Wednesday, June 29, 2016

It's Nearly Over for Our Decadent "Elites"

"Any elite which is not prepared to join in battle to defend its position is in full decadence, and all that is left to it is to give way to another elite having the virile qualities it lacks. It is pure day-dreaming to imagine that the humanitarian principles it may have proclaimed will be applied to it: its vanquishers will stun it with the implacable cry, Vae Victis. The knife of the guillotine was being sharpened in the shadows when, at the end of the eighteenth century, the ruling classes in France were engrossed in developing their 'sensibility.' This idle and frivolous society, living like a parasite off the country, discoursed at its elegant supper parties of delivering the world from superstition and of crushing l’Infame, all unsuspecting that it was itself going to be crushed." - Vilfredo Pareto

Excellence, Well-Being and Competition

"Liberty is more productive than statist bureaucracy." - Gary North

This is from the ancient Greeks, and I've written about it several times: well-being (eudemonia) is achieved through excellence (arête). And how do you achieve excellence in anything? Competition.

Everyone knows that when it comes to sports. Who wants to watch the tenth-best? And of course it was the Greeks who came up with the Olympics.

It also applies to the (misnamed) "capitalism." The reason it works so well is because of competition. I still remember American cars from the early '70s (there is a reason you don't see any of them on the street anymore, unlike, say, a '67 Mustang or a '56 Chevy). Then there was competition from the Japanese and American cars got a whole lot better (I got 344,000 miles out of a 2000 Chevy Cavalier until the head blew, and it was a four-cylinder. The orginal transmission was still working just fine).

Not at all surprisingly, Big Business doesn't want competition. It wants monopolies. They want to privatize the benefits and socialize the costs (if you knew the subsidies McDonalds and Walmart gets from your taxes your mouth would drop open). They don't want to deal with what Joseph Schumpeter called "creative destruction" - which just might put the 1% out of business.

For that matter when you have competition you get innovation. When the living is too easy and luxurious you have very little innovation. You need competition - even strife (my house, central A/C and furnance were created because of competition - strife - caused by the elements).

The reason America has so many states is that each of them was supposed to be an experiment. They were supposed to compete with each to get worthwhile people to move there (think of all the people fleeing the Commie paradise of California and moving to Texas or Missouri or Tennessee).

The purpose of government is to maximize the well-being of its citizens. Unfortunately the federal government has become a suffocating behemoth bereft of competition. Government is to benefit the citizens - and it's barely doing that today (it benefits the 1%). Because, ultimately, there is no competition. And the people pay and pay and pay for that with their lack of well-being.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Permanent Cure for Babbling Women

Woman: Babble babble babble babble.

Man: Can you please not do that?

Woman: Babble babble babble babble.

Man: You’re being very disrespectful and violating my boundaries.

Woman: Babble babble babble babble.

Man: You’re going to force my hand.

Woman: Babble babble babble babble.

Man: Okay, you asked for it.

Women: Babble babble babble babb --


Woman: Wah! You spanked me!

Man: Are you going to be quiet now?

Woman: *Sniff* Yes.

Man: Good. Now fix me a sammich, get me a beer, then draw a hot bath for me.

Woman: Okay.

Man: Ah….peace and quiet…blessed relief!

THE END (or is it THE BEGINNING?!?!)

Multiculturalism and Sex

In college I of course noticed things that never happened in high school. For one, Asian women (of which there were not that many in college) clearly preferred white guys. Most of the ones I saw were with blond guys.

Years later NOWAG was created - No One Wants Asian Guys. They're not masculine. Think of Elliot Rogers going all NOWAG - the first ones he murdered were some Asian guys. That's some self-hate.

I also met some good-looking black women who would only date white guys. The few white women I saw with black guys were horrors - bottom of the barrel, the cast offs no white man would be seen with in public with. And the black guys had looks of pride on their face, not realizing how ridiculous they looked.

By the way, we are not going to end up in the future being some mocha mess. Speaking of messes, that's what multiculturalism is - a mess. And some of it has to do with relationships and sex.

Asian men and black women are the least desirable partners. No one wants them. You'd think they'd end up together, but that's not going to happen in a million years. A 250-pound ratchet and a 5'4" dickless nerd? Sure.

I don't really understand why whites are considered the most desirable partners. I'd had more than one Asian woman tell me white men are the best-looking - taller, bigger, stronger than Asian men, many of whom are very nerdish, lacking much of a personality.

I've had more than one comment about the "bridge in the nose." What? But's it's true. (I once had a five-year-old Chinese girl tell me, "You have erephant nose." She didn't have a nose at all, just a little button).

Then, of course, there is the Asian micro-penis - and believe me, I'd heard complaints about that, too.

Funny that those who support multiculturalism never talk about these things. I wonder why?

I'd hate to be an Asian guy in the West - or even half-Asian. What are they supposed to do - go to work, go home, watch TV? All their lives? Their women prefer white guys - it must drive them crazy.

Some year ago I was standing in a small store. The female clerk was clearly a high-yellow half-breed (she made one than one comment about my "blue eyes"). Not surprisingly she had a little girl by a white man, who passed for white.

In front of me in line there was a black man, and he was as rude as hell to this woman. I knew why. He couldn't get her no matter what, but she would have slept with me on the first night (she vaguely suggested this to me).

That black man was as envious as Hell of her, and so was filled with hate.

Envy and hate. That ultimately is what multiculturalism is about. That means, ultimately, attempts at genocide. That's what happens when different tribe collide. Or perhaps I should say clash.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Emperor Trump

Mythologically a king can be good or bad, a prince can be good or bad, a princess is always good, and a queen is always evil - unless she's kept under control by the king. And, not surprisingly, the queen sometimes tries to kill the king so she can rule - cruelly and sadistically, of course.

Think of the political mess in "Game of Thrones."

I sometimes think of chess - the purpose is to kill the king. And what is the second most powerful piece? The queen.

Trump clearly has the attitude he should be King. And clearly Hillary has the attitude of an Evil Queen who should rule all her peons, and their purpose is to serve her, including, if necessary, with their lives.

The coming election is the most bizarre I have ever seen. A man who thinks he should be King, and an utterly corrupt drunken lesbian who thinks she should be Queen.

Look at the way people went crazy over Princess Diana - even Americans! I remember I was in college and all the girls in the house watched her wedding. I didn't bother to tell them there's no such thing as royalty - because it wouldn't have dented their adulation of her.

There is something in people that wants a King and Queen. I was a little kid, but I remember how John and Jackie Kennedy were portrayed as American royalty - Camelot.

Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn has argued the best political arraignment is a constitutional monarchy. I have been inclined for years to think he's right.

That means a King first - not a Queen.

Yay for Brexit!

"The Ottoman, Mughal, and Manchu empires were all alien, imposed, military despotisms: revenue pumps." - Eric Jones

The Talking Heads/Chattering Classes are against Brexit. But then, as always, they're ignorant as Hell, especially of history.

The EU was basically about England being ruled by Brussels. What the hell?

Years ago I read by a book by Eric Jones called The European Miracle. Why, asked Jones, did Europe end up exploding all over the world and creating nearly everything? Why did China, the Muslim world, and India, all of which showed promise, ended up pretty much collapsing and going backwards?

(By the way, you can find used copies of the book at Amazon for 50 cents if you look around a bit.)

Because, Jones realized, of the "1%." They ended up ruling their societies, were parasites, only interested in luxury and opulence, and took citizen's production to support themselves, leaving people poverty-stricken.

One European traveler to India several hundred years ago referred to the ordinary man over there living in "an Inferno."

These poverty-stricken societies were ruled from the top down.

That never happened in Europe. There were in fact hundreds of small governments who had to compete for highly-skilled workers (Germany used to be about 500 nations).

Let's put this way: World War I and World War II never happened until Europe was frozen into very large states.

It was different with the U.S. with our 50 states, all of whom even now have to compete for productive citizens. See what I mean? Competition.

The EU was about the "1%" crushing all of Europe. About sixty percent of England was subject to Brussels’ laws. No wonder England wanted out.

That "1%" over there was going to end up ruling all of Europe, taking away freedoms and wealth, and using every excuse in the world to justify it.

The only way the Talking Heads/Chattering Classes are right is in the way a stopped clock is right - every once a while, by accident.

Americans know what is going on. That's why three of the four most popular candidates were anti-Establishment in one way or another. And the Establishment is horrified by that, which accounts for their vicious attacks on Trump.

"Society is, always has been and always will be a structure for the exploitation and oppression of the majority through systems of political force dictated by an élite, enforced by thugs, uniformed or not, and upheld by a wilful ignorance and stupidity on the part of the very majority whom the system oppresses." - Richard K. Morgan

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Mythology of the Evil Hildebeast

"If the evil queen is in charge of a Hive Mind, she is by definition a Hive Queen. Also overlaps with Matriarchy (particularly the Straw Matriarchy) and sometimes Evil Matriarch." - TV Tropes

Mythology has always been a way to entertain and educate. It was the way centuries-old wisdom was passed from generation to generation. The stories lasted because all the dross had been burned away.

Mythologically, women have always had two aspects: the nuturing and the destroying (those two aspects are scattered throughout the Bible, which has been the most influential depository of wisdom in the West).

Let's put it this way: Genesis tells us women were created as a helpmate, but they also brought evil into the world (and men let them do it by listening to them when they were clearly in the wrong). Two aspects!

And that brings me to Hillary Clinton, aka "the Hildebeast." Why is she called the Hildebeast? There must be a reason.

The reason is that she shows the destroying aspect of women and none of the nurturing. She tries to hide it, of course, but then, evil always hides from the light and tries to portray itself as good.

She's shown herself to be an exceptionally greedy, war-mongering, pathological liar. Her husband has said she's had several abortions and the only reason she had Chelsea (whose father is Webb Hubbell) is in hope of portraying herself as motherly and nurturing to the American public. It didn't work (I keep thinking it was a woman who was responsible for John the Baptist's head ending up on a plate).

There is an argument is that all folk tales (misnamed "fairy tales") are ultimately about envy - think about the Evil Queen asking the mirror who is the fairest of them all? because of her murderous envy of Snow White.

Since Hillary is a Democrat (meaning leftist) she's consumed with envy, since leftism is based on envy.

An envious, hate-filled, greedy, lying lesbian, possibly alcoholic. Think what she will try to do to men because of her envy of them. Think about Erik von Keuhnelt-Leddihn's comment that leftism is about "murder of the Father." Oh my God!

As for Trump, I'll give you a mythological hint. Think "King."

What we have here is a turning point for America. A greedy, lying, power-hungry, envious, possibly alcoholic, definitely lesbian Evil Queen versus the Man Who Would be King.

The times we live in are interesting indeed. And that saying has always been an old Chinese curse (the second part of that curse is "May you be brought to the attention of important people").

"While kings and princes can be good or evil and princesses are always good, queens tend to be the royalty version of Always Chaotic Evil." - TV Tropes

"The Evil Queen is just that—pure evil. She reigns over her people without regard for their lives. Her subjects are objects in her eyes. She uses them for her own benefit or pleasure without guilt or remorse. She’ll send her soldiers to war without fearing for their safety, if need be. Her primary goal is power and more power, and she will do everything to get her way." - Carolynn Myss

Friday, June 24, 2016

Trump Will Win the Election Because...

...we are going to have the greatest male turnout in the history of the United States.

Because, women, as always, screw up everything they touch.

None of this clean-up would be necessary if women had never been allowed to vote.

Men who have not voted in 20 years are going to flood the polls.

Dark Triad Alpha Rabbit Cowards

I've pointed several times there is a lot of nonsense in the Manosphere - lots of it is completely fact-free.

Recently I've been reading all those illegal aliens are really "alphas" and women show up to be raped by them. I guess this counts as the clueless version of evolutionary psychology.

I actually knew some rapists, not to mention a woman I worked with briefly - like one day - was murdered by a serial killer. Tiny little thing, strangled, throat crushed, body dumped.

I've known more than one man who hated women. They were all cowards and wouldn't stand up to a man. They only attacked the weaker - women, children, homosexuals. The same that serial killers go after (you don't see them going after motorcycle gang members). One of them beat up a ex-girlfriend - until some friends and I showed up and he found us standing there when she opened the door and let him in. That problem was permanently solved.

Anonymous Conservative understands these things better. There are two reproductive strategies - r and K. R doesn't take care of their kids and considers them expendable. They're lazy, don't want to work and expect free resources. Think rabbits. Think, among humans, many blacks.

K are the wolves - few kids, take very good care of them, don't expect free resources. Whites and Asians, mostly.

So which ones are the rapists and cowards? Do I really have to state it?

These immigrants, with their rape and murder, are not K-selected "alphas." They're cowardly rabbits.

The serial killer I mentioned? He's in prison for life. He probably murdered half-a-dozen teenage women in the area I'm from - and strangled every one of them (he also strangled a pregnant woman). He's unattractive and was not popular with women (although somehow he got married). Rabbit, not wolf.

These illegal alien rabbits will not stand up to a man.

That picture below? Bunch of Hungarians going on patrol to intimidate Muslims and other Third World rabbit trash. Why aren't all those Muslim "alphas" coming out to fight? Because they're cowards, which means this conflict will never happen. They'll rape women and fight seven to one, though.

To take care of the problem, you pound the offenders flat. Problem solved! They'll run like the rabbits they are.

For that matter, as I mentioned before, psychopaths/sociopaths have no conscience, no remorse, and no guilt, no love. They're incapable of them, which is why the worst of them are the serial killers who torture and multilate woman, cut them up and have sex with their body parts, which is what, among others, Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer did. That's what no conscience and no remorse will do to you. And you cannot turn yourself into a psychopath, contrary to some loon like "Roosh" (who is a wimp and liar) claiming he was a "Dark Triad psychopath."

The same applies to "Roissy" and "Vox Day," who are clueless when they praise these conscienceless monsters.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Gun Deaths Are Mostly Suicides"

by Margot Sanger, and it's from the New York Times.

When Americans think about deaths from guns, we tend to focus on homicides. But the problem of gun suicide is inescapable: More than 60 percent of people in this country who die from guns die by suicide.

Suicide gets a lot less attention than murders for a few reasons. One big one is that news organizations generally don’t cover suicides the way they do murders. There’s evidence that news attention around suicide can lead to more suicides. Suicide is more stigmatized and less discussed than homicide.

But, as a matter of public health, gun suicides are a huge problem in the United States. Suicide is the second-most common cause of death for Americans between 15 and 34, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Across all ages, it is the 10th-most common cause of death, and caused 1.6 percent of all deaths in 2012.

Not all of those suicides are by gun, but a majority are. And while some people feeling suicidal impulses will choose another method if a gun is not at hand, public health researchers cite two reasons guns are particularly dangerous: 1) Guns are more lethal than most other methods people try, so someone who attempts suicide another way is more likely to survive; 2) Studies suggest that suicide attempts often occur shortly after people decide to kill themselves, so people with deadly means at hand when the impulse strikes are more likely to use them than those who have to wait or plan.

That means that strategies that make suicide more inconvenient or difficult can save lives. Guns, when they are in the home, can make self-harm both easy and deadly.

There are a few classic studies that look at these factors. One is historical: In England in the first half of the 20th century, many people died after intentionally inhaling lethal fumes in coal gas ovens. When oven technology changed to less dangerous natural gas, fewer people had an easy means of suicide in their home. Only some people found another suicide method, and the suicide rate fell substantially.

Another occurred in Israel, where members of the military had a high suicide rate. In 2006, the army stopped letting soldiers take their service weapons home on weekends. The suicide rate fell there, too, by 40 percent.

The high rate of gun suicides in the United States is not a new problem. Even in the 1980s and 1990s, when violent crime rates were much higher, gun suicides were still a more common cause of death than gun murders. But in recent years, as the gun homicide rate has flattened out, the gun suicide rate appears to be ticking back up slightly.

Many of the gun-control measures that politicians propose to reduce the number of homicides and mass shootings would have a limited effect on gun suicides. Efforts to ban so-called assault weapons or to reduce the number of bullets that could be loaded into a gun at once would probably not make suicide any less likely. But other measures meant to prevent gun homicides might have an effect on gun suicides, particularly those designed to identify and help people with mental health needs. Mental illness, which may contribute to mass shootings, is a clear risk factor for suicide.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The End Times Aren't Coming Anytime Soon

"But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father." - Mark 13

Many years ago, when I had another job, I listened to two babbling fools pontificate on the End Times. One told me the government had space stations in orbit that politicians planned to flee to when the bombs fell. You know, like the movie, Elysium. Huge spinning cyclinders which imitate gravity.

And then there was going to be nuclear war and Jesus was going to come back. I just rolled my eyes.

I guess politicians and military officials have given up hiding in mineshafts, like they were supposed to in Dr. Strangelove. With ten women (of a "sexually stimulating nature," as Strangelove suggested) for every man.

What's that quote by Jesus? Something to the effect neither he nor the angels know when the End Times are going to happen, only God? That right there puts a permanent kabosh on all that End Times nonsense.

Yet people have been predicting the End Times for, oh, 2000 years, and have been wrong every time.

Some years ago I read the autobiography of Jim Thompson, a gritty mystery writer and author of The Grifters. When he was little he'd hang out with his grandfather, who'd been in the War Between the States and smoked cigars and drank whiskey all the time.

One day there had been a revival meeting in town, and as Jim and his grandfather were walking around at night they saw on people in their nightclothes on their roof, waiting for God to zip them up to Heaven.

The grandfather yelled at them. "Do you think God can't see you in your house, you morons! Do you think he's going to miss you if you're inside?"

I read one of those "Left Behind" novels. Once. One is all you need. I've never read such gleeful hate and desire for visiting death and destruction on people.

I honestly don't know why people are like this. But I do know that back during the Roman Empire almost no one believed in the gods. What they believed in is astrology. And I'm sure there have been many people using whatever divination method that exists, trying to predict the future and when the world is going to end.

Good luck with that.

I suppose, like always, it's about insecurity about the future. What's going to happen to me?!?!? That's why so many people are looking for "signs in the Heavens." Earthquakes, war, tsunamis. As if that hasn't been the history of the world. I mean, an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs! I've seen that meteor crater in Arizona! That sumbitch is a mile across!

A few years ago I read an article by a grown man who said as a child he'd been propaganized with the belief in the Rapture. One day when he came home his house was empty (I've forgotten where they went). But he thought the Rapture had happened and he'd been Left Behind. "Oh, no, God hates me!!" He was horrifed and started crying until his parents showed up.

What an insane belief system in which to raise children. Or for adults to believe in, for that matter.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

"Inbred savage genes in, inbred savage behavior out." - Anonymous Conservative

Years before the Internet existed I read a novel by James Michener called Caravans. It was about Afghanistan, right after WWII, and it was an eye-opener.

Michener always did his homework. I've read several of his novels and have always been impressed.

The first thing I remember from the book is that the desert in Afghanistan has zero humidity, which means you can die very fast. Michener wrote that when you touched your nose it would bleed because the mucous membranes were completely dried out, and if your jeep broke down you died since the environment sucked all the moisture from you and your desiccated corpse ended up weighing less than a hundred pounds.

When I was a teenager I read Frank Herbert's Dune and thought it was impossible the Fremen could live in what was for all practical purposes an entire planet like the deserts of Afghanistan and the vast U.S.-sized interior of Saudi Arabia. But hey - that was science fiction, sort of like the dsytopic science fiction so prevalent is some areas of the U.S.

But I digress.

Pederasty is very common in Afghanistan. It's part of the national culture and has been since God knows when. I was reminded of this when I heard about the Afghan murderer Omar Mateen in Orlando. Turns out he was gay. Gee, what a surprise.

Even though he was raised in the U.S. it means nothing, not when you're born screwy.

Michener wrote about the "dancing boys" of Afghanistan, who were a bunch of pretty-boy faggots. In one scene a young man is so obsessed after seeing one dance he murders a man hoping to get his boytoy.

He ends up losing his life. Tied down to the ground and having his head sawed off with a rusty WWI bayonet by the father of the boy.

I sometimes wonder to what extent this pederastic sickness is genetic. If not why is pederasty so common in Afghanistan? Is that what inbreeding for thousands of years does to people?

There have been arguments for hundreds if not thousands of years about the extent to which our behavior is constitutional. Part of our inborn makeup.

Fags claim they're born that way, and I think they are. The lisp and mince are not something they learn. So how can pederasty not be part of the Afghan constitution when it's so common?

That Afghan homo mass murderer had no business being born in the U.S. - and his parents had no business being here. Would we let thousands of child molesters move to the U.S.?

I used to work with a guy from Afghanistan. A few of the men told me he gave them lustful looks even though he had a child by an American woman. I wasn't surprised by the lustful looks.

I've pointed out before Muslims have no business whatsoever in U.S. - or the West. The trouble they cause in Europe is well-known. The more Muslims here the more murder of Americans. Just wait until it happens again - and it will.

I am of Celtic/German ancestry. It's very common in the U.S. and I've never heard of a pederastic culture among the Celts and Germans.

I once ran across a YouTube video, shot by an American attack helicopter at night, showing three Afghans talking turns screwing a sheep. Boys and sheep. Jesus! What an impressive culture!

Not one of the candidates except Trump talks about cutting off Muslim immigration. It doesn't need to be temporary. It needs to be permanent.

If Mateen had been raised in Afghanistan he could have buggered 12-year-old boys to his heart's content, since the culture approves of it. That's bad, but it's on the other side of the world where it belongs, but not as bad as blowing away 49 hedonistic American poofters only looking to have a good time.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's the Fool, Not the Tool

How is the fact some sand kaffir murdered a bunch of beaner faggots my problem, except that it happened in my country?

The murder rate by whites in the United States is lower than it is in...Denmark. Now as for the murder rate (and crime rate in general) by those who are not white in the United States, that's a different story.

We need fool control, not tool control. That means Third Worlder control. That's what prisons are for, not to mention the death penalty, which is not a deterrent but those who are dead aren't going to ever kill again.

Firearms are just a tool, and all tools are amoral - they have no morals at because morality doesn't apply to tools. A pistol will lie there for a million years and never jump up and shoot anyone.

The now-obsolete phrase, "Saturday Night Special" referred to cheap handguns that blacks used to shoot each other on the weekends. It was popular God knows how many decades ago.

I used to know a black guy, completely innocent, who ended up getting one of his testicles shot off. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I knew another, a cab driver, who got shot in the back of the head at point-blank range by a 15-year-old black kid, who got 30 years for his trouble. The driver still has the .22 slug in his brain. The only problem he had with it is that sometimes his eyes would water copiously. I saw that myself.

I once had to pull a pistol on about six teenagers who were threatening me in the street. It was amazing how fast they ran. And that was in an area where in the '50s little boys would pull their little red wagons down the street on Sunday morning and sell newspapers to those sitting on their front porches. But that was at a time where there were no Third Worlders in the area.

I've never known anyone who was anti-firearm who had any experience in life.

By the way, "assault" as in "assault rifle"...."assault" in a verb, not a noun.

Friday, June 17, 2016

"The Glory of God is The Perfection of The Creation of The Creature"

Saint Irenaeus said that more than than 1800 years ago. It reminds me of something Jesus said: "Be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect." However the word perfect used here actually means "whole and complete."

It reminds me, again, of what the Greeks wrote about - the arete (excellence) leads to eudamonia (well-being). What they wrote about is not merely their opinion - it is human nature that applies to everyone.

"Wholeness" comes from the same word as "holy" and "hale" (that is, healthy). Excellence - being the best you can be - is when you are whole and hale (think about the fact disease means dis-ease - lack of ease).

Excellence, if it means anything, means to be the best version of yourself.

Or, as Matthew Kelly put it: "I discovered that when we pursue what is good, true and beautiful, and noble, we are holy, yes, but this is also when we most fully alive and most truly ourselves."

Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Superior "Alpha" Genes

Occasionally I'll read some amazing nonsense in the Manosphere - "Alpha" genes, "Alpha" sperm, intelligence is a "Beta" trait, "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux," "female solipism," etc.

Having said that, I'll have to proudly admit I have "Alpha" genes. Well, at least some women have thought that.

Let me back up bit. My hair is now grey, but it was before that blond. Blond hair and blue eyes, six foot, 160 pounds. Starting when I was 15 I noticed that brunettes (which means dark eyes and dark hair) where the ones overwhelmingly interested in me. I knew the reason why. The blond hair and blue eyes. It was obvious - it was all they every got involved with. One went through the whole school subset of good-looking towheaded boys. All three of us.

When I got into college I noticed what women were staring at me and hitting on me - black, Asian, Mexican. I rolled my eyes. I knew what was going on. "Blond hair! Blue eyes! Six foot!"

They wanted to have lighter kids, which everyone does. The entire world wants to lighten their kids (I had a black woman tell me, "Why would I have kids by a black man when I can have kids by you?"). If I was an "Alpha" it was a delusion completely in their minds.

I have a friend who is practically a dwarf - 5' 6." There have been times I've been with him and women have talked to me and ignored him completely. He also has blond hair and blue eyes, and he had the same problem I had, only he tended to have Jewish and Indian (feather, not dot) women hitting on him. He even told me, "It's the blond hair and blue eyes."

In college I had a friend who looked exactly look Thor (and he told he had had a twin!). He was about 6'3" - and I can remember walking through malls with him and when women looked, looked at him and ignored me completely, just the way they ignored my shorter friend and looked at me.

By the way, none of us were "exciting, high-value men." That's another Manosphere delusion. My shorter friend and I are mostly intellectual, and Thor, well, he wasn't much of anything. These women hit on us because of our looks and nothing else.

I've had about half-a-dozen women with blond hair and blue eyes hit on me. All of them looked like sisters, and all of them looked like me. That's "Associative Mating," which is what really exists, not "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux."

One of the women (who, it turned, had brown eyes and dyed her brown hair blond) told me, "You look like my father." And that has been noticed for a long, long time - men tend to marry Mom (if they got along with Mom) and women tend to marry Dad (if they got along with Dad).

In fact, my dwarf friend ended up permanently with a woman who, he told me, "Reminds me of my mom." I didn't say anything. She's a lot smarter than his mom, who I met several times. Actually his girlfriend is about as smart as he is, which is more Associative Mating.

Of course, the Lost Boys of the Mansophere are going to do everything they can to shove all of this into their deluded framework. And that is why I refer to them as the Lost Boys - trying to shove the whole world into tiny little boxes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

If Nothing Else Trump Has...

...put and end to the mass-murdering Bush crime family with the public's complete repudiation of "White Hispanic" Jeb!

If Trump wins the election (and I'm convinced he will) that's the end of the Hildebeast's presidential aspirations. Chelsea Hubbell (her father is Webb Hubbell, not Bill Clinton) will never be a viable candidate since she's completely ridiculous.

I wonder who the next political crime family will be? I don't see any on the horizon.

Perhaps with the Internet now as a global brain there might not be any more political crime families. At least it's nice to think that.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Libertarian Loons

I've already across articles claiming if those faggots had pistols the massacre would have never happened. Yet at the same time they ignore the fact some 87-IQ sand kaffir should have never been born in the U.S.

Then you get those saying the solution is more gun control and "mental health counseling."

Jesus, the blue-collar people I know, who've never read a book in their lives, make more sense than that.

I guess that sometimes the higher the IQ the less common sense you have.

"Intellectuals"? HAHAHA!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

My Most-Interesting Front Yard

No, I'm not going to be writing about what happens when sand kaffirs and faggots collide (except to say the more Muslims in the U.S., the more slaughter). Everyone else is giving their opinion on that.

My parents passed away two years ago and I inherited the house. So I had to move back from a thousand miles away to fix up the house and sell it. I wasn't happy about that.

I had to replace the central A/C unit, the refrigerator, the hot water heater, the furnace, vent the dryer to the outside, and install a vent in the bathroom, which meant a vent though the attic and out the roof. I also had new insulation blown into the attic which, of all things, consists of treated recycled ground-up newspapers (hey, there is a use for the Mainstream Media!).

Then there were the new shutters since the old ones were taken away by a tornado which barely missed my house but blew up three houses behind me. One guy found his unharmed daughter still in her bed in the front yard.

It has not been fun.

As long as I can remember I wake up at 5:30 am, so when I am not working I often sit in the rocking chair on the front porch (I live in a "suburb," but there is a plowed field across the street and a huge lake across the railroad tracks) and just watch things while drinking coffee and smoking a cigar.

The "things" that happen are better than TV.

Before the houses behind me were built when I was 14 there was a field there, too, one that went on for miles. (I used to consider my house on the edge of the suburbs and the beginning of the countryside.)

It reminds of what Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about sitting in her chair in her house and watching what happens through her window. Incidentally, her house (which her husband built) is in Mansfield, Missouri - and I have been in that house.

I understand why she did what she did.

I once saw two deer run across the field and stand in my neighbor's front yard. A buck and a doe (one of my neighbors once found a new-born fawn in his bushes). I also once saw some sort of bird of prey swoop down and carry off one of the stupid rabbits that come out in the morning. I snickered (birds have to eat, too, and female rabbits sometimes eat their babies). Rabbits are just prey, anyway, which is why they have their eyes on the sides of their heads (we're predators, which is why our eyes are on the fronts of our heads).

The ducks aren't too smart, either. Once two came walking down the sidewalk, then one crossed the street (the other stood and watched, then followed the first). Then they stood there for a minute, then flew away.

A car had to stop to let them waddle across the street.

Some of the birds don't like cats, either, especially blue jays, who dive-bomb cats.

I have forgotten how many animals I have buried in the field across the street. A squirrel squished by a car and a dachshund who didn't understand cars. Others, too, but I don't remember all of them. There are at least two dogs in my backyard, who also didn't understand cars, and a few cats, one of whom didn't know you weren't supposed to drink antifreeze. Oh, and a cat flattened by a car (right across his head).

I guess all the rabbits and squirrels don't see me sitting on the front porch. All they do is forage for food, sleep and reproduce.

At least their relationships are simpler than ours, such as the cat who gave birth to kittens behind the bushes in the front yard. After a week she moved them and I never saw them again.

People's relationships are much more complex, such as the guy lying flat on top of a car and screaming, "Help! Help!" The driver finally pulled over, he got off, she took off and he walked right in front of me. He looked at me and said, "Girlfriend!" I nodded and thought, at least he's not married to her.

She reminded me of the snake that lived in a hole near the front porch. I saw him catch a toad, which he swallowed rear first. I had no idea toads could scream, but they can.

Some years ago I read by book by John McPhee called The Pine Barrens. One of the characters in the book said he'd go out wandering the barrens looking for what he called "happenings." God knows what he encountered. There's some weird stuff in the deep forest (in which I have been), which is why so many "fairy tales" feature them.

Coyotes? For years I didn't know there were coyotes in my area (they are generally nocturnal animals) but I've seen them in the field across the street. Groundhogs, too, one of which didn't have a tail.

You can certainly observe a lot by just watching.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Internet is an Ever-Growing Global Brain Overwhelming the Tiny Shrinking Brains of the Talking Heads

Machines are amplifiers - Cooper's Law

I sometimes wonder if Trump has gone as far as he has, politically, because of the Internet. If true, without the Internet we would have had another corrupt, lying politician as President.

I consider the Internet to be an ever-growing global brain. I also consider the Talking Heads/Chattering Classes to now be irrelevant, made insignificant by the rise of the Internet. And it's driving them crazy.

I have a degree in Journalism and for years was a reporter, then newspaper editor. Out of the five bosses I had, all were incompetent except one. The three newspapers I worked for are all out of business. Newspapers for the past several years have been dropping like flies. I predicted it. With that many incompetent people businesses cannot survive.

Every time I watch political news it's always about the End of Trump, how he's shot himself in the foot and then stuck it in his mouth. But they've been wrong about him from the beginning.

My experience with journalists, starting in college, is that most of them aren't very smart or knowledgeable. They always think they're right and those who disagree them aren't merely mistaken, but positively evil.

The Internet is the most direct of democracies. Everyone has an equal say. The "elite" doesn't like that at all. People are supposed to listen to their opinions and vote as they direct. All they can do now is point-and-sputter furiously. People are ignoring them and bypassing them and forming their own opinions.

The media is trying to portray Trump as an unstable clown with his finger on the nuclear trigger. This isn't the first time they've tried this. Reagan was supposedly a senile old fool with his finger on the same button and he was supposed to lose to the inept Carter in landslide. And before that, Barry Goldwater (there was a famous commercial at that time of a little girl playing with daisies and then boom! a mushroom cloud - that cloud courtesy of Goldwater).

The media is such a joke that if Trump was running as a democrat they'd claim he was America's savior. They thought Johnson was wonderful even though he really did turn out to be a warmonger and they hated Nixon so much (because he was a Republican) they did everything they could to destroy him (and finally did).

I live in the Real America. Flyover Land. The Midwest. I pay no attention to the Fake America - the East Coast mass media. They really think people listen to them and if they keep repeating Trump is hated by women and "Hispanics" (whatever they are) then people will desert him by the tens of millions. Which isn't going to happen.

I stopped watching the news decades ago. The only reason I watch today is to watch the hysterical and ineffective attacks on Trump. For me it's a form of entertainment, to watch them sputter and froth.

I can't remember the last time I read a paper version of a newspaper. I rarely read them on the Internet. Mostly I read the headlines and if it catches my attention I'll read the story.

The more the paper versions of newspapers go under the better it is for the country. And they did it to themselves, not that they know it. And it wouldn't have happened if they had bothered to tell the truth instead of nonsense.

I can't predict the future, but is sure looks are if they Internet is going to keep growing the printed lies are going to keep going under.

That's fine with me.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Gonzalo Curiel Should Have Never Been a Judge

Trump is correct in his criticism of Gonzalo Curiel. Curiel belongs to La Raza, which is an anti-American hate group. Curiel is of Mexican heritage, although he looks like a white man to me, so I'd like to see a genetic test. He might be pure Spanish. And if he is, why is he supporting a group of 87-IQ mongrels who'd cut his throat if they had the chance?

Perhaps a bunch of Americans should be judges in Mexico. They'd make it a better place as long as they weren't appointees by a half-breed homosexual like Barry Soetero, the way Curiel was.

Most of the judges in the early history of the U.S. were of Scottish ancestry. It was a better place than with the polyglot nonsense we have today.

After all, why can you say "all-white jury' but not "Mexican judge"?

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Good, the True and the Beautiful

“Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play.” - Heraclitus

A few weeks ago I saw a program on PBS about the Hubble telescope, which at 25 years old has reached the end of its life and is soon going to be dumped somewhere in an ocean.

Some of the pictures taken by the Hubble were featured in the program and I remembered when I saw them years ago I thought they were beautiful in a frightening, awe-inspiring way.

It reminded me of the concepts of the Good, the True and the Beautiful, which used to be common in the West but you never hear about anymore.

The pictures were a scientific search for the True, and just also happened to be Beautiful in that scary, awe-inspiring way. Were they also Good? Not really, but two out of three ain't bad.

Modern-day science is a search mostly for the True, and since it is the dominant paradigm today what we have mostly is a search for the True. Sometimes in its elegance it happens to be Beautiful.

The best of music just happens to be Good, Beautiful and True. The best of art, too, for that matter. Why this is so I do not know but philosophers and theologians have been discussing these concepts for thousands of years (I believe Aristotle was the first one to write about these things, and as for theologians it was Thomas Aquinas).

I've heard the Good, the True and the Beautiful referred to as "Transcendental Goods."

Politics has always lacked those Transcendental Goods. In fact, politics is downright ugly, and that ugliness has been noticed as far back as Aristotle.

The men who founded this country tried to avoid the ugliness of politics and for quite a while succeeded. But after some 250 years...look at what we have now. Brawling and blood at political meetings.

So many things have become ugly and false today. The relationships between men and women? Ugh. The economy? Double ugh. Love, marriage and children? Vanishing, and for most people those things are the greatest good they seek.

I've pointed out several times the Greek concepts of arete (excellence) leading to eudaimonia (flourishing, well-being). In other words, the search for the Good, the True and the Beautiful. "The pursuit of happiness," words so well-known in the U.S., is the search for those three things.

Or, as Aristotle put it, "Every art and inquiry, and similarly every action and pursuit, is thought to aim at some good, and for this reason the good has rightly been declared to be that at which all things aim."

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Make America Great Again!

Trump is clearly no "intellectual" (he actually belongs to the Merchant class) but he's got good instincts. He's certainly not stupid and has great persuasion skills. And he talks about issues, not ideology (an interest in ideology is for people like me).

When he talks about "making America great again" he's echoing, whether he knows it or not, what the Greeks (and I have written about this several times) referred to as arete (excellence) leading to eudamonia (flourishing, well-being).

He wants excellence and well-being, flourishing, in America again. And he understands one of the ways to do that is to get rid of certain people - Mexicans and Muslims, for two, neither of whom has contributed anything to this country except crime.

Most everything in the world has come out of Europe, and after that, the U.S. Actually, it's simply astonishing what came out of Europe. Africa? Nothing. Islam had a brief "Golden Age" but most of it came from Christians, Jews, Persians and the least devout of Arab Muslims.

India? Some math. China? China pulled some gems out of the world and did nothing with them. Paper and fireworks? When was that? Two thousand years ago? Why do we need anybody from those cultures? Answer: we don't. If anything they need us.

That buffoon Barry Sotero, who has made sure we will never have a black (or in his case, half-breed) President ever again, is apparently trying to destroy this country - not that he knows it. There is a good chance the Hildebeast will follow Barry's policies.

The U.S. is breaking up internally among racial and ethnic lines. That was clearly evident in the attacks in San Jose on Trump supporters by 89-IQ nitwits flying the Mexican flag.

Such people are too stupid to realize the more the act like this the more people are going to vote for Trump.

These things are why I think Trump to going to take 40 to 50 states. He's already put an end to political aspirations of the Bush crime family (Punchable Wimp Face and "White Hispanic" Jeb! was completely repudicated by the American people) and if Trump wins, also an end to the aspirations of the Clinton crime family.

I recently heard a 51-year-old black man on talk radio claim that Trump appealed to the "worst instincts" of some white people. I smiled.

Trump appeals to the best in people - getting rid of Political Correctness, of "multiculturalism," of the people who hate this country and want to destroy it out of envy and hate.

The American people are using Trump as a tool to enforce their will. And the idiots are blaming the problem on Trump and now are trying to say bad things about the people who support him, like the guy on talk radio.

It's all just words, which is all the Talking Heads/Chattering Classes can do. No one takes them seriously, and that is driving them crazy.

I'm smiling about the whole thing. I'm having a lot of fun watching this circus.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Rabid Leftist Rabbits Attacking Trump Supporters

I was 12 years old in '68 and even then was surprised at the riots and bombings and murdering of police officers. Years later I realized the attackers were leftists, so since then I have found this is what leftists do. So I have not been surprised at all about the attacks on Trump supporters and flying Mexican flags and all the rest of the lunacy. And none of these nuts realize they're driving more people to vote for Trump, which is why I think he's going to take 40 to 50 states.

I have for a long time seen leftists as rabbits with rabies. Just as bad they won't fight one on one but always in a group. Rabbits don't do that but female rabbits will sometimes eat their infants - which is what leftists do, figuratively if not literally (that's actually what "r-selected reproductive strategy" means, which is a main characteristic of leftists).

Do they not realize what they are doing? Or are they so impulsive and short-shorted they can't figure it out? It certainly appears so.

Incidentally the people flying Mexican flags don't want to move to Mexico, just live in a country founded and sustained by white men. Yet in their crazed envy they want to overthrow these white men. And end up with what? A society embodying the worst of Mexico?

I know several Mexican women and have found a lot of them are more womanly and feminine than American women. So I don't so much think this is a Mexican thing as much as a leftist thing.

And leftism is always based on envy and hate, which means the desire to bring down and destroy the envied.

If I had my way there wouldn't be any leftists in the U.S. I'd deport them. I'd deport all of them to some island and tell them, now set up your own society based on your beliefs - and don't ask us for any help.

All of us know what would happen. Think Cuba.

Leftists think they can impose their will through violence. They can't. And their attempt to do so is why Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn in his magnum opus, Leftism Revisited, said that ultimately the right has to "knock the heads" of left. By that he meant, at the most, "terminate with extreme prejudice." And as I said before, if this happens, I am not looking forward to it.

The more Third Worlders that are let into this country, the more violence. Soon there will be a reaction to this, just as now is happening in Europe.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ali Had Puglistica Dementia, Not "Parkinson's"

So Ali died. He was dead, anyway. He could do nothing for himself. His wife and others had to do everything for him.

I kept hearing Ali had Parkinson's. He didn't. He had brain damage from boxing - what used to be called "Puglistica Dementia" - "punch drunk."

Why does the media lie about these things? At the end Joe Frazier could barely talk. Jerry Quarry made it until his early 50s and was about ten years old mentally. The normal fluid-filled spaces in his brain were the size of oranges.

There are former boxers - whose names I cannot remember - who are in nursing homes in their fifties.

Boxers cannot give up the fame and attention, even if it kills them.

Friday, June 3, 2016

I Distrust People Who Don't Like Dogs But I Trust a Dog Who Doesn't Like Some People

One of the first things I noticed about the first Terminator movie was that dogs, specifically German Shepherds, immediately identified Terminators. Of course it was based on fact - that dogs are immediate good judges of people. I am reminded of something Bill Murray said, to the effect he distrusted people who didn't like dogs but trusted a dog who didn't like certain people.

The only dogs I keep are pugs, who are the clowns of the dog world and are pretty much stupid and friendly. But the last pug I had...

Once day I was sitting in my van with my dog in passenger seat, when some guy I had never seen before walked up to my open window and asked for a cigarette. Before I could say a word, my pug hurled himself snarling over my lap and tried to get out the window and attack this guy. I had to grab him before he launched himself out the window. He had never done anything like this before.

I thought, "My dog doesn't like this guy so neither do I." I told him, my dog doesn't like you and neither do I. And no, I will never give you a cigarette so never ask me for anything ever again.

He stumbled off without a word. Not surprisingly I later found he was a nut who harassed everyone for cigarettes and knocked on women's doors at 2 in the morning and asked if he could get in their bed with them or maybe they wanted to come to his apartment and take a shower with him.

One of the women in the apartment complex had a very friendly pit bull who wagged her tail every time she saw me. I asked her if she knew the nut and she said she did - everyone knew him. She told me her dog hated him.

Later, he was finally kicked out of the complex after serving 20 days in county. Why, I never found out.

How can dogs be such immediate accurate judges of character? Smell? Do crazy people who harass people smell different?

Dogs have a sense of smell 100,000 times better than ours of maybe a million times in the case of bloodhounds. I can't imagine a dog just looking at them and making a judgement.

I wonder if anyone has studied this phenomena? I know that dogs can smell if someone is about to have an epileptic fit or if they have cancer. So it wouldn't surprise me if they could smell if someone is unpleasant and crazy.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Politics is About Exploitation

Politics is not about the general good. Even Aristotle thought that, when he wrote about it in his Politics, over 2000 years ago. Machiavelli had a better understanding: politics is about exploiting the public.

The only true divide is between the Elites and the Masses, i.e., between the Non-Producers and the Producers, between the Political Class and the Economic Class, between those who steal and those who create.

Those who steal do it by gaining control of the government and using made-up laws to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else. This is how, in the U.S., one percent of the people have appropriated 40% of the wealth.

This appropriation was not done through the free market. The free market expands the middle class, and the middle class is shrinking. So it is clear the United States doesn’t have much of a free market anymore. It does, however, have enough for the vampiric Political Class to live off of the Economic Class, the producers and the creators.

People ignore the fact (if they ever think about it), that the two most famous deaths in the West – Socrates and Jesus – were men both killed by the State. Both in fact were murdered by the Elites.

You’d think people might keep those murders in mind, since both illustrate what politics is about – force and fraud, murder and lying. Yet instead of seeing it as a murderer and a liar, many people see it as a Good Daddy and a Good Mommy, who’ll take care of them and what give what we need! (For ‘free,’ of course).

If there is one story in history that repeats itself, it is the attempt of the “State” (all the Elites) to expand their power and exploit everyone else.

Politics is driven by graft and special interests, and “patriotism” and “idealism” are shams perpetuated by self-promoters. That’s why I am amused when I see people at a political convention cheering when their respective fraud (whether Republican or Democrat) wins an election. Suckers!

In one sentence, politics is about Wolves trying to sheer the Sheep, and telling the Sheep it’s for their own good.

I don't know who wrote this but it's been on my hard drive for a few years.

George Washington Plunkitt, born in the 1840's, was a hustler in New York City's notoriously corrupt Tammany Hall political machine. While Plunkitt was nowhere near as innovative or admirable as Edison, these men both typified the boundless ambition and optimism that white Americans would do well to revive.

His memoir, entitled Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, is a brutally honest and unapologetic tour through the sausage factory of American politics. In it, he describes how the democratic process is invariably driven by graft and special interests. He explains how to build and maintain a constituency. He lampoons patriotism and idealism in American politics as shams perpetuated by self-promoters. He calls out the "reformers" and "the civil service" for being more dishonest and corrupt than the machine politicians they were sent to replace.

His folksy meanderings can be at times amusing and obnoxious distractions, but the style is what one might expect to find from a bright and gregarious man who's devoted himself to politics and eschewed academics. Even the parts that seem completely parochial or personal can be gleaned for thoughtful insight from a life of experience. He drives home his most important points, like the importance of loyalty, multiple times and from multiple angles.

The politicians who make a lastin’ success in politics are the men who are always loyal to their friends, even up to the gate of State prison, if necessary; men who keep their promises and never lie. Richard Croker used to say that tellin’ the truth and stickin’ to his friends was the political leader’s stock in trade. Nobody ever said anything truer, and nobody lived up to it better than Croker. That is why he remained leader of Tammany Hall as long as he wanted to. Every man in the organization trusted him. Sometimes he made mistakes that hurt in campaigns, but they were always on the side of servin’ his friends.

This book is antiquated and many of his prescriptions are outright immoral and/or illegal, but few other books have so thoroughly influenced my understanding of how the world actually works. My foray into political activism and "community organization" has confirmed over and over again how little has changed in the century since this book was written.

On one memorable occasion, a local GOP operative I met with lurched over the table at Steak 'n Shake and confided that he's really only in it to scrape lists and make contacts for his mortgage gig. There was the passionate tea party organizer who bellowed about taxes and principles through her megaphone...her husband was plotting a run for office. At the national level, the whole Obamacare distraction is little more than a transfer of "honest" graft from the private corporations that benefited under the Republican administration to the bureaucracies and organizations that benefit under this Democratic administration.

Too many idealists attempt to cram their ideals onto reality, then become frustrated when reality fails to comply. To make any real progress, we need to use reality as the starting point and engage in practical politics to pull reality toward our ideals. It's not about compromising or selling out, but about building a base of constituents who look to you as their most credible and competent advocate.

We white Advocates are in a curious position, as our ideology ultimately boils down to being advocates for our constituents. In theory, our job should be easy: White Americans want what's best for themselves and that's what we're all about. Unfortunately, this simple formula has broken down at both ends: with white Americans being bamboozled into wanting what's not best for themselves and White advocates failing to be be credible and competent advocates.

The first half of this equation, persuading whites to think for themselves, might even take care of itself as demographic, social, and economic realities impose themselves on the somnambulant masses. But even if there were some sort of mass awakening, the mob would have no credible and competent political machine to turn to. This is where practical street-level politics, community organizing, comes in. This is where we get to the point: fighting for our people.

William L. Riordan, the scholar who compiled Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, explained how Plunkitt put this theory into practice.

Everybody in the district knows him. Everybody knows where to find him, and nearly everybody goes to him for assistance of one sort or another, especially the poor of the tenements. He is always obliging. He will go to the police courts to put in a good word for the “drunks and disorderlies” or pay their fines, if a good word is not effective. He will attend christenings, weddings, and funerals. He will feed the hungry and help bury the dead. A philanthropist? Not at all He is playing politics all the time.

Brought up in Tammany Hall, he has learned how to reach the hearts of the great mass of voters. He does not bother about reaching their heads. It is his belief that arguments and campaign literature have never gained votes.

He seeks direct contact with the people, does them good turns when he can, and relies on their not forgetting him on election day. His heart is always in his work, too, for his subsistence depends on its results.

Plunkitt's most memorable phrase, "I seen my opportunities, and I took 'em!", epitomizes practical politics. Plunkitt, like most contemporary politicians, was a morally bankrupt ideological vacuum. But one needn't abide our movement's false dichotomy between the crooked winners and "beautiful losers". We can adapt practical political tactics from him, Saul Alinsky, or whoever else offers a good idea.

Like Thomas Edison, we must never give up, even when it seems hopeless. In Edison's own words, "Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That's not the place to become discouraged."