Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why I Dislike Politics

I dislike politics because it's always based on hate (hatred of the Other) - and hate is a combination of envy and impotence/helplessness.

I often call Hillary Clinton the Hildabeast but I don’t hate her. I think she would have been a very bad President based on her history since 1974 when she was fired by the top Democrat in Congress for lying, breaking the rules of the Democratic Party and breaking the law. And she hasn’t changed a bit since then. If anything she might have gotten worse.

But when it comes to Donald Trump there are people who hate him. They want all of his policies to fail, for him to resign or be impeached or be assassinated. They would cheer is any of these things happened.

When anyone wishes something like that on the President they hate him. And hate, as I just mentioned, is always based on envy and a feeling of helplessness/impotence.

Leftism, it is clearly obvious, is based on envy – and the modern Democratic party is leftist. Envy and impotence. That’s why they hate Trump.

And they are going to be attacking him without stopping for the next eight years.

People who are full of hate – envy and impotence – certainly aren’t going to admit it to themselves. They can’t admit it to themselves.

Since the first defense of people is to blame their problems on other people…that’s why the haters of Donald Trump are trying to blame everything on him. And they’re not going to stop.

When envious, hateful people gain political power they always want to bring the successful down, to make everyone “equal.”

I sometimes wonder what would have happened if Trump hadn’t been the richest man ever to be President and had been elected as a Democrat.

It’s why you’re never going to see Bill Gates or Elon Musk ever run for office. They’re too wealthy. I’m sure they know about the envy their success has created.

There have been entire cultures based on the avoidance of hate and envy. Those cultures have gone absolutely nowhere – no advancement at all. People are always trying to avoid the hate and envy of others.

“Make America great again” – even though it’s not articulated – means “Don’t be envious, don’t hate, don’t feel helpless and impotent.”

I’d settle for Trump cutting taxes and regulations and start getting us out of debt, stopping immigration – and closing down the American empire, whose rampages in the Middle East are creating hate – envy and helplessness – toward us. That creates revenge attacks toward us (which is an attempt to replace feelings of shame and humiliation with pride) – and that’s not a problem that be solved by war, no matter how many decades it goes on. The incompetent politician George Bush was too stupid to figure out that one.

That’s what feelings of envy and impotence create - hate. Politics just makes it worse.


Glen Filthie said...


Well I DO hate Hillary and Obutthole with a fuggin passion, as well as my own swine minister, Justin Turdo.

These people blame me for all their problems because I am white and male, and think I should give all the wealth I have worked for to niggers and women who only whine and bitch and play the race and gender cards. They're racists and sexists in addition to being liars, thieves and cheats (and almost certainly murderers as in the Clinton's case).

Why does Bush make you feel impotent and helpless, Bob? No, Trump will not end the American empire, nor will he back down from those that threaten it. He's a money man and as president he will defend those interests and hopefully - expand them. If he tries to end the empire he's gonna die. The 'lone crazy' will get him the same way he got JFK.

It is the height of naivety to think the moslems will let America walk away any more than the leftists will. (Lefties are gearing up for violence too). There is a fight coming Bob - and those people are going to come after guys like us in a way that will make that dustup you had with the old chickenhawk geezer look like a bitch fight. What are you gonna do when that 210 lb. nigger sucker punches you and flattens you out in the first round of The Knockout Game? Or the white streetfighter out to impress his girlfriend? Or the yodelling moslem rag head that thinks life is about fighting and dying for his 72 raisins in heaven?

Feels awfully 1939-ish out there to me, so I'm stocking up on ammo, booze and popcorn.

Shaun F said...

Sadly - I must agree with Glen's well articulated "passion" for Hillary and our PM. I do have a very strong amplified distaste for our current PM and his ilk. Perhaps it's because I am constantly exposed to these type, and defending myself and it just is tiresome.

But I agree with many of the points in your post. And your observations probably speaks for a certain type of leftist character - the secular humanist atheist. And God's grace will be like poison to these types.

Anonymous White Male said...

Bob, how can you NOT hate Hillary? You constantly speak of various levels of morality. You DO hate Bush with a passion. Its evident in your writing. Which in your opinion is worse: the Clinton crime syndicate or the Bush crime family? Everyone should hate all politicians. Not Statesmen or individual Congressmen or Senators. Politicians are in it for one thing. Money = Power. They want theirs and to hell with those they steal it from!

Unknown said...

I don't hate George Bush. I despise him. I know several combat veterans - I was seven when Vietnam started. Every combat veteran I thought immediately identified Bush as a coward. I did it later on. Chickenhawks, who are nothing but mouth, think he's a great President instead of the catastrophe he is.

Anonymous White Male said...

Great. You despise Bush. Its a good thing you don't hate him. You'd be a "hater". So, the question still stands" How can you NOT hate the bitch?

Anonymous said...

I really don't hate or envy Obama, the left, protesters having tantrums, but I am prepared to fight against them. They will not be dominating this country for many years to come. It's not a matter of hatred or envy, it's a matter of survival.

Anonymous White Male said...

Yeah, sure. That's just your equivalent of the criminal saying, right before he kills you, "Its not personal. Its just business." There's not too much more personal than killing someone. With only a few exceptions, you have to hate someone before you can snuff them.

Glen Filthie said...

Bush is a coward, Filthie's a coward for thinking he's not - hell's bells Bob. When we ask you to quantify that ya just keep calling us poltroons. I am not craven so the insults don't bother me a bit - and I know Dubya isn't. When he went overseas to visit the troops in Iraq on Thanksgiving he was mobbed by squaddies that were happy to see him.

Your age is showing too. The tired old trope of the tragic skullfucked, drug addicted derelict Viet Nam vet doesn't really fly today. The military men I know went over there, did their jobs and mourned their losses - but not one of them questioned their mission. Everything I have seen, even in the media - is that the military pretty much lined up behind their CIC.

Unknown said...

You're Canadian and know very little about the U.S.

Unknown said...

No kidding...we find out Glen is a Canadian. Shouldn't he stick to defending whichever leader it was that had Canadians go into the Iraq war.