Sunday, September 14, 2014

Asian Women and White Men

I know a fair number of men who are married to Asian women. All are high IQ - what I've heard called "associative mating."

Many white women, of course, blame it on the men - they're fat,ugly, gross, want a submissive wife who'll do nothing but cook and clean and give him blowjobs, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. One told me the women walk behind the men, of all things.

Of course, these women never look in the mirror.

The fact that so many white men end up with Asian women is a huge red flag about the problems many white women have. Again, they'll never admit it - it's the man's fault.

I'll admit, I've heard some surprising comments about why Asian women like white men - the bridge in the nose, the white skin itself. It's as if they're trying to improve their kids - bigger, stronger, lighter, better-looking.

Ah, what the hell - who cares? That's their business.

If a man finds 80% of what he seeks in a women, he's in heaven. Women want 100% - think the Brothers Grimm story, "King Roughbeard," in which the princess found fault with all men - and mocked and insulted them - until she was humbled.

A lot of American women - not all - need to be humbled. Until that happens, men are going to seek foreign wives.


Novaseeker said...

Interracial relationships are still very, very small potatoes. Most AWs marry AMs.

The hierarchy in the urban metros of coastal US seems to be: WWs, AWs, LWs, WMs, BMs, LMs, AMs, BWs, in terms of desirability for interracial pairings.

But it's still very uncommon. On the screen, about half of couples are interracial or gay. On the street, only a sliver of each unless you are standing in a very outlier place.

Unknown said...

Not that common, but the viciousness of envy of white women is just amazing, especially from white women who have hit the Wall and men's attention has evaporated. And when they see a 60-year-old white man with a 21-year-old Filipina....kill kill kill!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Novaseeker that interracial unions are over-represented in media.

But I'd like to address white women's accusations of men "wanting someone submissive" when they date Asian women.

The correct way to respond to this isn't by being defensive. It's by saying "Even if that's true, why should I not get what I want? Why is that any less moral than a woman getting what she wants?"

-- Days of Broken Arrows

Novaseeker said...

Oh yes, that's true, Bob. They accuse the WM of the uncommon WM/AW couples to have an Asian fetish and love submissive women, when Asian women are generally anything but submissive. They are *feminine*, however, which in the current, twisted version of the West is confused for submissive, and avoided by many WWs here.

Unknown said...

"Even if that's true, why should I not get what I want? Why is that any less moral than a woman getting what she wants?"

Best answer I've heard.

Robert What? said...

Eurasian kids can be very attractive.

DeNihilist said...

Big problem though with inter-racial children. Coming from a city with a high amount of WM/AW couples, we are now finding that if these children need organs, finding a match is very hard.

Anonymous said...

Bob, you and your readers might find the following audios interesting and educational. They are interviews with a guy from Portland, Oregon, a conspiracy realist, who now teaches English in Shenzhen China (just across the coast from Hong Kong) for very little money but does not want to come home because he has finally found himself contentment and happiness there. Hmmm, I wonder why? Listen and find out. He does not hold anything back and talks about all his experiences good and bad and in a quite entertaining fashion.

True Lies Radio with Robert 'Java Ring' Bailey and China Jim McKinney

~ Negentropic

Crusty said...

Bob, You might be interested in reading this blog post on the same subject:

Anonymous said...

This comment is from a guy on a blog who is half-asian, half white:

"Thanks race mixers, for ruining my life. May yours be ruined too.
Half-Chinese here.

I would really like to thank the race mixers for what I am and for my brother's repeated suicide attempts and serious psychological issues.

I would like to thank them for making my whole life seem like a quandary and never feeling like I fit in.

I would like to thank them for making feel as if I never have a country, a family, or a group of people to whom I can turn in case our tenuous society based on unnatural and forced multiculturalism collapses and is swallowed, which it will be.

I will like to thank them for not knowing quite what my children will look like because my genetics are a complete toss-up.

I will like to thank them for having unusual features, having bad posture because my head is too large, my frame is too small, and having a slew of health problems.

I would like to thank them for going my whole life being identified as something I'm not. Namely, Russian.

I would like to thank them for my mother having a Caesarian section THAT LED TO A BLOOD TRANSFUSION THAT led to a Hepatitis infection that KILLED HER WHEN I WAS 14.

And all because my father thought he was "in love" with my mother.

Thanks, race mixers. You don't think about these things, do you? I hope all your children wind up as I do, and kill themselves, you miserable dogs, you horrible, worthless people. Evil, spoiled, materialistic people. Your children should suffer as bad as I have, and commit suicide.

I will not. I am here to fight for the far right and destroy all your evil, selfish people. Mark my words. I have no other goal in life.

I'm here for revenge."

Anonymous said...

I'm Chinese female.
Bad news for you.
Feminism is rising in China now.
No one can stop it you white losers. We are gonna mate white females for good babies by decent bio tech. Go to hell :D

Anonymous said...

I think you are misinformed. Most white men who go for Asian women are douchebags/scum/losers. As for the rest of your post, you can read up on hostile/benevolent sexism. Men are losing their shit cos they're losing power, so it's misogyny that's causing some white men to turn to Asian women (most are misogynists and rapists).

But of course, it's completely possible that a non-douchebag white man be with an Asian. All I'm saying is that that is the vast minority.