Monday, June 6, 2016

Rabid Leftist Rabbits Attacking Trump Supporters

I was 12 years old in '68 and even then was surprised at the riots and bombings and murdering of police officers. Years later I realized the attackers were leftists, so since then I have found this is what leftists do. So I have not been surprised at all about the attacks on Trump supporters and flying Mexican flags and all the rest of the lunacy. And none of these nuts realize they're driving more people to vote for Trump, which is why I think he's going to take 40 to 50 states.

I have for a long time seen leftists as rabbits with rabies. Just as bad they won't fight one on one but always in a group. Rabbits don't do that but female rabbits will sometimes eat their infants - which is what leftists do, figuratively if not literally (that's actually what "r-selected reproductive strategy" means, which is a main characteristic of leftists).

Do they not realize what they are doing? Or are they so impulsive and short-shorted they can't figure it out? It certainly appears so.

Incidentally the people flying Mexican flags don't want to move to Mexico, just live in a country founded and sustained by white men. Yet in their crazed envy they want to overthrow these white men. And end up with what? A society embodying the worst of Mexico?

I know several Mexican women and have found a lot of them are more womanly and feminine than American women. So I don't so much think this is a Mexican thing as much as a leftist thing.

And leftism is always based on envy and hate, which means the desire to bring down and destroy the envied.

If I had my way there wouldn't be any leftists in the U.S. I'd deport them. I'd deport all of them to some island and tell them, now set up your own society based on your beliefs - and don't ask us for any help.

All of us know what would happen. Think Cuba.

Leftists think they can impose their will through violence. They can't. And their attempt to do so is why Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn in his magnum opus, Leftism Revisited, said that ultimately the right has to "knock the heads" of left. By that he meant, at the most, "terminate with extreme prejudice." And as I said before, if this happens, I am not looking forward to it.

The more Third Worlders that are let into this country, the more violence. Soon there will be a reaction to this, just as now is happening in Europe.


cecilhenry said...

Looked at one country at a time, immigration and assimilation is a policy. Looked at globally, it is White genocide.

Speech, diplomacy and war are different ways of handling disagreement. So what happens when anti-whites shut down speech?

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

You can see the influence in baseball, and it's been that way for almost thirty years now. There used to never be fights; all the written and unwritten rules were policed by the players and umps rarely intervened. Of course the game was played almost entirely by Americans, even the blacks when they finally got their chance. Now? Brawls just about every week, and almost all of them started by either something that someone brown did or took offense to. So many players come from Latin America now that people are asking if there are too many.