Saturday, February 4, 2017

Leftists Have No Honor and Always Lie

”Communists teach no ethics.” - Karl Marx

Today Communists are sometimes called “Social Justice Warriors.” Like all Leftists they have no honor and always lie. They also think they have the right to riot and physically hurt people (the history of Leftist ideologies such as Communism and Nazism has been mass murder beyond comprehension – hundreds of millions of people dead).

I understand them intellectually be not emotionally. I understand their values intellectually but not emotionally (the closest I can come is to imagine it).

Ultimately everything is about values. How can anyone see rioting and lying and murder as good values? I really don’t get that. It reminds me of what Thomas Hobbes wrote: “The evil man is the child grown strong.”

In a philosophy class in college the teacher asked us to consider that the only time it was required to tell the truth to people is if it was necessary for them to know the truth. If it wasn’t necessary for them to know the truth then it wasn’t required to tell them the truth. A lot of people believe that even if they don’t articulate it. Almost everyone lies at times even if they’re just “little white lies.” They do it because they don’t want to unnecessarily hurt people’s feelings – why tell a three-year-old there is no Santa Claus?

My experience has been chronic – pathological – liars are trying to manipulate people. To dominate them and to get power and control over them. They get a big kick out of doing this (it’s also what motivates psychopaths).

And as I’ve mentioned before you have to lie to yourself before you can successfully lie to others. And that leads straight to Hubris (what the Bible calls “Pride” and Russell Kirk called “the Monstrous Self – which is invariably followed by a kind of insanity).

It’s why I don’t like politics. It’s based on lying to the public. What politician doesn’t lie? And with a straight face? And ultimately exploit the public?

I consider most politicians to be con men – and the word “con” means “confidence.” Con men are very good at making people have confidence in them, to make them that they have the public’s best interests at heart.

I have mentioned before I know an 84-year-old man who was a B-29 pilot during the Korean War. He spent his career as a political consultant. He told me he’s only met one honest politician – the rest had sex, money and drug problems.

Con men – and con women – with sex, money and drug problems! Politicians with sex, money and drug problems – which they then lie about to the public. With a totally straight face.

Most people know that almost politicians are chronic liars with sex, money and drug problems – yet they still vote for them and keep them in office for decades.

I consider all politicians potential murderers. Politicians who start unnecessary wars are worse than the worst of serial killers because they murder a lot more people (and for the same reason – all murder, being human sacrifice, is a fertility rite meant to renew things and make society better – or the murderer’s life. This includes war.).

Con men always think they are better than us. We just bugs to them. That’s the problem. Bugs are always stepped on to make things better.

And the biggest con men – Leftists – think we’re no better than insects.

One of the founders of Leftism was the sadistic Marquis de Sade. He wrote often he considered people no better than insects - bugs. Except for him, of course.

Aren’t all Leftists like that? And most politicians? It’s been their history – without exception.


Take The Red Pill said...

Read up on the lives of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin; also the history of the Soviet Union. Marx, Lenin, and Stalin were all atheists who had no sense of honor; Lenin even said that he believed in being 'truthful' and 'honest' only when it benefited him, and that Marxists weren't obliged to be truthful.
Bill and Hillary Clinton are living examples of psychopathic liars, Hillary especially so. Bill was only caught out in his lying about his affair with Monica Lewinsky because there was evidence of it; all the Democrats (especially the feminists) who defended him in his lying are no better than him -- if you defended a proven liar, how can you EVER be depended on to tell the truth yourself?
DON"T EVER depend on a Leftist to tell the truth -- depend on them to only tell lies.

Roman Lance said...

Not trying to start a fight. but...Good heavens BOB! Don't let Vox Day see that you have adopted his mantra that "SJW's always Lie". He might let that go to his head.

And we don't need no more 'splosions coming from that nitwit.

Pretty soon he will be declarin' that only Gamma's don't give him credit for the invention of the wheel and the English language.

LosAngelesKing said...

@ Roman. That was a truthful, albeit funny comment. But all thinking people know that leftists have always lied, have no sense of shame, no sense of honour etc all the way back to the French Revolution. In short, they're psychopathic cowards. Vox Day simply pretends that he discovered the keys to the kingdom with regard to leftists and his dim bulb supporters actually believe him. Even though the maxim that "SJWs always lie" has been known for hundreds of years.

A Texan said...

Give Vox Day for popularizing and creating awareness for the issue of SJW's.

Roman Lance said...

@ Texan

I will concede that Vox Bray has increased the awareness of SJW's, but that seems a bit like saying Captain Capitalism should be credited with increasing the awareness of Assholes. In other words SJW's were always there own best advertisers.

However, in my humble opinion, Pox Spay is a lily livered beater of dead horses who can't take a little criticism of his false brand of "Christianity" to that extent that it only takes 3 posts about it to get threatened with banning.

I mean really, the goy is no "Alpha".

A Texan said...

Vox is imperfect, but he is on the right side of immigration and SJW's. And I enjoy the comments most of the time.

Baloo said...

Pas d'ennemis à droite, people, pas d'ennemis à droite. Vox Day is full of wisdom, and, to me, gets a couple of things wrong. Who has a better record? Not me, and probably not you. When we disagree, let's air it out, but let's not forget who the actual enemy is.

Roman Lance said...


Vox is a protestant and like all protestants he has the hubris his presumptive "christianity" emboldens him with.

It seems to me that if your arguing for acceptance of Vox on his "Record" then why not argue that he should accept the Catholic Church on her 2,000 year record. Surely you would support that.

I think if he converted to the Faith he would be quite a good asset to the True Christian religion, until then. He is just one more protestant; spewing confused and misleading garbage. It infects every word he chooses, every proposition he makes. As it does with every one else who refuses to accept the One True Faith.