau about how there are only two parties since the human race has been around: the party of “conservatism” and the party of “innovation.” He pretty much meant the Establishment and the Anti-Establishment. Both have been fighting each other since forever.

That’s not the only quote he had on the subject.

The last President we had who was sort of anti-Establishment was Ronald Reagan but he was only able to accomplishment a fraction of what he wanted – the bureaucratic Establishment was too much for him. Since then all the Presidents have been close to worthless – and many before him. Some of the Founding Fathers didn’t even want a President.

The economist Joseph Schumpeter was best-known for writing about the “creative destruction” of the free market. Long before him the Founding Fathers knew about the importance of political and economic freedom, although they got a lot of their economics from Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. Not to mention the Bible.

I favor the words “static” and “dynamic.” The governments tend toward being static and the free market is dynamic. That’s why the Founding Fathers wanted the smallest government necessary, so there would be as much liberty as possible – so people can “pursue happiness.”

The closer government is to the people, i.e. local, the faster it can respond to dynamic changes. The farther away it is (as in Washington D.C.) and bigger it is (as in Washington D.C.) the slower it can respond, because the bigger and slower it is the more static and Establishment it is.

Why is the Establishment so slow? It sure does seem to be about money and power. It always has been in the past. Members of the Establishment don’t want to give any of it up. We’re looking at all of the Seven Deadly Sins here.

We certainly do need some sort of “establishment” (but not that bureaucratic Establishment) to preserve those dynamic, innovative changes. Otherwise all would be chaos like a Phillip K. Dick novel.

Barak Obama got in by being Mr. Hope and Change. Boy was he a liar and a big dud! I don’t think he wanted any change at all, just to line his own pockets – just like the Bushes, just like the Clintons.

The history of the world, without exception, has been the Anti-Establishment people against the Establishment. It’s led to mass slaughter and societal collapse over and over and over.

The last time the U.S. had any sort of huge Anti-Establishment eruption was during the 1960s and that was because of the Establishment’s undeclared war in Vietnam. I was just a little kid but I saw the riots on TV – and God was it a mess! None of it seemed to be quite real to me, being that it was TV and I was so little. It was like watching a bad war movie.

The Establishment, as always, didn’t have a clue until it was too late. That’s its nature and will never change.

I have pretty high hopes for Trump because he is overwhelmingly anti-Establishment – which is a great thing (as I’ve said before, you can tell if someone is anti-Establishment if the Establishment unceasingly attacks him on all fronts, as is happening to Trump and which will not stop for the next eight years).

Of course, as I just mentioned, this kind of fight has been the history of the world. It’s never going to stop, either.

"There will be those dedicated to the organization itself." - Jerry Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Things That Can be Fixed and Things That Cannot be Fixed

Often there aren’t any solutions to problems, just trade-offs. Many people know this but politicians usually don’t. Example: there is an old saying, “You can conquer a country on horseback but you have to dismount to rule it.” And once you conquer it, you own it. And once you break it, it’s yours to fix.

No solutions, just trade-offs.

I still get people trying to defend the Bush Crime Family, especially the big-mouth Chickenhawk Dubya Shrub, who thought there were solutions to problems to which there are no solutions. (I once had a Swiss man tell me, “The problem with you Americans is you think there are solutions to everything”).

Dubya’s lack of wisdom and naiveté cost a lot of innocent people their lives and health. That’s what happens when incompetents gain political power – which is, at its worst, the power to turn lots of people into mangled corpses.

I’ve had people tell me he’s “highly educated” – he was a C student at Harvard and the only reason he got in at all because of his wealthy father (I’ve had more than one person who attended those East Coast schools tell me once you get in it’s no more difficult than a non-“elite” school – the same textbooks are used at any community college). Had he been raised in my hometown and graduated from my high school, with his lack of character (and alcoholism), he would have gone nowhere. I’ve seen it many times and a third-rater like Shrub didn’t have the ability to overcome such a handicap (the most famous and successful man from my hometown was a 1960’s Cardinals shortstop named Dal Maxvill – I have two signed autographed pictures my mother got from him when his wife gave birth at the local hospital).

I’ve been told Dubya is “highly intelligent.” He’s not. Anyone who says he “doesn’t do nuance” (which means he perceives everything as a childish black-and-white or a narcissistic all-good and all-bad) is not smart. He’s what I call a “high-IQ idiot.”

Shrub and I have the same IQ – 126. I use mine. He never has and at his age he never will.

Same with being able to fly a jet (when asked to volunteer he also refused to fly a fighter jet in Vietnam). I have a friend who flies passenger jets – and he’s responsible for all the lives on his plane – and he got his degree by mail (this was before the internet). Does that make him qualified to be President? Of course not. Same with Shrub.

There isn’t one one thing Shrub did in his life that made him qualified to be President. He was given everything and failed at all of it. Governor of Texas? He was put into office by a bunch of drunken Bubbas, with about 40% of the people voting.

As bad as Obama was – he doubled the deficit and created this moronic “Obamacare” – at least those things can be fixed.

What Dubya did with the war deaths and horribly wounded people and destroyed countries cannot be fixed - things are a lot worse over there than when he babbled, “Mission accomplished!” What we are really going to get out of it is vengeance from those the U.S. attacked and destroyed.

Shrub didn’t even expel the Saudis (who attacked us, not Iraq, not Afghanistan) from the U.S. (Carter at least expelled Iranians after they took hostages). Shrub was too busy flying his butt-buddies the bin Ladens out of the U.S. back to Saudi Arabia the day after 9-11 - the billionaire family he had business dealings with for decades.

Unfortunately lying to your self is one of the easiest things in the world.

Shrub and the other high-IQ idiots in his administration lied to themselves, which is why they’ll come up with any excuse to rationalize what they did “as a good thing” – you know, defending the “Homeland” from an insane, slavering homicidal monster even though Saddam Hussein was a third-rate tinhorn dictator with a third-rate slave army and was a threat to no one but his own people – which is not my problem or the problem of the United States.

But no – he was “Hitler.” To the historically ignorant everyone is Hitler even though the Jewish Bolshevists of the Soviet Union murdered tens of millions more people. Doesn’t anyone know their history anymore?

Thank God the political aspirations of the Bush Crime Family are over permanently – none of them will ever hold political office again. And I’m sure they hate Donald Trump after he destroyed “low-energy” Jeb! And desperately hope something terrible happens to Trump.

Too bad the Bushes can’t lose their wealth and have to get real jobs – I delivered pizzas in college, worked as a carpenter for my father when I was twelve years old and owned a taxi for five years.

Let’s see if the Bushes can work their way up again from the bottom.

They couldn’t do it. These days nearly everyone who becomes very wealthy does so because they are entrepreneurs in computer software – think Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

One of my posters made the comment about “producers.” There are either producers – creators – or parasites – destroyers.

The United States has very rarely had a President or a member of Congress who produced anything – all have been parasites feasting on the blood of productive citizens.

At least Donald Trump, as flawed as he is, produced something and gave people jobs. And yes he gamed the system. Perfect? Not even close. But a lot better than the alternatives. A hell of a lot better.

Can any politician say the same thing about being productive? Not one. Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders? The senile war criminal John McCain? Ha!

All governments are parasitical. At their best the real purpose of government is to set things up to help the producers create things and let people be the best they can be – that’s why the Declaration of Independence talks about “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

It can be difficult to pursue those things when you have a blood-sucking parasite stuck on everyone – except for those born very wealthy, no matter how stupid and incompetent they are.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

There are Only Two Parties

"The two parties which divide the state, the party of Conservatism and that of Innovation, are very old, and have disputed the possession of the world ever since it was made." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

There is the Establishment Party and the Anti-Establishment Party. The names don’t matter.

During the undeclared Vietnam War the Democrats were pretty much the Anti-Establishment Party, even though the war was started by John F. Kennedy and escalated by Lyndon Johnson, both Democrats. It was ended by Richard Nixon. But because Nixon was a Republican (even though a liberal Republican) the Democrats tried to blame the war on him (and the Establishment Media helped). Thus, for a while, they became the Anti-Establishment Party.

But not anymore. Now the Democrats are definitely the Establishment Party. So, for that matter, are the Republicans (we don’t have two parties; we have a left wing and a right wing of the same party). The Democrat Party is doing is its damndest to destroy the United States and the Republicans are half-heartedly trying to stop them.

Then enter Trump. Turns out he’s anti-Establishment as hell and has been shaking up the Establishment. And the Establishment is very upset about that.

People have told me he’s really part of Establishment (sometimes called “the Deep State”) and once he became President his true colors would show. I said nope, just wait and see. Turns out I was right. Now we’re in for a hell of a ride and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

Anyone who destroyed every Establishment Republican sent against him (including putting an end to the Deep State Bush Crime Family) and then destroyed Establishment candidate Hillary Clinton, is not part of the Establishment – no matter how wealthy he is.

The easiest way to tell if someone is anti-Establishment is that the entire Establishment is arrayed against him. That’s what’s happening to Trump. The Democrats, some Republicans (think the senile war criminal John McCain) and the Establishment Media (the Mainstream Media) are all against him. But the vast majority of people are for him.

The Establishment will field every lie and distortion against Trump to try and destroy him, in order to maintain their money and power. Everyone else be damned.

It’s been the history of the world without exception – the Establishment versus the anti-Establishment. It’s always led to death and destruction and societal collapse.

Fortunately the United States has so far been able to avoid those anti-Establishment revolutions. The closest was the War of the Rebellion, which the ignorant call “the Civil War.” Of course it was about money and power - but not slavery (Lincoln didn’t give a damn about slavery but told the South, “You still have to pay taxes and tariffs to the North”).

The United States has bloodless coups, which we are having right now.

The day might come when the Democrats get their act together. So far it doesn’t look like it.

Trump is actually a third party. He said he’s really a Democrat but ran as a Republican. It is obvious most Americans are utterly disgusted with both parties.

Personally I want to see both parties dead, dead, dead. It’s why I describe myself as a liberal conservative radical – and there is no such party as that. If there was I suspect most people would vote for it.

The only time Establishment parties change is then they feel anti-Establishment fire at their asses. Otherwise they would never change. Which means ultimately we’d end up with 1984 or Brave New World.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Legalizing Marijuana

Most of us smoked marijuana in high school on the weekends. It was harmless and after we got out of high school we quit. We pretty much used it because high school was sort of a prison and boring as hell.

Alcohol was a different story. I’ve known more than one person who died of alcoholism. Several, actually. The United States did make alcohol illegal at one time and all we got was organized crime and a lot of violence and murder.

When marijuana was make illegal the biggest opponents were doctors because marijuana (“hemp”) has many medicinal properties. It was a pain-killer, a muscle relaxant and increased appetite. And I’m sure many other things. It used to be given to women in labor.

The last time I smoked it was about 15 years ago when I slipped on a wet sidewalk and landed on my hip. I was okay until I tried to go to sleep that night. My hip started aching so bad I couldn’t fall asleep.

I had a friend who still smoked it so I called him and explained my situation. I drove over and we smoked about a pea’s worth. The pain went away and my muscles relaxed enough so when I got back home I was able to fall asleep. The next day I was fine.

I was in enough pain to go to the hospital but all they would have given me is a shot – and that one shot would have cost me $300.

People today whine marijuana is more potent today than in the past. So what? It’s not addictive and it’s not a gateway to anything stronger. To believe otherwise are the delusions of the ignorant.

One time when I was standing in a convenience store the clerk said he’d rather deal with a thousand high people than one drunk. I knew what he meant. I’ve never seen a person violent on marijuana but I’ve seen more than one fight in a bar – they just erupt out of nowhere.

The reason it is so easy to get marijuana in a prison is because the officials know it keeps the prisoners calm. It’s why you can’t get alcohol or cocaine in.

Marijuana is a state’s right issue, not a federal one. It’s none of the federal government’s business.

One good thing that Obama did was ignore federal “law” and let the state’s decide. It’s about the only good thing he did.

Want to wipe out all smuggling of marijuana? Make it completely legal. Smuggling would collapse completely.

Nobody is forcing anyone to use marijuana or booze or heroin or anything else. If it was all legal smuggling would collapse completely.

Funny and tragic how many people die from legal prescriptions – thousands every year. Funny and tragic that murder/suicide is associated with anti-depressants – hundreds of millions of dollars have been paid by manufacturers.

People who still oppose the legalization of it don’t know what they are talking about in the slightest. None of them have even tried it.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

“The Deep State”

”Without contraries there is no progression.” - William Blake

I’ve been hearing talk recently of “the Deep State.” The talk these days is about the people Obama appointed.

It’s more than that. The Deep State is a combination of unelected government bureaucrats, politicians, the Mainstream Media and the very wealthy people that fund and otherwise support politicians. The Deep State has been around for a long time – thousands of years (it’s why people believe in such non-existent entities such as the Illuminati and the Masons and think they run everything). It’s not just Democratic politicians but also Republican ones.

Politicians come and go but the Deep State survives them.

Trump isn’t part of the Deep State. You’d think he might be because he’s so wealthy. But if he was part of the Deep State he wouldn’t be so viciously attacked – which is going to continue non-stop for the next eight years.

I’ve had people tell me Trump is part of the Deep State and once he was elected President he’d turn into a typical politician. But he hasn’t. He’s the exact opposite.

If he was part of the Deep State he’d be starting wars or escalating the ones the U.S. is in, be for open borders and raising taxes and increasing regulations. But he wants to do the exact opposite. Has been doing it.

The last terrible President we had who was part of the Deep State was Dubya Shrub – a member of the very wealthy Bush Crime Family (who started four wars).

I live in Flyover Land – the Heartland. There are probably people here who are part of the Deep State – both Republicans and Democrats. There are very wealthy people here but I have no idea who they fund or what they believe – they keep these things hidden.

Those in the Deep State see those who are not members of it as people to be exploited. People to be shoveled around like wet concrete. They think they are smarter and more moral than the rest of us – we are just Flyover Land huckleberries.

This has been the history of the world – the Deep State exploiting everyone until they rise up – and then we have revolution, meaning death and destruction and societal collapse.

Unfortunately Americans don’t have revolutions. We have coups, which is happening right now.

The Deep State knows it is under attack. Hence the vicious attacks on Trump, which are not going to stop for the next eight years.

The “Deep State” doesn’t really exist. It’s just a word to describe all the people who try to exploit everyone else by using the government. But is a good word and will be around for a long time.

The people in the Deep State cannot think outside the box. That’s why they never saw what is coming. They never do.

There are really two “parties” – the establishment and those against the establishment. The static and the dynamic.

There is an eternal fight between those two groups. And Trump is far too dynamic – and troublesome - to be a member of the static Deep State. He’s actually a bit of a flawed hero.

Any member of the Deep State is terribly flawed but none of them are heroic in the slightest.

"It is movement and rest." - Jesus, Gospel of Thomas

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump is Having the Time of His Life

I don’t believe a word the Mainstream Media says. I haven’t for decades.

Sheesh. The MSM will never give up lying and distorting about Trump for the next eight years he is in office. I’m sure he knows this. I’m sure he enjoys it.

Now I’m hearing stories that Trump’s behavior is the result of syphilis when younger. Will the MSM ever stop making up things? Of course not, the way they were claiming he had prostitutes urinate on a bed in Russia.

Leftists lie all the time and have no honor. I wonder what the next outrageous lie will be? It’s coming, that’s for sure. Will the MSM ever run out of these lies? Apparently not. Are there are bunch of people sitting around a table coming up with them? I guess they couldn’t make it as comedy writers so they went into politics.

I heard a guy on the radio say he expects Trump to resign because he’s done so much in life he really doesn’t want to be President. The fool’s just projecting his own desperate fantasies.

Personally I think Trump is having the time of his life. Even Bill Clinton said he had a great time being President. Why should Trump be any different?

The MSM is also saying Trump has no support and therefore no mandate. Of course once you take out all the immigrants (how many are illegals?) on the West Coast Trump probably won by two million votes. That sounds like a mandate to me.

Trump did more in one week than Obama did in eight years.

I wonder what the Democrats are going to do when the next election rolls around and they lose a lot more seats? Do they have any idea what desperate shape they are in? The Democrats have turned themselves into a coastal party What are they going to do when they lose so many seats they can’t do achieve anything? Are they going to reducing to sticking pins in a voodoo doll of Trump?

I guess they think if they can mobilize all these immigrants they can overwhelm native-born Americans. Good luck with that. It’s not going to happen - ever.

Why do leftists hate the United States so much? Their hatred was even noticed by George Washington, although he didn’t call them leftists. He called them democrats.

My experience has been that leftists are full of hate and envy. Are they born that way? I don’t know.

But I do know that history is full of examples of the right having to sooner or later knock the heads of leftists – which is starting.

I suspect that leftists are eaten up with envy and hatred of Trump because he appears to be having a good time. He seems to be relishing a good fight.

They can’t stand anyone being happy. I guess they want everyone to be as miserable as they are.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The MSM Didn’t Make Trump and They Can’t Unmake Him

I’ve mentioned before I have a degree in Journalism. Actually it’s a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism.

I’ll again repeat I wish I hadn’t got it. I left the field decades ago.

The three newspapers I worked for are now out of business. I had only one good boss. The rest were bad to the point of incompetence. Most reporters are leftists and I’ve never been able to figure out why.

Being leftists they of course hate Trump and want him gone.

What almost none of them realize is that the MSM didn’t make Trump and they can’t unmake him. No matter what they do they are helpless. No matter what they say they aren’t going to change anyone’s mind.

Apparently the MSM still thinks it’s 1974 when it helped get rid of Nixon – and it’s the only victory it’s had since that year.

I no longer read or buy newspapers and for decades I had ceased watching the news. The only reason I started watching again was to watch them froth at the mouth about Trump. It was amusing.

But now it’s gotten boring and I’ve stopped again. I quit watching the Sunday morning political programs. All of them are the same thing – having hissy fits about Trump.

I recently saw Chuck Todd on TV start fellating the senile John McCain and I thought, “That’s it” and I turned the program off. I’ll never watch it again.

I get all my news off of the internet and have for years. I do read Bing news every day but that’s free. It’s still distorting and lying about Trump.

The MSM isn’t going to go out of business but for a long time newspapers were dropping like flies. That seems to have stopped.

Newspapers are supported by advertising. How in the hell can newspapers on the internet can stay in business when they have no advertising is beyond me. Who’s supporting them – George Soros?

Very few people trust the MSM anymore. Even they know that. And they are finally realizing they can’t ignore or insult Flyover Land anymore. They were stunned by how influential the people who live there are – they’re the ones who put Trump in office.

The younger people I know today don’t read newspapers or watch TV news anymore. Most of the ones I know get their news from YouTube. They don’t even read blogs.

All this makes me wonder where the MSM is going to be in 20 years. Will it still be the same? Because of the internet I very much doubt it.

For a long time the MSM was claiming those on the internet weren’t “real” journalists. That’s stopped because the internet is so influential – too much competition for the MSM.

And only with competition will you get the truth. That’s what the free market in opinion does – in the long run the truth will win out.

Monday, February 20, 2017

If the Election was Redone Trump Would Win Even Bigger

The close-to-worthless Mainstream Media, which is going to be attacking and telling lies about Trump every day for the next eight years, would like to see him resign or impeached or assassinated. They’ll tell every lie they can to achieve this. It’s not going to work because the MSM is powerless and that’s driving them crazy.

Recently I’ve been hearing about the nonexistent “chaos” in the Trump administration.

I’ve also been hearing from the MSM that if the election was held now Hillary Clinton would crush him. Just how deluded is the MSM?

It’s funny because Hillary’s political career is over, just the way the Bush Crime Family’s political aspirations are over – there will never be another Clinton or Bush in political office ever again. And thank God for that.

Webb Hubbell’s daughter Chelsea? “Low-energy” Jeb! Don’t make me laugh.

The exact opposite would happen. Trump would crush Clinton even worse than he did the first time. And whoever runs against him in four years will be crushed, too.

I know people who were anti-Trump. Not rabidly like the crazies but they usually preferred Ted Cruz or another Republican. Sometimes even a Democrat as long it wasn’t Hillary.

Now allofasudden they’re Trump fans. Why? Because he’s doing what he said he’d do – he’s done more in his first week in office than Obama did in eight years. How many politicians do that? But then Trump was never a politician – and even though he’s President he still doesn’t act like a politician. And that damned refreshing.

These people were hesitant at first about Trump. Some considered him sort of a clown – a reality-show star. Not anymore!

I have no idea who the Democrats are going to run in four years. It doesn’t matter. They’ve got no one who is viable. Clinton again? Bernie Sanders? Both were jokes the first time around.

The Democrats have turned themselves into a coastal party – and neither coast counts in an election. Only Flyover Land – the Heartland – counts.

I live in Flyover Land. That’s why I knew Trump was going to win. I predicted it as a landslide (I was thinking 40 states instead of 30, which is what is was).

I was raised in a Democratic city. Even a Democratic county. Being a Democrat was close to a religion when I was growing up.

I was in my hometown before the election and all I was hearing was “Trump, Trump, Trump.” My hometown and the county went for Trump and in a big way.

A solidly Democratic city and county – since forever! – went solidly Republican. What does that say?

The MSM is never going to develop any sense, not when they’re interviewing – and taking seriously – buffoons like Van Jones and Nancy Pelosi and John McCain.

If it had any sense they’d be interviewing people from the Heartland and asking them what the Democrats can do to become a real party again.

That’s not going to happen, though.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Human Sacrifice as a Fertility Rite

"One is misled not by what he does not know but by what he believes he knows." – Rousseau

All human sacrifice is a fertility rite. All you have to do is read the Old Testament – think Moloch, in which infants were rolled into the fire-filled stone belly of the idol.

This means all war is human sacrifice and therefore a fertility rite.

This connection is not original with me.

As Mircea Eliade wrote, "Since 'our world' is a cosmos, any attack from without threatens to turn it into chaos. And as 'our world' was founded by imitating the paradigmatic work of the gods, the cosmogony, so the enemies who attack it are assimilated to the enemies of the gods, the demons, and especially to the archdemon, the primordial dragon conquered by the gods at the beginning of time. An attack on 'our world' is equivalent to an act of revenge by the mythical dragon, who rebels against the work of the gods, the cosmos, and struggles to annihilate it. 'Our' enemies belong to the powers of chaos. Any destruction of a city is equivalent to retrogression to chaos. Any victory over the attackers reiterates the paradigmatic victory of the gods over the dragon (that is, over chaos)."

And who these days (in fact for the whole 20th Century) are the first to be sacrificed? Soldiers – and the “collateral damage” in other countries.

And who sacrifices them? Politicians. The vast majority of which are vermin.

In the past it was priests who conducted these sacrifices. Today, again, it’s politicians – who the stupid see, whether they know it or not, as priests defending against that mythical dragon.

Want to see a good movie about these meaningless sacrifices? Try Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto - with the hearts being ripped out of living people, to make sure the sun didn’t stop in the sky.

Notice that phrase “an act of revenge.” Much of the bad things in life are explained by “an act of revenge.”

I’ll use a modern example. The United States was attacked on 9-11 as an act of revenge. Osama bin Laden admitted this.

Then the United States (specifically the brain-damaged, uneducated, alcoholic, cokehead Dubya Shrub) attacked Iraq and Afghanistan as a act of revenge.

The ignorant and stupid can use all the excuses/rationalizations they want but it was about revenge.

What Eliade was writing about is the archetype of the horror story: good attacked by evil. The sacred "Homeland" (or “fatherland” or “motherland”) under assault by fanatical, insane, evil mass murderers who wish to destroy and conquer us. Heaven under attack by Satan. It's an old, apparently instinctive archetype, and many, many people fall for it. Always have, and always will.

When any country is attacked they always have to see their attackers as evil. As George Orwell wrote, “Every war when it comes, or before it comes, is represented not as a war but as an act of self-defense against a homicidal maniac.”

Even the ancient Greeks noticed what human sacrifice was with their god Dionysus, who was not the god of partying and booze. He was the god of tearing people to shreds – and Dionysus was a fertility god.

There is something pretty damn wrong with the human race – call it Original Sin if you want. It still believes in Moloch – and still cheers him on.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Defending Dubya Shrub

I amused that some at this site try to defend this worthless alcoholic POS.

Unattractive Anti-Trump Women

I know several anti-Trump (and pro-Hillary) women and they all have some things in common: they’re unattractive and unmarried.

The younger ones are not attractive and never will be. The middle-aged ones are never married or divorced and have lost their looks. All of them are hostile in various ways and blame their lives on men.

Some have one child only (raised a without father and therefore not right in the head), all of them are feminists, and all of them are promiscuous, i.e. sluts (my experience has been the more promiscuous a woman is the less she understands men. Promiscuous women are invariably self-centered and the self-centered never understand other people. I’ve seen this on men, too.).

Many of them work for the government (especially the federal government) in various ways. They rarely make enough money to support themselves so they also get welfare.

The women I know who are married and have children voted for Trump.

The anti-Trump women have all told me Hillary Clinton has “the most experience.” None of them knows that Hillary was fired from her first job in the government for lying, breaking the rules of the Democratic party, and breaking the law. And she has never stopped doing those things since then.

All they know about Trump is that he said “grab them by the pussy.” That means to them he “hates women.” They hope Trump will resign or be impeached or be assassinated.

I’ve said before women should not be allowed to vote, and if they are they should be married and have children.

I’ve also said before that Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn wrote that leftism is about “the murder of the Father.” It’s the best one-sentence definition there is.

That just proves how goofy these women are that they work for the federal government, which means they have “married” the government instead of one individual man – and the federal government is the Father they don’t want to murder.

At least when it’s the welfare, make-work Father – which is no Father at all.

Friday, February 17, 2017

"The Rich Man's War and the Poor Man's Fight"

"Any idiot can start a war." - For Good and Evil, Charles Addams

"The Rich Man's War and the Poor Man's Fight" was one of the names originally given to the War Between the States (which wasn’t about freeing the slaves in the slightest and instead was about taxes and tariffs – the North using the federal government to try to economically exploit the South in order to enrich Northern industries – and it led to three-quarters of a million casualties. Today, with the increase in population, that would be about five million dead and wounded. And the ignorant say Lincoln (who was also a wealthy lawyer for those industries) was a great President!).

Not surprisingly, the homosexual Lincoln (he wrote homoerotic poetry and slept with his man-ass Joshua Speed for God knows how many years) was brain-damaged from being kicked in the face in his early teens by a horse (he was in a coma for three days and people thought he was going to die). He suffered severe depression for decades from his brain damage and also had syphilis – his son died from it and his wife ended her life in an insane asylum because of it. Obviously Lincoln had no business being President.

Not all wars are started because of money but once they are started the acquisition of money always figures prominently in them. The rich always get richer and everyone else struggles, sometimes terribly. It’s always been like that and always will be. It’s been the history of the world.

Our “Revolutionary War” (actually our First War for Independence because it wasn’t a revolution at all) was about taxes and tariffs – the Second War for Independence was the War Between the States – and it, again, was about taxes and tariffs).

Speaking of idiots who start wars, born-uber-rich alcoholic/cokehead for decades (therefore permanently brain-damaged) frat boy Dubya Shrub (who failed at every business he was involved in and when asked he wanted to serve in Vietnam as fighter pilot, responded, “No”) started two unnecessary ones (still going on after 16 years) and I’m sure he and his friends (such as Dickless Cheney) made tens of millions of dollars from those wars – all extorted from hapless taxpayers. Such politically-connected bullies/cowards always make that kind money from wars – ones they have no intention whatsoever of fighting themselves – which they start because it makes them feel the intoxication of power, domination and control. Which is what motivates all serial killers. Fighting and dying and being horribly maimed is for the expendable lower classes (by the way, I know a man who helped kill his incompetent gloryhound lieutenant in Vietnam because he was so bad he gotten half-a-dozen of his men killed. So in self-defense they rubbed him out. He said he and the other soldiers – all working-class – didn’t lose a wink of sleep over it).

Having dealt with several alcoholics for decades, the first time I saw Dubya speak on TV I immediately knew he was an alcoholic – an untreated one, i.e. a “dry drunk.” It was crystal-clear from his speech and body language. I have seen him drunk on TV – the flushed face and the slurred speech. He had no business being President.

Such vile people apparently think those who fight the wars to not be fully human. Which reminds me that Stalin charged his scientists with creating a human/chimpanzee hybrid to fight wars.

That also reminds me of the movie Blade Runner, in which the warrior “replicants” had animal DNA (such as wolf and possibly shark) inserted in them (the same applies to Kurt Russell’s movie, Soldier, a sequel which was set many years – possibly centuries - after Blade Runner, but the throw-away artificial humans were still used to fight wars).

I do know that art imitates life but sometimes life imitates art. If the government could genetically engineer soldiers it would – but for a long time to come it’s just easier to throw away human life by those who only pretend to care. For example, G.I. means “Government Issue.” Disposable Government Issue.

St. Paul was pretty darn close when he wrote “The love of money is the root of all evil.” It’s really that Monstrous Self of which Russell Kirk wrote that is the root of all evil – the love (actually “lust”) for money is just a manifestation of it. As is bullying/cowardice. And being a Chickenhawk with a big mouth and no testicles.

There is another, lesser-known Biblical phrase – “the lust of the eye.” That means getting pleasure from watching death and destruction – the way Romans saw the fighting and death in the Coliseum as entertainment, much like TV and movies today (I’m sure the Chickenhawk Shrub and all the incompetents in his administration suffered from the lust of the eye – I’m also sure all of them thoroughly enjoyed the wars. It was entertainment to them. It’s why none of them ever visited or will ever visit the back wards of a VA hospital – not entertaining at all to see men with faces burned off or no arms and legs - or genitals.).

The lust of the eye, the lust for money, Biblical Pride (that Monstrous Self), not using God’s name for vain causes, the sin of greed…there certainly is a lot of ages-old wisdom in that book (neither wisdom nor folly is new – both are as old as humanity).

I wouldn’t mind seeing some additions to the Bible, such as something about “Rich Man’s War and Poor Man’s Fight.” That’s not going to happen, though.

It’s amazing how many violent revolts – indeed wars – have been started because of money, i.e. taxes. And taxes are always from governments. Taxpayers are sheep to be shorn – and sometimes meaninglessly sacrificed.

Speaking of the Bible, there are some famous sayings in it about stealing the last penny of widows and orphans.

It’s amazing how self-deceptive – blind – some people are. Especially the ones elected to office.

And we do know what happens when the blind lead the blind. Oops, right into the ditch. Including entire counties.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Living Through Five Wars

The first “war” I remember is Vietnam (which was a Presidential action and never declared – the last war declared was WWII), which started when I was seven and ended when I was 17. Ten years! I was raised on that war – every day, from second grade to a senior in high school.

The next one was Grenada, which started when I was 27.

Then there was Panama, the years of which I don’t remember.

Then there was Daddy’s Bush’s first Middle East war.

Then there was his son’s war in Iraq and Afghanistan, still going on. Sixteen years so far – longer than WWI, WWII and Korea combined (and some of Vietnam too).

Of course I’ve met a lot of wounded soldiers – some catastrophically - and some killed, including one I went to high school with who basically got his head blown off while piloting a helicopter in Grenada. That’s what happens when you are an American – you experience things like that. Too bad.

When I got older I realized that every soldier killed and wounded, and every citizen “collateral damage” killed and wounded (old men, old women, children, babies, pregnant women) - in every one of those wars died for nothing. It was a complete waste of health and life and wealth, all of it.

There is a good reason there exists that Biblical saying about Satan “walking to and fro and down and down” the world.

I still know men who were not only horribly wounded – brain-damaged – not only from Korea but World War II. They were so badly wounded they have no meaningful lives, not when the one from Korea can’t form any new memories and still thinks it’s 1951 (he still thinks he’s 21 years old) and the one from WWII is about ten years old mentally (of course the historically ignorant are going to say, “But-but-but Hitler and the Commies were going to conquer the world!”)

I forgot – I still know one blinded in Korea.

I’ve also found that every Chickenhawk I’ve met was never in combat or even in the military – being cowards they avoided both on purpose. All they can do is give worthless advice on how wars should be conducted but they no intention whatsoever of putting their money where their mouth is. These days they’re keyboard warriors. That’s ball-less cowardice pure and simple. They think that running their mouths makes them brave.

Every combat veteran Ive’ met considers Dubya Shrub a coward. Every one of them. They’re right: he is a coward who when asked if he wanted to serve as a fighter pilot in Vietnam, responded, “No.”

A coward is not someone who’s afraid. A coward is someone who brags about how tough they are – like Shrub howling “Bring it on!” – but has nothing personally to back it up (like Dubya declining to fly in Vietnam). As I’ve said before, “The cheaper the punk the gaudier the patter.”

One of my friends, who had a B.S. in Economics and a PhD in History, recently asked me, “Did Bush do anything right?”

I’ve had people tell me we shouldn’t listen to people who’ve been in combat “because their minds aren’t right.” Such people are incredibly stupid because they don’t realize the answer is, “You mean your mind is right because you’re a coward?” They can’t say they’re not a coward otherwise they would have volunteered for combat. When you’re stupid you are always getting yourself caught between a rock and a hard place.

If I had my way I’d bring back the draft – but only for Chickenhawks. I’d put them in the front lines so they’d be the first killed. It’d make it a better world, genetically much improved.

Chickenhawks think their minds are right even though they are cowards. That’s actually very funny.

There is an ancient observation – “Mars takes the best.” Mars, meaning the Roman god of war. It’s the Roman version of the Greek god of war, Ares.

No more Mars taking the best. Mars can take the worst, the worthless. Big-mouth cowards. Chickenhawks. I wouldn’t even treat them when they’re wounded, just shoot them. It’s what soldiers used to do to other horribly wounded soldiers when they were going to die anyway.

We can’t do anything less for Chickenhawks. If they’re so brave and war-loving they wouldn’t mind being killed or horribly wounded or shot and put out of their misery. They should want to die or be catastrophically wounded for cowardly politicians and their meaningless wars.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why I Dislike Politics

I dislike politics because it's always based on hate (hatred of the Other) - and hate is a combination of envy and impotence/helplessness.

I often call Hillary Clinton the Hildabeast but I don’t hate her. I think she would have been a very bad President based on her history since 1974 when she was fired by the top Democrat in Congress for lying, breaking the rules of the Democratic Party and breaking the law. And she hasn’t changed a bit since then. If anything she might have gotten worse.

But when it comes to Donald Trump there are people who hate him. They want all of his policies to fail, for him to resign or be impeached or be assassinated. They would cheer is any of these things happened.

When anyone wishes something like that on the President they hate him. And hate, as I just mentioned, is always based on envy and a feeling of helplessness/impotence.

Leftism, it is clearly obvious, is based on envy – and the modern Democratic party is leftist. Envy and impotence. That’s why they hate Trump.

And they are going to be attacking him without stopping for the next eight years.

People who are full of hate – envy and impotence – certainly aren’t going to admit it to themselves. They can’t admit it to themselves.

Since the first defense of people is to blame their problems on other people…that’s why the haters of Donald Trump are trying to blame everything on him. And they’re not going to stop.

When envious, hateful people gain political power they always want to bring the successful down, to make everyone “equal.”

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Trump hadn’t been the richest man ever to be President and had been elected as a Democrat.

It’s why you’re never going to see Bill Gates or Elon Musk ever run for office. They’re too wealthy. I’m sure they know about the envy their success has created.

There have been entire cultures based on the avoidance of hate and envy. Those cultures have gone absolutely nowhere – no advancement at all. People are always trying to avoid the hate and envy of others.

“Make America great again” – even though it’s not articulated – means “Don’t be envious, don’t hate, don’t feel helpless and impotent.”

I’d settle for Trump cutting taxes and regulations and start getting us out of debt, stopping immigration – and closing down the American empire, whose rampages in the Middle East are creating hate – envy and helplessness – toward us. That creates revenge attacks toward us (which is an attempt to replace feelings of shame and humiliation with pride) – and that’s not a problem that be solved by war, no matter how many decades it goes on. The incompetent politician George Bush was too stupid to figure out that one.

That’s what feelings of envy and impotence create - hate. Politics just makes it worse.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Punching a Chickenhawk in the Balls

”Any historian could have told the victors that political forms imposed by a triumphant victor NEVER last.” - Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Leftism Revisited

Some months after 9-11, after that utterly ignorant idiot Dubya “Bring it on!” Shrub had unjustifiably invaded and destroyed Iraq and gotten God-knows-how-many innocent people killed in his attempt to impose the blasphemous leftist delusion of “democracy” on the country, I was looking for a book in the library to check out when some old senile Chickenhawk geezer starting running his mouth after how “if we didn’t fight them over there we’d have to fight them over here.”

I just snorted in contempt – loud enough for him to hear. He was clearly as ignorant as hell – after we had conquered Iraq what we were supposed to do with it? All Dubya and his idiot advisors could do are engage in a self-congratulatory circle-jerk.

Saddam Hussein was a third-rate tinhorn dictator with a third-rate army filled the poorly-trained slave soldiers – and Iraq had a GNP of about a billion dollars a year (less then North Carolina), all from oil (and the country was going to build a nuclear weapon with that little money and that many stupid people? And detonate it in the U.S. so the U.S. would have a real reason to destroy the country?). Hussein wasn’t Hitler – to the truly invincibly ignorant everyone is Hitler, even though the Jewish Bolshevists of the Soviet Union slaughtered tens of millions more people than the Nazis did – and his slave army wasn’t Germans (after the U.S. military demolished the Iraqi military in about two hours I saw on TV an Iraqi soldier on his knees kissing some American soldier’s hand. Their soldiers were even surrendering to TV news crews. I can’t imagine someone in the Wehrmacht doing that. By the way, I had a man who served in WWII tell me, “You ain’t fought anyone until you’ve fought Germans.” Germans, not Iraqis. He also told me he threw away his rifle at the Battle of the Bulge so he could run faster.).

This big-mouth geezer heard me and asked me when I had been in the military (which he clearly hadn’t, not with that mouth). I knew he was a coward in the mold of Dubya Shrub from his stupid comments, so I told him Chickenhawks always point fingers at other people to try to deflect attention from their cowardice.

Only the truth hurts – and I had told him the truth about himself.

For some reason this senile old geezer decided to push me (self-righteousness, cowardice and stupidity will do that to you). I was sitting in a chair and he had walked over to me - which is legally assault (battery is when you touch someone). I reacted immediately and impulsively with no thought (but an instantaneous feeling of outrage) and gave him an uppercut to his balls and he went to both knees on the floor.

I hadn’t hit anyone since I was 17. Even then he tried to hit me first and I ended up getting him in a chokehold until he passed out. Every fight I’ve been in they’ve started it – and I was in a lot of fights in middle-school, which is why I find it so easy to identify cowards – all of whom are bullies with big mouths but nothing to back it up. It’s why I so quickly identified the incompetent idiot Shrub (I guess even an idiot might be competent at something, although Dubya wasn’t) as a bully and a coward.

Once this clown got to his feet he got away from me as fast as he could. Of course the police were called – and the whole scene was on the library’s security tape. The cops wanted to arrest him but I told them to forget it. After all, he got a deserved punch in the balls after he pushed me. Perhaps he learned a lesson – keep your hands off of other people. They did tell me I shouldn’t be hitting old men (he was clearly in his 70s – far too old to not know about putting his hands on people). I just smiled.

He told the police he wanted them to arrest me. For what I don’t know. Calling this Chickenhawk on his ignorance and cowardice? The fact I punched him in the balls when he only shoved me? Such is the delusion of Chickenhawks. I smiled about that one too.

He apparently didn’t know the whole thing was on tape but I did.

I’ve never seen a Chickenhawk who wasn’t anything but mouth, with nothing to back it up. They always collapse when push comes to shove – or a punch to the balls.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Breeding People

The reason we can breed dogs into such wildly different breeds is because they have a lot more genes that humans do.

I know quite a few people who have been in prison. Most have been drug addicts.

None have been raised all the badly – but not great, either. Their parents have mostly been lower-class. Mostly nice people but lower-class. Not all that bright.

But I’ve always wondered about their genetics.

By the way I’m not advocating some sort of government eugenics program – it’s been tried in the past, including sterilization (the Nazis got their eugenics program from the U.S. – and we know to where that led).

But doesn’t every parent want their children to marry the best they can, including genetically? Don’t we judge people on their genes even we don’t consciously know it? How many men have any interest in ugly women? Aren’t men really saying, “Their genes – ugh!”

I’ve occasionally wondered how much our genetics influence us. I keep reading 40% to 50%. That sounds about right to me. This of course means the environment has a huge influence.

I once read a very influential novel, written over a hundred years ago, called The Shepherd of the Hills. The author suggested people spent more time and effort breeding dogs than people. I saw the same suggestions in Gone with the Wind.

I do know Donald Trump’s father told him the family was what it was because of their genetic ancestry – German and Scottish (which is a very common combination in the U.S., including me).

I do know of one well-known writer (whose name I cannot remember) who said he decided to not have children because his father was a psychopath, and he was afraid it was inherited and his children might inherit it (some of the more ignorant in the Manosphere refer to these conscienceless, loveless, guilt-free, crime-prone psychopaths as “Dark Triad Alphas”).

The best-known movie about the genetically stupid taking over the world is “Idiocracy,” which is funny. It appears to be based on a famous science-fiction story called “The Marching Morons,” which is not funny at all.

In that story, 90% of the people breed themselves into being morons, 10% of the people have all the brains and have to support the other 90%, whom they decide to kill all by shooting them into space in spaceships.

All of this raises the question of letting the genetically stupid emigrate from the catastrophic countries they have created to the United States.

Leftists, who have no sense whatsoever, believe everyone is created just by the environment and therefore humanity is completely plastic. Everyone else, even if they don’t articulate it, knows that genetics plays a great part (as, of course, does environment).

Africa is pretty much a basket-case because the average IQ over there is below 70 (the U.S. and Europe have to support the continent with massive amounts of aid).

Donald Trump, while campaigning, said he wanted to cut off all Muslim immigration (by the way, cutting it off completely is not unconstitutional). I wonder to what extent he thinks – after what his father told him - these people are so genetically different from Americans that they shouldn’t be here because they’ll never fit in and become Americans.

There is an argument (and I think it is a good one) that culture and religion are greatly influenced by our genetics. If this really is true we need more Europeans over here (I know quite a quite a few Europeans who want to immigrate to the U.S. but can’t get in).

On the other hand if you are a Mexican (the mean average IQ in Mexico is 89) you can walk over the border) or climb over a fence (I heard a joke many years ago that the reason Mexico doesn’t send anyone to the Olympics is because all the Mexicans who can run, jump or swim are here).

Since wealthier countries have for thousands of years failed to reproduce themselves they have imported foreigners, who have then destroyed the culture.

If this keeps us in the U.S. we’re going to end up with ten percent of the people who have all brains and money and power – and everyone else will be a Marching Moron.

No one in their right mind wants this. And it can all be avoided by some simple changes in the law.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Completely Alien Mentalities

"We need not only to understand the role of race in creating our civilization but also to incorporate that understanding in our defense of our civilization. Until we do so, we can expect only to keep on losing the war we are in. As long as whites continue to avoid and deny their own racial identity, at a time when almost every other racial and ethnic category is rediscovering and asserting its own, whites will have no chance to resist their dispossession and their eventual possible physical destruction.” - Sam Francis

DNA matters.

Some foreigners have mentalities so utterly alien to Americans we will never understand them. These are not people who want to be Americans if only given a chance. Not only are their mentalities alien so is their behavior, and since behavior is a function of those mentalities, we will never understand the behavior.

I have mentioned before I once saw a black-white-and-white video shot by an American attack helicopter in Iraq (or more probably Afghanistan – it had to be Afghanistan since the country is so bizarre) in which three men were turning turns screwing a sheep. The other two were walking around patiently waiting their turn while the first was merrily humping away at the sheep. How in the world can an American understand behavior like that?

Now we can say, well, they wouldn’t do that if raised over here. Really? I used to work with a young man from Afghanistan and considered him a screwball. I saw him giving some of the men at work lustful looks. It reminded me of James Michener’s novel about Afghanistan, Caravans, about the ages-old Afghan lust for sodomizing pubescent boys.

Are people John Lockean blank slates? (actually Locke wrote “wax tablet”) or is there some profound genetic influence that comes from inbreeding? I opt for the genetic influence, which is just common sense.

Perhaps 40% to 50% of what we are is genetics.

You can make the argument – and I do, as do others – that culture is an expression of genetics. It’s why Islam or Judaism isn’t for white people, but Christianity is. The former have cultures so alien to the West they’ll never be accepted – and both have caused horrible problems in the West.

Can you imagine a culture 33% Wahabi Muslim, 33% Orthodox Jew, and 33% fundamentalist Christian? All trying to share the same land? It wouldn’t work at all. Imagine the bloodshed and murder – and the totalitarian government necessary to keep some kind of order (think of the former “Yugoslavia” and the genocide that happened after the government fell).

Speaking of government, the lunatics in Dubya Shrub’s administration had no idea what they were doing in their attempts to impose the leftist hallucination of “democracy” on Iraq and Afghanistan. They were trying to impose “American values” on cultures that screw sheep and little boys. It why things are worse over there now than before the U.S. invaded. And they’re not going to get any better until we withdraw completely and let them go back to killing and fucking each other – which is their birthright.

Leftists – who have no sense whatsoever – think there would be no problem. We just have to be “tolerant” since all cultures are “equal.” Everyone else would realize there would be violence and “ethnic cleansing.” It’s been the history of the world.

For a while there was a concept by the historically ignorant about the U.S. being a “propositional nation”: move here and you are an American! This is so appallingly ignorant it’s not worth even commenting on.

I had a friend of mine once tell me he read some articles from the 1920s, in which it was governmental policy to allow only two people a year to emigrate from Afghanistan. They obviously understood things a lot better than people in the U.S. government today.

I also once was walking by a swimming pool at night at an apartment complex when an African woman asked me to walk her by the pool. As I was walking with her I saw a black cat by the diving board. I then knew she was just another stupid superstitious African. I never bothered to ask her what she thought it was going to do to her. Perhaps she thought it was a werecat that was going to turn into a gigantic black tiger.

Less funny was an incredibly ugly Arab woman, dressed in that ridiculous black headgear where only her face showed, who fled from my presence when she saw me walking my 16-pound pug (pugs are the most harmless and comedic of dogs). I knew that Muslims consider dogs unclean, so whenever I saw her I would walk my dog by her to see her flee. I found it a little amusing.

These behaviors are not just cultural. They’re genetic (“What’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh”).

These are cultures – and genes – we don’t need in the United States. Not any Africans with IQs below 70, or Mexicans with mean IQs of 89, or Muslims with mean IQs or 89. Not to mention all their other horrible, genetically-influenced behaviors.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Why Are Muslim Countries Not Taking Muslim Refugees?

I really don’t know why they don’t want to take in their Muslim “brothers” but I can guess: these Muslim countries don’t want them.

Instead where all of them want to go is either Europe or the United States. Better places to live without a doubt – and the U.S. was founded and maintained by people like me.

I wonder what these immigrants think about these places being overwhelming Christian (oh, wait, I know – they’re going to blame their poverty and backwards on these countries).

I also don’t know how many of these immigrants are on welfare but I’ve heard a little over 40%, which is an astonishing number. Fat chance of their getting any welfare in any Muslim country. I doubt it even exists.

Obama (now gone and thank God for that) had made a deal with Australia to take 1500 Syrian refugees now staying on an island – because Australia doesn’t want them.

Trump said he’d honor the deal made by a President but doesn’t want to. But I’m sure there will never be a deal like that again – that’s why Trump demolished the globalist Hillary (and why he put an end to the political aspirations of the globalist Bush Crime Family).

I sometimes think there is something wrong with rich countries founded and maintained by white people. Some people say it’s some sort of bizarre pathological altruism among many whites. Personally I don’t know. But the U.S in some ways takes better care of immigrants – illegal or not – than it does of its own citizens.

The only purpose of any government is to give its citizens the best life possible. That means protecting “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

I once, many years ago, told some POS Nigerian liar and thief (which is what most of them) to “get out of my county.” He asked me where I was from, and I responded, “I’m from here – something you’re not and never will be."

Some Americans apparently don’t realize there are people with alien mentalities. They apparently believe everyone wants to be American – which they don’t.

Can you imagine the U.S. truly being a “multicultural nation”? It’d be a catastrophe and would probably collapse in bloodshed, death and destruction.

I once met a Korean immigrant who ended up moving to California. He thought it’d be a bunch of blond surfers (apparently he was raised on those Frankie and Annette beach party movies from the early ‘60s). He told me he was stunned that it wasn’t anything like he expected – instead in some ways it was a Third World hellhole.

I have mentioned before that rich people who can afford it generally live in the hills and poorer people live in the valleys. I’ve also mentioned before the movie Elysium, in which the uber-rich live in a Beverly Hills in space and everyone else lives on a poverty-stricken Earth.

And since art imitates life, then obviously these bad things already exist on earth. I just hope they don’t get any worse.

It’s a cliché but clichés wouldn’t exist unless there was truth to them. In this case, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump Can Ignore Court Rulings About Immigration

All laws are just suggestions unless backed by force, i.e. violence.

Since courts can’t enforce their rulings you might has well consider them suggestions. In Australia the courts stupidly ruled against the wishes of the people – so the rulers ignored the courts and started deporting Muslims and refusing them entry (which is why the now-gone Barak Obama said the U.S. would take 1500 Muslims refugees that Australia refused to admit). Then the Australian courts backtracked and basically said, “Well, we made a mistake.”

Same here. Trump can ignore the courts. Again, courts can’t enforce their rulings. If Trump ignores them the courts are helpless to do anything.

Trump does appear to respect the rule of law. And I think he knows in the long-run he’s going to win, anyway, once the right person gets on the Supreme Court.

I am surprised how dumb the Democrats are for opposing this. They’ve been crushed in recent elections. What do they think is going to happen in the coming elections? More Democratic defeats?

Thank God America has bloodless coups like this, although the Leftists here – like everywhere – want to see bloodshed and destruction and revolution.

If Trump does ignore court rulings most people will be fine with it. The Left of course is going to be marching in protest – which they’re going to be doing for the next eight years while desperately and futilely hoping Trump will resign or be impeached or be assassinated.

Contrary to the lies of Leftists, anti-American Jews and Muslims the United States was founded by Christians of European ancestry, specifically the English.

This country doesn’t need any more Muslims or Africans or Mexicans – none of whom have the ability to found – or maintain – such a country as this. If they did have the ability the places they’re from wouldn’t be shitholes and they wouldn’t be following Americans and Europeans like dogs begging for our scraps.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Once You’ve Met One Bad Woman You’ve Met Them All

And when you’ve met one good woman you’ve met them all.

My experience and I think that of most men, is that a woman who is not a good woman is childish and blames her problems on other people, specifically men. That is actually what feminism is about – what Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn called “the murder of the Father.”

Any woman who wants to murder the Father means going toward the Bad Feminine – the Bad Mother. (Not surprisingly in almost all cultures “left” means “sinister” and “right” means, well, “right.”)

The Bad Mother is based on envy – read any folk tale (again, misnamed “fairy tales”). In all of them any Bad Mother, say a Queen, is based envy. Think of the Evil Queen in “Snow White” – envy and greed.

For that matter, as I’ve mentioned several times, the story of the Garden of Eden is about envy – the serpent (actually “nachash”), which is a symbol of envy, first targets the woman.

I’ve seen quite a few envious, childish women – all unattractive, many middle-aged and unmarried and without children, or divorced, with or without children. And all of them lie to others, which of course you cannot do without first lying to yourself.

I first ran across an unpleasant girl I was 12. It was all downhill from there. And they were all the same – a universal nature.

I’ve met a lot of pleasant women too – in some ways all the same. Attractive and pleasant – think of any princess in folk tales.

Personal relationships are based on Associative Mating – like is attracted to like (this Alpha/Beta/Gamma nonsense is just that – nonsense).

Unfortunately, some women hide their real nature and come across as pleasant when they’re really not. They’re pleasant until they get married – than the real self comes out.

Such women change after they get married. Men rarely do.

Women who really are pleasant don’t change after they get married.

Any women who is pleasant is going to show gratitude. Any women who has actually liked me has always acted as if they were grateful to know me. I noticed those phenomena decades ago. Envious and unpleasant women show no gratitude whatsoever.

The most famous book of the late psychiatrist MelanieKlein is called Envy and Gratitude. That’s how important she considered those concepts.

I sometimes quiz women about the difference between men and women. I tell them, as Carl Jung noticed, that women are biologically indispensible because they have the babies and men are culturally indispensible because they created/discovered/invented everything.

I’ve met grateful women who know this. The ungrateful envious ones will claim the reason women have done so little culturally is “oppression.” You know – by the patriarchal “Father.” The one they want to destroy.

These ungrateful envious women would bring down society if they could. I think that’s the reason they hate Donald Trump so much – he comes across as patriarchal.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Dunning-Kruger Scapegoat

”…the uncanny game of hide and seek in the obscurity of the soul, in which it, the single human soul, evades itself, avoids itself, hides from itself.” - Good and Evil, Martin Buber

The Dunning-Kruger Effect was a concept created by two psychologists to explain people who are catastrophically incompetent at their jobs (and often at life too), don’t know it, and instead think they’re doing a great job. All of us have encountered these people. I’ve run across six or seven of them – four of them at the same newspaper I worked for!

The Dunning-Kruger Effect was first used to explain the crimes (which I assume he considered his “career”) of a rather unintelligent young man who was arrested for robbing banks with no attempt at disguising himself (I had heard about this case before it was used an example of Dunning-Kruger).

When arrested and interrogated by the police he mumbled, “But I wore the juice!” He thought if he rubbed lemon juice on his face the security cameras couldn’t record him (how he came to this conclusion I don’t know, but I assume someone told him in some dope-addled conversation because I seriously doubt someone this dumb read anything in his life). His utter incompetence of course landed him in prison.

I hadn’t heard of the Dunning-Kruger Effect until about five years ago, although I had noticed it close to 30 years ago. I won’t go into any detail about that story (as I’ve said all of us have encountered these people) but what I first noticed is that these people, being incompetent but not knowing it, instead have to find someone to blame their problems on.

They use these innocent people as scapegoats. And blaming your problems on other people is the first defense little children use: “It’s your fault, not mine!”(This is why I think it is best of think of Adam and Eve as about four years old.)

I once caught my four-year-old nephew trying to steal change out of my car. When he saw me he ran, fell down, got back up on his feet, and then cried, “You made me fall down!”

I’ve written about scapegoating several times (in psychiatric terms it’s called projection). I could write a book about it.

One thing that happens to those afflicted with this disorder is that they usually end up being fired or demoted or transferred, sometimes out of state. Since they never see it coming they are stunned. “But I’m doing a great job!” And they really believe this.

I knew one guy who it took seven years to lateral him out of state because the guy who hired him (who was also an example of Dunning-Kruger even though he had an MBA) couldn’t admit he had made a mistake even though this guy’s incompetence (people called him “evil) was clearly visible to everyone else – and they complained and complained about this fool (including me). It took the top management in New York to finally get rid of this catastrophe and fix the problems.

Because of this second-rate MBA I realized second-raters hire third-raters, and then third-raters hire four-raters (and not so surprisingly – at least to me – all of them were boring people).

The last guy I met with Dunning-Kruger was a Russian Jew in his 50s who had moved to the U.S. when he was about 14 (he almost got deported for selling drugs, being drunk in public and harassing people and fighting with the police, who knocked out his teeth when he kissed the sidewalk. Then he claimed he was “tortured” during the three months he spent in the county jail.). He wanted to be another Howard Stern but every time he weaseled his way into a talk radio program a Niagara of complaints poured in (there were even newspaper columns about how bad he was) and he was always fired. It got to the point no one would put him on the radio anymore (he also really thinks Trump is a Nazi who’s going to be the worst President ever, about which he won’t shut up.).

This guy thought he was smarter than everyone else and once said “Americans are stupid” (he told me he was “a good American” when he was – and still is - the exact opposite). Why did he keep getting fired? Because all of us saw straight though him.

His incompetence and failures in life weren’t his fault – it was everyone else’s. Self-blindness will do that to you.

If you want to see a modern example of a massive Dunning-Kruger’s look at the Mainstream Media and Donald Trump. They’re trying to blame their problems on Trump – and all those stupid Americans who voted for him. It’s not the fault of the MSM – they think smarter than all those ignorant inbred hillbillies in Flyover Land who are now ignoring the MSM.

People with Dunning-Kruger’s suffer from Hubris – which is always situational. People who suffer from it may be just fine at one job, but when promoted beyond their level of competence they become catastrophes.

If you want to see a TV program about Dunning-Kruger’s think of “Breaking Bad.” Walter White was just fine as a high-school chemistry teacher but when he promoted himself to meth chemist it was downhill from there – not only in his own life but the lives of everyone he encountered.

As I said Hubris is always situational. The Greeks noticed this over 2000 years ago -Koros (the surfeit that afflicts a base man) to Hubris (arrogance, moral blindness, wanton violence) to Ate (a kind of "madness") to Nemesis (fate, retribution, destruction). Think of both Hillary Clinton and Dubya Shrub – both incompetent life-long politicians.

The Bible too noticed this – “Pride goes destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” That’s what happens when you take yourself too seriously and whatever power (no matter how little) you have goes straight to your head.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Leftists Have No Honor and Always Lie

”Communists teach no ethics.” - Karl Marx

Today Communists are sometimes called “Social Justice Warriors.” Like all Leftists they have no honor and always lie. They also think they have the right to riot and physically hurt people (the history of Leftist ideologies such as Communism and Nazism has been mass murder beyond comprehension – hundreds of millions of people dead).

I understand them intellectually be not emotionally. I understand their values intellectually but not emotionally (the closest I can come is to imagine it).

Ultimately everything is about values. How can anyone see rioting and lying and murder as good values? I really don’t get that. It reminds me of what Thomas Hobbes wrote: “The evil man is the child grown strong.”

In a philosophy class in college the teacher asked us to consider that the only time it was required to tell the truth to people is if it was necessary for them to know the truth. If it wasn’t necessary for them to know the truth then it wasn’t required to tell them the truth. A lot of people believe that even if they don’t articulate it. Almost everyone lies at times even if they’re just “little white lies.” They do it because they don’t want to unnecessarily hurt people’s feelings – why tell a three-year-old there is no Santa Claus?

My experience has been chronic – pathological – liars are trying to manipulate people. To dominate them and to get power and control over them. They get a big kick out of doing this (it’s also what motivates psychopaths).

And as I’ve mentioned before you have to lie to yourself before you can successfully lie to others. And that leads straight to Hubris (what the Bible calls “Pride” and Russell Kirk called “the Monstrous Self – which is invariably followed by a kind of insanity).

It’s why I don’t like politics. It’s based on lying to the public. What politician doesn’t lie? And with a straight face? And ultimately exploit the public?

I consider most politicians to be con men – and the word “con” means “confidence.” Con men are very good at making people have confidence in them, to make them that they have the public’s best interests at heart.

I have mentioned before I know an 84-year-old man who was a B-29 pilot during the Korean War. He spent his career as a political consultant. He told me he’s only met one honest politician – the rest had sex, money and drug problems.

Con men – and con women – with sex, money and drug problems! Politicians with sex, money and drug problems – which they then lie about to the public. With a totally straight face.

Most people know that almost politicians are chronic liars with sex, money and drug problems – yet they still vote for them and keep them in office for decades.

I consider all politicians potential murderers. Politicians who start unnecessary wars are worse than the worst of serial killers because they murder a lot more people (and for the same reason – all murder, being human sacrifice, is a fertility rite meant to renew things and make society better – or the murderer’s life. This includes war.).

Con men always think they are better than us. We just bugs to them. That’s the problem. Bugs are always stepped on to make things better.

And the biggest con men – Leftists – think we’re no better than insects.

One of the founders of Leftism was the sadistic Marquis de Sade. He wrote often he considered people no better than insects - bugs. Except for him, of course.

Aren’t all Leftists like that? And most politicians? It’s been their history – without exception.

Friday, February 3, 2017

People With No Lives

People who have meaningless lives get their meaning from sticking their noses into other people's business. If your life is worth something you mind your own business.

Now as to why some people are like this I don’t really know. Why is it when their lives don’t have much meaning do they think they’ll get it from sticking their noses into other people’s business?

Trolls on the internet are the same way. I do know they are seeking attention since no one pays any attention to them or takes them seriously. I guess to them all attention is the same – good or bad. Maybe they think it gives them some control in their lives. Control and attention – “If they’re responding to me that’s attention! I’m having an effect! I have power and control!”

I’m sure this is a world-wide problem. These people are childish. They’ve never grown up and blame their hopeless lives on other people.

I once heard a comedian on the radio several years ago making a joke about people who peek though their drapes. "Why is that cat over here? I think he lives on the street behind us! What’s he doing? He must be looking to cause trouble! I'm calling the police!"

I've run across "drape-peekers" several times – and I’m sure I’m going to encounter them for the rest of my life. About 25 years ago when I owned a taxi I took a young woman home who happened to live in my hometown, so after I dropped her off it was such a pleasant spring evening I went for a walk. When I returned a cop car was there and the officer explained to me someone had called the police wanting to know why this out-of-state taxi was parked on their street! He sounded amused by the whole thing and then drove away (he just happened to be there when I walked up).

I've sometimes wondered how much of a police officer's time is taken up by such nonsense?

I've also encountered several dog haters and they are the worst. They have no sense of humor and people with no sense of humor are scary people. I've had more than one try to harass me about walking my dog down the alley (they tried it once but never again). They seemed to think the alley belonged to them because it was behind their house.

I have found without exception these people don’t have much of a life, so they try to harass innocent people so they can feel self-righteous (which means “I’m right and you’re wrong”). And if anyone is worse than a humorous-less, self-righteous person with no meaningful life…I don’t think I’ve met them.

Not surprisingly early American coins had "Mind Your Business" stamped on them. Obviously this problem has been around for, oh, at least thousands of years. And I'm sure a lot longer than that.

By the way, the original "dunking stool" was for gossipy women who didn't mind their business. It should be brought back for all of these people.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

The More Trump is Criticized the More I Like Him

In my very first class in Journalism (technically Mass Communications) we were taught the media is a "gatekeeper." It is – and it only allows certain views through. Views it agrees with, no matter how wrong those views are. We were also taught there is no such thing as "objectivity." Both are true.

We were also taught there are also the “mass media” and the “elite media.” The “Economist” magazine might be considered one of the “elite” media and TV news is the “mass” media – that’s why it’s full of Talking Heads full of mass ignorance and mass Hubris.

It's why mass criticism can't be done except through the mass media (which is targeted overwhelmingly toward the not-too-bright – on purpose) - and since there is no such thing as objectivity what we get, overwhelmingly, is just their opinions. For that matter, the elite media is also just opinion, only much better quality. Obviously the Mainstream Media is hysterically convinced it’s “objective and “elite” when it’s neither.

This means the more non-objective media (again, there can be no other) broadcasts criticisms of Trump, the more I like him. Because the mass media has no honor and lies all the time and therefore you can’t trust anything from them. They’re trying to destroy Trump because he doesn’t take them seriously and instead mocks them as liars and therefore the enemy. And the Mainstream Media is desperately hoping they can, somehow, influence the public as to what Trump “really is” and it will turn them against him. Which isn’t going to happen.

I worked on four newspapers as a reporter and one as an editor. What I found, even in college, is that many reporters are not that far from being morons. They didn't realize a lot of their reporting was just their opinion - and when they talked about their opinions in person they thought they were speaking the objective truth about things when in reality they didn’t know what they were talking about.

I remember in college some 20-year-olds running their mouths when they were clueless about what they were talking about. Goodness, 20-year-olds convinced they know the truth about everything! Such childish arrogance!

For example, Trump is often portrayed as a Nazi (Trump is not anywhere near perfect but he’s no Nazi) – there are many photoshopped pictures of him in a Nazi officer’s uniform. When I’ve asked people what “Nazi” means they very rarely know. It means “National Socialist German Workers” party, and when I’ve explained to people the closest ideology in the U.S. to the Nazi ideology is the Democratic party, they are of course completely outraged. “No, it’s the Republicans – they’re the Nazis! Trump is a Nazi! I saw a picture of him dressed as one!”

It got to the point - and has been for decades - that I am not interested at all in what the media, or politicians, or leftists, say about anything. I don't believe them at all. To me it’s just entertainment. And that's based on decades of personal experience.

I've also found some college professors don't know what they are talking about either. Economists? Don't make me laugh (I call people such as (Paul Krugman) "high-IQ idiots" And (Krugman) should have been fired a long time ago. He’s that bad.).

I watched some European politician recently say Trump was now a danger to Europe. I started laughing (no one not born and raised in the United States can understand this country, although many think they do).

As for Trump, he is not a politician (although he is one now, although thank God he doesn’t act like one). I'm sure a lot of the media and politicians and college professors are horrified by him – “Oh my God, the lumpenproletariat voted in Hitler!” And that makes me gleeful. I having some good times watching all of them throw conniption fits. It's very entertaining.

If I had to do it over again I would not have gotten a degree in Journalism. I left the field as a professional decades ago. I would have done something more useful, like dig ditches.

Thank God for the internet. The smart ones have moved there, leaving the mentally-challenged in the "professional" field. They'll never figure out what they are, though. Invincible ignorance and arrogance will do that to you.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Arête, Eudemonia and Ritual

I’ve written several times about arête (excellence) and eudemonia (well-being). Being excellent at what you do leads to well-being. But to achieve these things you have to practice – i.e. ritual (and you really can’t be good at something unless you like it).

The word “eudemonia” made it into the Declaration of Independence as “the pursuit of happiness.” That means this entire country as founded on “the pursuit of happiness.” Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

So what we’ve got is ritual leading to excellence leading to well-being. These things have been known for thousands of years.

Going to school is a ritual. It’s not a good ritual for almost all, but it is a ritual – you can practice all you want but you’re not going to get good at it except for the few who like it. So is going to church a ritual.

I remember when my niece was about three years old she would every night make sure all the doors were locked. I just smiled. It was her ritual. It made her feel better to keep the monsters out.

I remember not very much minding school when I was in grade school. Middle school, especially seventh-grade, was a kind of hell, though. High school was sort of a prison for us except for partying on weekends, which was a blast – and it was a weekend ritual with us.

The athletes in high school got all the attention and appreciation (I personally didn’t want any of those things from the public). Even then I knew the athletes practiced a lot, got good at what they were doing, and then played their games in public – and it was a ritual for huge crowds to show up at their games.

Societies are made up of shared rituals. If you don’t have shared rituals you don’t have a culture. The United States is originally founded on the smallest government possible and the biggest shared culture possible. The Founding Fathers were convinced that led to the most well-being for the most people.

This is why “multicultural” societies don’t work. You end up with a bunch of societies with different rituals and beliefs trying to share the same land. It never works. It never will. It always leads to conflict, sometimes massive.

Some immigrants want a big government – they think it’s going to take care of them and increase their well-being. Unfortunately even some deluded Americans believe this.

All these things are about morals – maybe “qualities” is a better word. Ritual leading to excellence leading to eudemonia is supposed to be the most moral thing – the highest quality of life.

These things aren’t taught anymore, if they ever were. That’s a shame.