Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Once You’ve Met One Bad Woman You’ve Met Them All

And when you’ve met one good woman you’ve met them all.

My experience and I think that of most men, is that a woman who is not a good woman is childish and blames her problems on other people, specifically men. That is actually what feminism is about – what Eric von Kuehnelt-Leddihn called “the murder of the Father.”

Any woman who wants to murder the Father means going toward the Bad Feminine – the Bad Mother. (Not surprisingly in almost all cultures “left” means “sinister” and “right” means, well, “right.”)

The Bad Mother is based on envy – read any folk tale (again, misnamed “fairy tales”). In all of them any Bad Mother, say a Queen, is based envy. Think of the Evil Queen in “Snow White” – envy and greed.

For that matter, as I’ve mentioned several times, the story of the Garden of Eden is about envy – the serpent (actually “nachash”), which is a symbol of envy, first targets the woman.

I’ve seen quite a few envious, childish women – all unattractive, many middle-aged and unmarried and without children, or divorced, with or without children. And all of them lie to others, which of course you cannot do without first lying to yourself.

I first ran across an unpleasant girl I was 12. It was all downhill from there. And they were all the same – a universal nature.

I’ve met a lot of pleasant women too – in some ways all the same. Attractive and pleasant – think of any princess in folk tales.

Personal relationships are based on Associative Mating – like is attracted to like (this Alpha/Beta/Gamma nonsense is just that – nonsense).

Unfortunately, some women hide their real nature and come across as pleasant when they’re really not. They’re pleasant until they get married – than the real self comes out.

Such women change after they get married. Men rarely do.

Women who really are pleasant don’t change after they get married.

Any women who is pleasant is going to show gratitude. Any women who has actually liked me has always acted as if they were grateful to know me. I noticed those phenomena decades ago. Envious and unpleasant women show no gratitude whatsoever.

The most famous book of the late psychiatrist MelanieKlein is called Envy and Gratitude. That’s how important she considered those concepts.

I sometimes quiz women about the difference between men and women. I tell them, as Carl Jung noticed, that women are biologically indispensible because they have the babies and men are culturally indispensible because they created/discovered/invented everything.

I’ve met grateful women who know this. The ungrateful envious ones will claim the reason women have done so little culturally is “oppression.” You know – by the patriarchal “Father.” The one they want to destroy.

These ungrateful envious women would bring down society if they could. I think that’s the reason they hate Donald Trump so much – he comes across as patriarchal.

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Roman Lance said...

I've come to view the Alpha/Beta/Gamma dynamic being set forth as a scale measuring the willingness of certain personality types thus categorized to engage in fornication.

These people who encourage other men to engage in this activity are delusional if they think this kind of activity is a valid strategy for finding a life mate. It kills the soul a little more each time it is engaged in. Those categorized as gamma or omega because they can't get laid should take heart. There will come a moment in your life when you will look back upon your time as an "incel" and be happy you missed the bullet.

It's an utterly contemptible way to live.

As a side note has anyone noticed that if woman were labeled according her sexual conquests in like manner, the Alpha woman would be the slut and the Omega would be the most desired.