Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Trump is Having the Time of His Life

I don’t believe a word the Mainstream Media says. I haven’t for decades.

Sheesh. The MSM will never give up lying and distorting about Trump for the next eight years he is in office. I’m sure he knows this. I’m sure he enjoys it.

Now I’m hearing stories that Trump’s behavior is the result of syphilis when younger. Will the MSM ever stop making up things? Of course not, the way they were claiming he had prostitutes urinate on a bed in Russia.

Leftists lie all the time and have no honor. I wonder what the next outrageous lie will be? It’s coming, that’s for sure. Will the MSM ever run out of these lies? Apparently not. Are there are bunch of people sitting around a table coming up with them? I guess they couldn’t make it as comedy writers so they went into politics.

I heard a guy on the radio say he expects Trump to resign because he’s done so much in life he really doesn’t want to be President. The fool’s just projecting his own desperate fantasies.

Personally I think Trump is having the time of his life. Even Bill Clinton said he had a great time being President. Why should Trump be any different?

The MSM is also saying Trump has no support and therefore no mandate. Of course once you take out all the immigrants (how many are illegals?) on the West Coast Trump probably won by two million votes. That sounds like a mandate to me.

Trump did more in one week than Obama did in eight years.

I wonder what the Democrats are going to do when the next election rolls around and they lose a lot more seats? Do they have any idea what desperate shape they are in? The Democrats have turned themselves into a coastal party What are they going to do when they lose so many seats they can’t do achieve anything? Are they going to reducing to sticking pins in a voodoo doll of Trump?

I guess they think if they can mobilize all these immigrants they can overwhelm native-born Americans. Good luck with that. It’s not going to happen - ever.

Why do leftists hate the United States so much? Their hatred was even noticed by George Washington, although he didn’t call them leftists. He called them democrats.

My experience has been that leftists are full of hate and envy. Are they born that way? I don’t know.

But I do know that history is full of examples of the right having to sooner or later knock the heads of leftists – which is starting.

I suspect that leftists are eaten up with envy and hatred of Trump because he appears to be having a good time. He seems to be relishing a good fight.

They can’t stand anyone being happy. I guess they want everyone to be as miserable as they are.


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Roman Lance said...

I was just commenting to my wife how it's only been 1 month since Trump was sworn in and already it like he's been shaking things up for years.

I't really amazing when I think of it. One month and the dummies have gone bat-shit off their rockers. And now Maxine I'm-a-complete-idiot Waters is still piling it on. What a maroon, she doesn't even seed she is being used.

HaHaHa it's glorious.

This is going to be one hell of a ride!

Unknown said...

'Now I’m hearing stories that Trump’s behavior is the result of syphilis when younger.'

They could make a better case with Slick Willie's and Hilbeast's current behavior being the result of syphilis. I've never seen someone so amused with falling balloons.

A Texan said...

That's why I love Al Gore's invention of the internet.

I can come read 'some guy with a blog' like Bob here who has an opinion more interesting than anyone in the media.

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage, in a book of the same name, said it best: liberalism is a mental disorder...