Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Superior "Alpha" Genes

Occasionally I'll read some amazing nonsense in the Manosphere - "Alpha" genes, "Alpha" sperm, intelligence is a "Beta" trait, "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux," "female solipism," etc.

Having said that, I'll have to proudly admit I have "Alpha" genes. Well, at least some women have thought that.

Let me back up bit. My hair is now grey, but it was before that blond. Blond hair and blue eyes, six foot, 160 pounds. Starting when I was 15 I noticed that brunettes (which means dark eyes and dark hair) where the ones overwhelmingly interested in me. I knew the reason why. The blond hair and blue eyes. It was obvious - it was all they every got involved with. One went through the whole school subset of good-looking towheaded boys. All three of us.

When I got into college I noticed what women were staring at me and hitting on me - black, Asian, Mexican. I rolled my eyes. I knew what was going on. "Blond hair! Blue eyes! Six foot!"

They wanted to have lighter kids, which everyone does. The entire world wants to lighten their kids (I had a black woman tell me, "Why would I have kids by a black man when I can have kids by you?"). If I was an "Alpha" it was a delusion completely in their minds.

I have a friend who is practically a dwarf - 5' 6." There have been times I've been with him and women have talked to me and ignored him completely. He also has blond hair and blue eyes, and he had the same problem I had, only he tended to have Jewish and Indian (feather, not dot) women hitting on him. He even told me, "It's the blond hair and blue eyes."

In college I had a friend who looked exactly look Thor (and he told he had had a twin!). He was about 6'3" - and I can remember walking through malls with him and when women looked, looked at him and ignored me completely, just the way they ignored my shorter friend and looked at me.

By the way, none of us were "exciting, high-value men." That's another Manosphere delusion. My shorter friend and I are mostly intellectual, and Thor, well, he wasn't much of anything. These women hit on us because of our looks and nothing else.

I've had about half-a-dozen women with blond hair and blue eyes hit on me. All of them looked like sisters, and all of them looked like me. That's "Associative Mating," which is what really exists, not "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux."

One of the women (who, it turned, had brown eyes and dyed her brown hair blond) told me, "You look like my father." And that has been noticed for a long, long time - men tend to marry Mom (if they got along with Mom) and women tend to marry Dad (if they got along with Dad).

In fact, my dwarf friend ended up permanently with a woman who, he told me, "Reminds me of my mom." I didn't say anything. She's a lot smarter than his mom, who I met several times. Actually his girlfriend is about as smart as he is, which is more Associative Mating.

Of course, the Lost Boys of the Mansophere are going to do everything they can to shove all of this into their deluded framework. And that is why I refer to them as the Lost Boys - trying to shove the whole world into tiny little boxes.


Unknown said...

How long will it take for the MGTOWs and manospherians to show up and claim you're a "pussy beggar," "pussy hound," "mangina Leftist lover," or what ever nonsense they are uttering these days?

Glen Filthie said...

"...I knew the reason why. The blond hair and blue eyes. It was obvious - it was all they every got involved with. One went through the whole school subset of good-looking towheaded boys. All three of us..."

Oh jeez Bob! Are you friggin stupid? It's because you had a big cack and lots of $$$!


Jordan_S said...

Definitely refreshing to read stuff like this.

Anonymous said...

Women find various things attractive at different points in time.

If you look young and vigorous and the woman is in the mood for young and vigorous men - suddenly you're the center of her attention.

And if you wander out of her field of view, and perhaps she thinks you're a little bit too vigorous, and she sees an older man, more sophisticated, more experienced - suddenly *he* becomes the center of her attention.

Women are fickle. They want what they want when they want it. Men are only less fickle because we can't get away with being fickle as often.

Unfortunately, I don't think this will end well for Western Civilization, or for Planet Earth in general. There have been some historical re-adjustments of the balance between the sexes. They don't seem to have been pleasant. E.g. Emperor Constantine of Rome passed very harsh laws against fornication and elopement. It was probably good for the empire in the long run - fornicators aren't good pawns of empire - but damn, a lot of people suffered and died because of those laws.

DeNihilist said...

Bob, take a gander at Rollo's latest. Fuck these guys can only sing one note. A mid forties woman has "lost" her desire to fuck her hubby. Must be later life hypergamy!

How the fuck do they not know that most women this age are going through menopause, and the desire to fuck is dropping just like their bodies testosterone?

Nope, he's a betamax and she is desiring more alphalpha fucks.

I would laugh if it were not so sad....

Unknown said...

"Oh jeez Bob! Are you friggin stupid? It's because you had a big cack and lots of $$$!"

I wish!

Unknown said...


I've known several women who've told me, "It's true! Those horrible hot flashes!"

Menopause can seriously mess up a woman's sex life.

DeNihilist said...

Not only the flashes, but most of them their cunt's dry up and sex becomes painful.

The original use for sex lube was for these women, not for butt fucking (which seems like latent homoness to me).

Anonymous said...

"Little surprise mixed children have high rates of genetic disease (outbreeding is equally as damaging as inbreeding) and psychiatric illness, considering the number their own parents do on them."

Anonymous said...

“Let’s blame women”