Saturday, February 18, 2017

Unattractive Anti-Trump Women

I know several anti-Trump (and pro-Hillary) women and they all have some things in common: they’re unattractive and unmarried.

The younger ones are not attractive and never will be. The middle-aged ones are never married or divorced and have lost their looks. All of them are hostile in various ways and blame their lives on men.

Some have one child only (raised a without father and therefore not right in the head), all of them are feminists, and all of them are promiscuous, i.e. sluts (my experience has been the more promiscuous a woman is the less she understands men. Promiscuous women are invariably self-centered and the self-centered never understand other people. I’ve seen this on men, too.).

Many of them work for the government (especially the federal government) in various ways. They rarely make enough money to support themselves so they also get welfare.

The women I know who are married and have children voted for Trump.

The anti-Trump women have all told me Hillary Clinton has “the most experience.” None of them knows that Hillary was fired from her first job in the government for lying, breaking the rules of the Democratic party, and breaking the law. And she has never stopped doing those things since then.

All they know about Trump is that he said “grab them by the pussy.” That means to them he “hates women.” They hope Trump will resign or be impeached or be assassinated.

I’ve said before women should not be allowed to vote, and if they are they should be married and have children.

I’ve also said before that Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn wrote that leftism is about “the murder of the Father.” It’s the best one-sentence definition there is.

That just proves how goofy these women are that they work for the federal government, which means they have “married” the government instead of one individual man – and the federal government is the Father they don’t want to murder.

At least when it’s the welfare, make-work Father – which is no Father at all.


Roman Lance said...

I think Ashly Judd summed up these women in one word: NASTY!

I was raised by, and grew up with, these type of women and they are filthy, neglectful, and never seem to understand how all these horrible things keep happening to them.

Good heavens they are soul sucking vampires.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, well there is some truth to what you say. I think it has a lot to do with anger. Angry women just aren't attractive and when you're mad at the whole world, hate yourself, hate relationships between men and women, it shows.

Interesting to think of them as vampires, I have that thought sometimes too, as in people with no sense of humor who suck all the joy out of the room.

cecilhenry said...

Leftists: Envy politicized

Anonymous said...

Check out this liberal woman: