Monday, June 20, 2016

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan

"Inbred savage genes in, inbred savage behavior out." - Anonymous Conservative

Years before the Internet existed I read a novel by James Michener called Caravans. It was about Afghanistan, right after WWII, and it was an eye-opener.

Michener always did his homework. I've read several of his novels and have always been impressed.

The first thing I remember from the book is that the desert in Afghanistan has zero humidity, which means you can die very fast. Michener wrote that when you touched your nose it would bleed because the mucous membranes were completely dried out, and if your jeep broke down you died since the environment sucked all the moisture from you and your desiccated corpse ended up weighing less than a hundred pounds.

When I was a teenager I read Frank Herbert's Dune and thought it was impossible the Fremen could live in what was for all practical purposes an entire planet like the deserts of Afghanistan and the vast U.S.-sized interior of Saudi Arabia. But hey - that was science fiction, sort of like the dsytopic science fiction so prevalent is some areas of the U.S.

But I digress.

Pederasty is very common in Afghanistan. It's part of the national culture and has been since God knows when. I was reminded of this when I heard about the Afghan murderer Omar Mateen in Orlando. Turns out he was gay. Gee, what a surprise.

Even though he was raised in the U.S. it means nothing, not when you're born screwy.

Michener wrote about the "dancing boys" of Afghanistan, who were a bunch of pretty-boy faggots. In one scene a young man is so obsessed after seeing one dance he murders a man hoping to get his boytoy.

He ends up losing his life. Tied down to the ground and having his head sawed off with a rusty WWI bayonet by the father of the boy.

I sometimes wonder to what extent this pederastic sickness is genetic. If not why is pederasty so common in Afghanistan? Is that what inbreeding for thousands of years does to people?

There have been arguments for hundreds if not thousands of years about the extent to which our behavior is constitutional. Part of our inborn makeup.

Fags claim they're born that way, and I think they are. The lisp and mince are not something they learn. So how can pederasty not be part of the Afghan constitution when it's so common?

That Afghan homo mass murderer had no business being born in the U.S. - and his parents had no business being here. Would we let thousands of child molesters move to the U.S.?

I used to work with a guy from Afghanistan. A few of the men told me he gave them lustful looks even though he had a child by an American woman. I wasn't surprised by the lustful looks.

I've pointed out before Muslims have no business whatsoever in U.S. - or the West. The trouble they cause in Europe is well-known. The more Muslims here the more murder of Americans. Just wait until it happens again - and it will.

I am of Celtic/German ancestry. It's very common in the U.S. and I've never heard of a pederastic culture among the Celts and Germans.

I once ran across a YouTube video, shot by an American attack helicopter at night, showing three Afghans talking turns screwing a sheep. Boys and sheep. Jesus! What an impressive culture!

Not one of the candidates except Trump talks about cutting off Muslim immigration. It doesn't need to be temporary. It needs to be permanent.

If Mateen had been raised in Afghanistan he could have buggered 12-year-old boys to his heart's content, since the culture approves of it. That's bad, but it's on the other side of the world where it belongs, but not as bad as blowing away 49 hedonistic American poofters only looking to have a good time.


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine who served in Afghanistan, and who looks a lot younger than his years, said an Afghan police chief he was working with offered him what a tidy sum (or at least what passes for one in Afghanistan) to be his boy-toy for the duration of his stay. He refused, of course, but was probably lucky that he was wearing a US military uniform and carrying a rifle- an Afghan lad who refused probably would have been kidnapped anyway.

Glen Filthie said...

Perversion is endemic to all the races and cultures Bob. To wit - the gay bath houses of San Francisco. People accuse me of homophobia when I say this but I don't care - the homegrown queers and liberals here are already pushing for mainstreamed pedophilia too.

Anonymous said...

That's not all that's common to those people. This happened to a 5 y/o girl in Idaho recently.

Anonymous said...

On an unrelated matter, there are reports of an attempt on Donald Trump's life.

The Night Wind said...

If homosexuality is inborn, why isn't Lesbianism just as common as male homosexuality in these countries? And here in the West: why are 99% of transgenders male-to-female conversions?

Something tells me it has a lot more to do with the culture than genetics.

Anonymous said...

@night wind,

The West is a hodge podge of genetics so you really can't compare it. I have lived in an Asian country that is divided into North and South (hint) where they have about 6000 years of a very, very tight gene pool. I don't want to say inbreeding, but I could. 6000 years of a male supremacy ideology (like Muslim cultures) definitely makes the men genetically gay. They simply dislike women and it's a 6000 year thing. They're born with a hateful attitude towards women and an admiration of the male. Now someone would ask; "Why do they marry? Why don't they act out their homosexuality?"

It's because they are a controlled group. They are told what to do. They can be told to mimic Western courtship. They are told what to do and they do it but if you watch the body language, the truth outs. They constantly hurt their women in small ways, constantly scraping, pinching and tearing at their flesh in deniable "I'm just playing" ways. And no, it's not sexy BDSM play. Not even close. It's just a bunch of effeminate homos who are told to be heterosexual and they mimic it but their hateful, constant infliction of pain is what tells the story. They hate women, simply stated. That's really gay. The mandatory 2 year military stretch for males in this country is an outright orgy of homosexual behavior, I've been told. Muslims seem to be the same thing. The only reason they are with women is because of cultural obedience. There is no true attraction at all.

John Rockwell said...

Good news guys.

Anonymous said...

Michener said in his autobiography that Afghanistan was the most astonishing country he ever visited (a 'visit' for him usually meant an 18 month stay!). He described Afghanistan as " walking through the Old Testament". I guess Afghans are comparable to the Amazon tribes in the western hemisphere. Best left to themselves.

Too bad Michener isn't appreciated more by the younger generations. Most everything he wrote is well worth reading.

Anonymous said...

And that's what polygamy does to a culture. A small number of men get all the women, and the rest of the man have to make do.

But even so - you don't hear of Mormons carrying on like this.

The Night Wind said...

Looks like ISIS is getting into the act:

John Rockwell said...
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sth_txs said...

Michener has an impressive body of work, but I could never get into this prose and writing. I tried reading his novel Texas one time. I simply could not get into it though I saw what he was doing with the combination of actual history and storytelling.

John Rockwell said...


Although there is one scenario that polygamy may be allowed. Its that if war takes a big chunk of the male population with minimal impact on the females like WWI. Seems to increase rates of single motherhood and other shenanigans.

Lets say polygamy is allowed only for the generation that went to war.

And normative monogamy gets resumed after one generation because sex ratio went back to normal. Is this viable?

Unknown said...

I've never liked all of Michener's novels. "Mexico," for example. But I read "The Drifters" when I was 12 and was never the same. Same with "Caravans" - an astonishing novel.