Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Punching a Chickenhawk in the Balls

”Any historian could have told the victors that political forms imposed by a triumphant victor NEVER last.” - Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn, Leftism Revisited

Some months after 9-11, after that utterly ignorant idiot Dubya “Bring it on!” Shrub had unjustifiably invaded and destroyed Iraq and gotten God-knows-how-many innocent people killed in his attempt to impose the blasphemous leftist delusion of “democracy” on the country, I was looking for a book in the library to check out when some old senile Chickenhawk geezer starting running his mouth after how “if we didn’t fight them over there we’d have to fight them over here.”

I just snorted in contempt – loud enough for him to hear. He was clearly as ignorant as hell – after we had conquered Iraq what we were supposed to do with it? All Dubya and his idiot advisors could do are engage in a self-congratulatory circle-jerk.

Saddam Hussein was a third-rate tinhorn dictator with a third-rate army filled the poorly-trained slave soldiers – and Iraq had a GNP of about a billion dollars a year (less then North Carolina), all from oil (and the country was going to build a nuclear weapon with that little money and that many stupid people? And detonate it in the U.S. so the U.S. would have a real reason to destroy the country?). Hussein wasn’t Hitler – to the truly invincibly ignorant everyone is Hitler, even though the Jewish Bolshevists of the Soviet Union slaughtered tens of millions more people than the Nazis did – and his slave army wasn’t Germans (after the U.S. military demolished the Iraqi military in about two hours I saw on TV an Iraqi soldier on his knees kissing some American soldier’s hand. Their soldiers were even surrendering to TV news crews. I can’t imagine someone in the Wehrmacht doing that. By the way, I had a man who served in WWII tell me, “You ain’t fought anyone until you’ve fought Germans.” Germans, not Iraqis. He also told me he threw away his rifle at the Battle of the Bulge so he could run faster.).

This big-mouth geezer heard me and asked me when I had been in the military (which he clearly hadn’t, not with that mouth). I knew he was a coward in the mold of Dubya Shrub from his stupid comments, so I told him Chickenhawks always point fingers at other people to try to deflect attention from their cowardice.

Only the truth hurts – and I had told him the truth about himself.

For some reason this senile old geezer decided to push me (self-righteousness, cowardice and stupidity will do that to you). I was sitting in a chair and he had walked over to me - which is legally assault (battery is when you touch someone). I reacted immediately and impulsively with no thought (but an instantaneous feeling of outrage) and gave him an uppercut to his balls and he went to both knees on the floor.

I hadn’t hit anyone since I was 17. Even then he tried to hit me first and I ended up getting him in a chokehold until he passed out. Every fight I’ve been in they’ve started it – and I was in a lot of fights in middle-school, which is why I find it so easy to identify cowards – all of whom are bullies with big mouths but nothing to back it up. It’s why I so quickly identified the incompetent idiot Shrub (I guess even an idiot might be competent at something, although Dubya wasn’t) as a bully and a coward.

Once this clown got to his feet he got away from me as fast as he could. Of course the police were called – and the whole scene was on the library’s security tape. The cops wanted to arrest him but I told them to forget it. After all, he got a deserved punch in the balls after he pushed me. Perhaps he learned a lesson – keep your hands off of other people. They did tell me I shouldn’t be hitting old men (he was clearly in his 70s – far too old to not know about putting his hands on people). I just smiled.

He told the police he wanted them to arrest me. For what I don’t know. Calling this Chickenhawk on his ignorance and cowardice? The fact I punched him in the balls when he only shoved me? Such is the delusion of Chickenhawks. I smiled about that one too.

He apparently didn’t know the whole thing was on tape but I did.

I’ve never seen a Chickenhawk who wasn’t anything but mouth, with nothing to back it up. They always collapse when push comes to shove – or a punch to the balls.


Glen Filthie said...

Congrats, Bob. Ya beat up a mouthy old fart!

This is why Bush is a visionary and you are stuck trying to play 2-D chess on a 3D board and beating up old geezers: yes, Saddam Hussein was EXACTLY like Hitler. You need to brush up on your history.

When Uncle Adolf came to power in Germany people were still starving in certain areas. The economy was in shambles, the factories were silent, and the German were thoroughly and utterly beaten and down and out. Those people didn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.

Welp, we all know how that one went, don't we? Germany went from rubber boots to jackboots in less than a decade. Factories that were rusting and silent were punching out Messerschmidt fighter planes faster than you could count them in less than 8 years. What was it? The Anschluss were he annexed Prussia and Austria? In no time flat he had all of Europe shitting it's pants in fright, while America yawned and thought nothing of it. And his power grew. And grew. And grew. And indifferent Americans just shrugged at what was happening Over There. Idiots like Neville Chamberlain bragged about Peace In Our Time. When the balloon finally went up - nobody was prepared and the body count was orders of magnitude large than it need have been - had they only plugged Adolf when they had the chance - and just like Saddam, he have them ample justification for doing so.

Saddam was on the exact same trajectory Hitler was. He was scaring the shit out of the Saudis, the Israelis and the Kuwaitis - all friendlies. (And before that idiot Texan shows up screeching about Bin Laden - he represents Saudi Arabia the same way Al Sharpton represents America. Let his be a lesson to educate yourself before you mouth off).

So those rag heads are too dumb for nukes Bob? The pakies and mudflaps in india would disagree. They're even DUMBER than the arabs and they have nukes. Iran will have them shortly and they are promising to use them. Rest assured, we are going back there, guaranteed. America will have to do the deed on Iran or the Israelis will - and if that happens it is game on.

George Bush's only flaw as a power broker is only visible in hindsight: America is hopelessly invested in the idea of capturing 'hearts and minds' and helping to rebuild the loser... and this is a result of Dhimmicrud politics. And possibly 'cuck conservatism' as the cool kids call it today.

I propose the Filthie Doctrine for the middle east - starting with Iran: bomb their nuke facilities, and their infrastructure and pertinent military assets, bomb the local usual suspects FORWARD into the stone age - and then WALK AWAY. Any military operations will NOT be subject to liberal/democrat oversight and they will have no say in military affairs as that will only compromise the mission and cause it to fail.

I personally wouldn't fight over something like this. If some idiot wants to think I am a coward for having an opinion I am good with it. To me it's just a political issue like any other, and your calling me a coward is like some ugly transgendered she-twink calling me a misogynist. I might respond, Bob, that you are reacting to this as a woman would - emotionally. Military men die in wars when politics and statesmanship fail. Deal with it and get over it. That's all you can do.

Unknown said...

Saddam wasn't Hitler but a third-rate tinhorn dictator and he keep Iraq until control which is something not happening now. Shrub has already gone in his history as a catastrophe and even his most ardent supporters now have turned against him. Dubya broke the place and how we own it. I met NO ONE who supports him now.

The Night Wind said...

Junior was following his father's example. Papa Bush, recall, invaded Panama because he believed that Noriega was plotting to declare war on the United States.

Bush Junior was almost a poster-boy for Chickenhawks. The man had a yellow stripe down his back a yard wide. He even cancelled the White House Annual Easter Egg Hunt because he feared some kid might have C-4 in one his Easter Baskets. Bush used to have the streets around the White House barricaded with tanks.

Even Obama had more balls than Bush; Obama at least reduced White House security to something smaller than the D-Day Invasion Force and opened public venues to the public again.

Glen Filthie said...

Utter nonsense.

In third world theocracies you don't survive, much less rise if you are an idiot. Saddam vanquished any number of formidable enemies before they killed him, made America dance to his tune for two decades - more, actually. Iran is still playing you for fools. Saddam's only mistake was he got too greedy, too fast. The Saudis and Iranians sure as hell took him seriously and you can bet the Israelis did too!

As for Bush Jr. - hindsight and Monday morning quarterbacking is what it is. The fat old geezers like us can say what we want, but we weren't there in the thick of things with the threat assessments, the satellite recons, the urgent TOP SECRET dispatches - that Bush had to wade through. You think America lost blood and money on that war, Bob? Can you even estimate how much it would have cost to 'contain Iraq' today?

Hey - I don't blame America for saying 'Fuck it! Take this badge and shove it!' and stepping down as the World Cop. Let's just be honest about what happens when the cops hang 'er up: the turdies and the gangsters come out and they will go to town.

You've had two devastating world wars now that show the folly of being unprepared, and disengaged from world events. Number three is brewing as we speak and you can bet Trump will be in the game same as Dubya was.

War in the next 10 years or less. You heard it here first! ;)

GFR said...

That was a fun story Bob. You know what would have been even more fun? - if you punched him in the balls and then he kneed you in the chin and snipped your tongue off with your teeth, and then while you were screaming and choking on the blood he grabbed you by the ears and skull fucked you - and then the cops showed up and put you in jail for being a faggot.
Maybe next time..
Oh and those "chickenshit" Bush's? Both fighter pilots, and one of them was shot down in combat - but hey, you punched a seventy-year old guy in the balls for defending his country..

Unknown said...

You internet keyboard warriors made up stories are just as good as the weapons of mass destruction one.

a Texan said...

Glenn is our resident 'village idiot' at this blog most of the time....

Glen Filthie said...


Why....how RUDE!!!

You like women, Tex? HAR HAR HAR!!! If so there is a very manly and scholarly post up at my blog as we speak on personal relationships that even boys like Tex here might some day appreciate.

And as far as bravery goes - I can admire a man that swings at Unca Bob. I sure as hell wouldn't do it! :)

Anonymous White Male said...

Glen and GFR: Neither of you is capable of an independent thought. You somehow consider the Bush's to be honorable men. They were no more honorable than Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, or Bill Clinton. The office of President has been owned by the rulers that own the creation of credit and fiat currency in this country for over a century. They fact that you haven't even grasped that is a sign that your opinion is meaningless. I could care less about standing up for Bob. I do care about brain dead White people that don't have a clue. Tell me, geniuses. Who shot JFK? Regale me.

Glen Filthie said...

Bush was head and shoulders above scum like the FDR and Bill Clinton, James. The vast majority of military men are. Only an idiot or somebody with an axe to grind would say otherwise.

JFK? All I know is that Oswald didn't do it. As formidable rifleman myself, I would have had problems making that shot with a tuned sniper rifle, never mind a buggered up army milsurp - and I would have chosen a different spot to make the shot. I know the people responsible are still in the game today - else the reports on the assassination would have been declassified. I was most disappointed when they were re-sealed.

I also know there was far more to 911 than is available in the mass media. When one stands back and thinks about it - it's obvious and the supporting facts are a matter of public record.

We all serve a two masters, James: the ones we see and the ones we don't. They have the money and power to manipulate us without our even knowing it. All I know is that our current masters, whoever they are - treat us pretty good. Never before in history has the common man had it so good, with so many freedoms. By contrast the fuggin moslems want to enslave me to their stupid religion, kill people and start wars with people I have no problems with - and they spread violence, poverty and hatred wherever they go. Far as I'm concerned any excuse to kill them is a good one, as is any excuse to deport them.

And say what ya want - Bush and his crew tried to set up civilization in those fly blown moslem shit holes. They built schools and courts - and then realized that they had to teach the rag heads about the concept of rule of law. They built hospitals. The shitheads with Bush Derangement Syndrome can say what they want - that it was futile and pointless - but at least they TRIED. No other country on earth had the balls or the integrity to step up. There is no denying the nobility of something like that.

I have to ask the question of our geezer-beating host: what's more courageous?

a. defeating a known tyrant, mass murderer, and leader of a gangster gov't

b. sitting at home on your thumbs, deaf to the cries for help from your allies as you hope their wars blow over rather than blowing up?

Anonymous said...

The amount of hatred and contempt I have for the "deep state" or whatever they're called - people in our own government that are trying to undermine and depose Trump cannot be expressed in words (the Russians even fear that Trump may be assassinated).


Also, @ Glen: Did the thought ever occur to you that you are being manipulated by the government and/or media?

Unknown said...

"Congrats, Bob. Ya beat up a mouthy old fart!"

That's not what happened. This happened in my hometown and I knew the police. This guy at 72
weighed 215 pounds and the police told me had been arrested several times beating up smaller
people in bar fights. I weigh 170 pounds, not 215. He had a hostile, aggressive face and he almost shoved me out of my chair.

Since all bullies are cowards, I did what had to be done.

Unknown said...

"Oh and those "chickenshit" Bush's? Both fighter pilots, and one of them was shot down in combat"

Another Chickenhawk pointing fingers at other people to deflect attention from his cowardice.

Glen Filthie said...

I am absolutely sure that however much I try, I am being manipulated by both the media and the gov't, Anonymous.

(Come to think of it I am greatly influenced by disreputable shady bloggers as well, HAR HAR HAR!)