Monday, February 27, 2017

Hillary Clinton’s Biggest Problem Isn’t Being a Criminal, Corrupt and a Liar

"There are always two parties; the establishment and the movement." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is that she is a member of the Establishment, as is Barak Obama, all the Bushes (back to Prescott Bush), and Bill Clinton. That’s why none of them did anything good but instead damaged and destroyed. Had Mitt Romney got in, or John McCain, or Al Gore…nothing would have changed for the better since all are part of the Establishment.

I used a quote a few articles ago from Henry David Thoreau about how there are only two parties since the human race has been around: the party of “conservatism” and the party of “innovation.” He pretty much meant the Establishment and the Anti-Establishment. Both have been fighting each other since forever.

That’s not the only quote he had on the subject.

The last President we had who was sort of anti-Establishment was Ronald Reagan but he was only able to accomplishment a fraction of what he wanted – the bureaucratic Establishment was too much for him. Since then all the Presidents have been close to worthless – and many before him. Some of the Founding Fathers didn’t even want a President.

The economist Joseph Schumpeter was best-known for writing about the “creative destruction” of the free market. Long before him the Founding Fathers knew about the importance of political and economic freedom, although they got a lot of their economics from Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations. Not to mention the Bible.

I favor the words “static” and “dynamic.” The governments tend toward being static and the free market is dynamic. That’s why the Founding Fathers wanted the smallest government necessary, so there would be as much liberty as possible – so people can “pursue happiness.”

The closer government is to the people, i.e. local, the faster it can respond to dynamic changes. The farther away it is (as in Washington D.C.) and bigger it is (as in Washington D.C.) the slower it can respond, because the bigger and slower it is the more static and Establishment it is.

Why is the Establishment so slow? It sure does seem to be about money and power. It always has been in the past. Members of the Establishment don’t want to give any of it up. We’re looking at all of the Seven Deadly Sins here.

We certainly do need some sort of “establishment” (but not that bureaucratic Establishment) to preserve those dynamic, innovative changes. Otherwise all would be chaos like a Phillip K. Dick novel.

Barak Obama got in by being Mr. Hope and Change. Boy was he a liar and a big dud! I don’t think he wanted any change at all, just to line his own pockets – just like the Bushes, just like the Clintons.

The history of the world, without exception, has been the Anti-Establishment people against the Establishment. It’s led to mass slaughter and societal collapse over and over and over.

The last time the U.S. had any sort of huge Anti-Establishment eruption was during the 1960s and that was because of the Establishment’s undeclared war in Vietnam. I was just a little kid but I saw the riots on TV – and God was it a mess! None of it seemed to be quite real to me, being that it was TV and I was so little. It was like watching a bad war movie.

The Establishment, as always, didn’t have a clue until it was too late. That’s its nature and will never change.

I have pretty high hopes for Trump because he is overwhelmingly anti-Establishment – which is a great thing (as I’ve said before, you can tell if someone is anti-Establishment if the Establishment unceasingly attacks him on all fronts, as is happening to Trump and which will not stop for the next eight years).

Of course, as I just mentioned, this kind of fight has been the history of the world. It’s never going to stop, either.

"There will be those dedicated to the organization itself." - Jerry Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy


Paul Schmidt said...
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Paul Schmidt said...

You should check out Virginia Postrel's _The Future and its Enemies:

Glen Filthie said...

Bob you smoked to much dope as a young man. If you burned down the establishment today you would have another one - almost certainly worse - tomorrow.

Hillary's problem was EXACTLY that: she lied, stole, and cheated and the establishment couldn't do business with her. Think of the Whitewater scandal, the bogus Clinton Foundation, and Chelsea's fund raisers and pay-to-play, Blow Job Bill, etc ad nauseum. Would you conduct deals worth millions with assholes like that? Many that tried lost their money. Trump has a lifetime spent paying off parasites like Hillary just to get work done. That's why he destroyed the Clintons. Obama wasn't smart enough to steal like the Clintons, he went on lavish vacations and actually has very little to show for his time in office.

The Bushes certainly are 'Establishment'. Outside the greasy hippies, rubes and hicks in flyover country, and the zitty kids in the universities - they are respected power brokers of the establishment and Trump is handling them with kid gloves. He has to or they will dispose of him. Don't believe me?

Dubya is asking (publicly, and bluntly) some tough questions of Trump about his ties to Russia and his policies on immigration. The mainstream media, that hated him as much as our gracious host does - are carrying his water for him.

Trump has sold the the idea of "Establishment=Baaaaaaad" to the lower echelons of the IQ spectrum. On the contrary though, he knows and respects the establishment himself. We'll see what shakes out - if I'm right, Trump will not shower Dubya with shit and abuse the way he did with other liberal, uncooperative scum.

'The establishment' is very much a good part of who we all are. If it ever falls to the likes of the Obamas or the Clintons we will all regret it.

Anonymous White Male said...

"Dubya is asking (publicly, and bluntly) some tough questions of Trump about his ties to Russia and his policies on immigration. The mainstream media, that hated him as much as our gracious host does - are carrying his water for him".

Yes, the MSM is carrying the water for Bush now that he is part of the RINO wing and poses as a "conservative" against Trump. But, what tough questions about Trump's ties to Russia (none - plus the media wants to promote that Russia "hacked" the election. Maybe you could answer how hacking the DNC's server and the hag's e-mail server "hacking the election"), or his immigration policies is Bush asking and why do you call them tough?

"The establishment is very much a good part of who we all are. If it ever falls to the likes of the Obamas or the Clintons we will all regret it".

The establishment is neither good nor a part of who we all are. You might as well say transgenderism is part of who we all are. The establishment has already fallen to the Obamas or the Clintons or the BUSHES. Yes, we do regret it.

Glen Filthie said...

The elections weren't hacked the way the donks say it was. To say they were as pure as the driven snow is also foolish - dead people don't vote and only stupid people think illegals should.

As for the establishment falling to the Clintons and Obuttholes - we need to define our terms. If the establishment had fallen, Trump would have lost and chances are The Cunt would be strutting her fat ass around the Oval Office.

I think what you boys are doing is confusing the Deep State (which is the weapon of choice for the political left) with the establishment which is typically run by the right.

Nor is the media using Bush. He is using them. As part of the establishment Bush is gauging whether Trump has a place in it, and if so, on what terms. Watch and learn James - this is history being made.

Unknown said...

"establishment which is typically run by the right."

There is no Right in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

"Bush is using the media".... ???? BWAHAHAAHHAAAH thanks. I needed that. That effing moron sock puppet couldn't pour piss out of a boot with directions on the bottom. LOLZ. !!!

Glen Filthie said...

If the political right was dead Trump would not have gotten elected. If it makes ya feel better, call them Alt-right.

As for you, Anon:

Looks to me like ol' Dubya's playing Fake News Inc like a fiddle while Trump can only fume and spit. It is an alliance of convenience only, I admit - but one that Trump couldn't forge if his life depended on it. Not that I'm bitching, mind you! I like seeing the leftist press getting the finger from the Whitehouse too! Bob incorrectly asserts that The Establishment can't learn. I disagree, that is precisely what we're seeing right now. The times they have a-changed, and the power brokers know it. They're just culling the flock a bit and re-arranging the seating arrangements.

Lot a you girls are getting hissy about this where there is no need. All I'm saying is that Dubya was the man for his time just as Trump is the man for his.

Unknown said...

"Looks to me like ol' Dubya's playing Fake News Inc like a fiddle while Trump can only fume and spit. "

You don't have a clue about the U.S.. do you?

Unknown said...

"If the political right was dead Trump would not have gotten elected"

He was elected by Reagan Democrats.

Glen Filthie said...

Hey Bob - no offense. To me this is just a coffee break. But sometimes, the guy on the outside looking in sees stuff that a fella in the thick of it won't. I don't have the emotional investment for one, and for two - I know more than most about America's enemies, having lived amongst them more than I would like. Third - us Albertans for the most part are merely wealthier, better looking clones of Texans, HAR HAR HAR!!!

An example of my political acumen, lest ye doubt: Reagan Democrats got hit hard by the Clue Bat. They won't be Democrats ever again unless something completely radical changes that party so that it represents the common man.

Unknown said...

Reagan Democrats are Democrats first and Reaganites second. If the Democrats can get things together again they'll be elected again.

Trump's election was not just a repudiation of Obama but also the Bush Crime Family.