Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The MSM Didn’t Make Trump and They Can’t Unmake Him

I’ve mentioned before I have a degree in Journalism. Actually it’s a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Journalism.

I’ll again repeat I wish I hadn’t got it. I left the field decades ago.

The three newspapers I worked for are now out of business. I had only one good boss. The rest were bad to the point of incompetence. Most reporters are leftists and I’ve never been able to figure out why.

Being leftists they of course hate Trump and want him gone.

What almost none of them realize is that the MSM didn’t make Trump and they can’t unmake him. No matter what they do they are helpless. No matter what they say they aren’t going to change anyone’s mind.

Apparently the MSM still thinks it’s 1974 when it helped get rid of Nixon – and it’s the only victory it’s had since that year.

I no longer read or buy newspapers and for decades I had ceased watching the news. The only reason I started watching again was to watch them froth at the mouth about Trump. It was amusing.

But now it’s gotten boring and I’ve stopped again. I quit watching the Sunday morning political programs. All of them are the same thing – having hissy fits about Trump.

I recently saw Chuck Todd on TV start fellating the senile John McCain and I thought, “That’s it” and I turned the program off. I’ll never watch it again.

I get all my news off of the internet and have for years. I do read Bing news every day but that’s free. It’s still distorting and lying about Trump.

The MSM isn’t going to go out of business but for a long time newspapers were dropping like flies. That seems to have stopped.

Newspapers are supported by advertising. How in the hell can newspapers on the internet can stay in business when they have no advertising is beyond me. Who’s supporting them – George Soros?

Very few people trust the MSM anymore. Even they know that. And they are finally realizing they can’t ignore or insult Flyover Land anymore. They were stunned by how influential the people who live there are – they’re the ones who put Trump in office.

The younger people I know today don’t read newspapers or watch TV news anymore. Most of the ones I know get their news from YouTube. They don’t even read blogs.

All this makes me wonder where the MSM is going to be in 20 years. Will it still be the same? Because of the internet I very much doubt it.

For a long time the MSM was claiming those on the internet weren’t “real” journalists. That’s stopped because the internet is so influential – too much competition for the MSM.

And only with competition will you get the truth. That’s what the free market in opinion does – in the long run the truth will win out.


Glen Filthie said...

They certainly can unmake him.

They are ginning up enough hate that leftie fucknuckles are already rioting in the streets as thinly disguised 'protests'. Look at those "protesters" too: they are bringing weapons to the party now with spiked baseball bats and edged weapons. Won't be long before the guns come out at those Car-B-Ques either.

Every two bit gamma male that sees himself as a saviour will be oiling their guns, checking the action and making ready for that shot at Trump. The patsy is already being groomed and trained, the package the media will sell the public is already in the works. The cops already collared one loonie leftbag when he went on Twatter and described how he was gonna buy a .50cal sniper rifle, learn how to use it, and pop the President with it. He had the make and model picked out and had done his homework. Fortunately he was stupid enough to talk about it first.

Trump is in very, very great danger. As are we all, really. All the media needs to do is get 1/3 of the population stirred up and it's game on. The niggers are ready to go, the beaners hate the niggers, the moslems will be in the next few years ... and the white militias have been silently grinding their teeth in rage for the last two decades. My recommendation is that when the bullets start flying - target the journalists and editors first!

You'd better mind your P's n Q's too Uncle Bob - I'm still mad about all the rotten things you said about my buddy, George Bush! Don't be surprised if you get fragged in the fray by and angry Canadian stubfart, HAR HAR HAR!

Hmpffff! Maybe I better watch MY P's n Q's too! Wouldn't put it past the Farm Girl or that Texan flimp to try and slide one up MY arse when my back was turned!

Good lord, there is a shitshow of biblical proportions in the works.

Anonymous said...

I haven't bought a paper newspaper in years. I don't subscribe to any online newspaper either. I never click any online advertisements that they have on their websites either.

If they get money from online ads, it must not be very much. There are so many free sources for news on the internet.

Are newspapers being funded by governments and other sources?

Unknown said...

"They certainly can unmake him."

No, they can't. And Trump is not in danger.

Anonymous White Male said...

"Are newspapers being funded by governments and other sources?"

I would say undoubtedly. Given the rate 10 to 20 years at which smaller newspapers and magazines folded or were absorbed into large corporations, you would think the entire print media would be almost extinct. And yet, the major print organs, such as the NYT, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, are as insulated as ever. Their subscriptions are down, but they flourish. They are funded by Soros and others. Their benefactors refuse to give up control of what they see as "the media". They are also attempting to restrict Internet access so that they can control this now that it is the main source of information.

Glen Filthie said...

Well I sure hope you're right about that and I'm wrong, Bob.

little dynamo said...

"Newspapers are supported by advertising. How in the hell can newspapers on the internet can stay in business when they have no advertising is beyond me. Who’s supporting them – George Soros?"

No. Factions of the Deep State (mostly Intelligence) support the MSM, and have for decades. This became obvious in the late Eighties and Nineties as formerly 'balanced' national news-magazines morphed into mouthpieces for the New (heavily Prog) State. Time, Newsweek, Life, Look, etc., plus many of the daily newspapers, all gradually became Converged, agit-prop fronts for America's 'New Religion' of prog-politics and 'equality' and 'social justice'.

Mainstream media in the U.S. isn't as different from commie, fascist, or junta government-control as the citizenry seems to imagine. It's always been under the general control of the Deep State, usually these gigs are farmed to Naval Intelligence (as that's the branch of ops that developed first in the world, and so is generally most 'sophisticated'. Smaller/local newspapers were about all left untouched, perhaps because they're often under local editorial control and ownership? something you'd know more about than myself. The larger (influential) ones gradually were folded into corporate syndicate ownerships and oversight, eventually leading, as intended, into converged national content.

Anonymous said...

Soros was being disingenuous there. Whenever a powerful billionaire makes a public statement, think of it as a chess move -- not as a reflection of his true thoughts.

Deep State perhaps, but not the US Deep State. There are any number of deep states out there who want to influence American opinion. Carlos Slim is not in it for the huge profits he reaps. Neither are the sheikhs, the Chinese, or Davos crowd.

Bezos owns WP for his own propaganda purposes. Other leftist US billionaires likewise seek to influence.

Deep State exists but Deep State paranoia extends its phantom influence far beyond the reality.

little dynamo said...

Definitely many players outside the U.S. but I'm speaking of U.S. influence and operations -- which most certainly did and do exist, in the plenty, and that is reality not paranoia.

It is true that within the various entities of U.S. Intel, factions exist, and Intel is by no means monolithic in outlook, like the military, despite Obama's corruptions. These elements transcend individual admins, but the general bureaucratic impetus has been towards the prog agenda and consumer liberalism, for various reasons. I don't consider ownership of the Times, for example, to be outside the Deep State -- indeed it is so long embedded perhaps it actually imagines its independence? So strong, so empowered, so sovereign and independent! lol

Farm Boy said...

Glen Although you are a few short of a full load and I don't quite get your "invade and destroy everything before they do it to us bomb Tibet" mania, I wouldn't want to give you anything more than a good wedgie. If you don't know what that is up north in your culturally deprived wasteland backwater, that consists of taking the elastic band in your shorts and placing the backside of the shorts up over the top of your head. You would have gotten a lot of those had you gone to my high school in flyover country in the world's most powerful and greatest nation ever. That's all, it would do you some good. Although your military insanity and naivete and love of the bush crime syndicate tends to short out your cranial circuity processing systems much of the time, I am pretty much w you when you stay on non-military invasion death and destruction to all issues. If it ever comes down to an us vs them I think we are on the same side. Peace!