Friday, June 17, 2016

"The Glory of God is The Perfection of The Creation of The Creature"

Saint Irenaeus said that more than than 1800 years ago. It reminds me of something Jesus said: "Be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect." However the word perfect used here actually means "whole and complete."

It reminds me, again, of what the Greeks wrote about - the arete (excellence) leads to eudamonia (well-being). What they wrote about is not merely their opinion - it is human nature that applies to everyone.

"Wholeness" comes from the same word as "holy" and "hale" (that is, healthy). Excellence - being the best you can be - is when you are whole and hale (think about the fact disease means dis-ease - lack of ease).

Excellence, if it means anything, means to be the best version of yourself.

Or, as Matthew Kelly put it: "I discovered that when we pursue what is good, true and beautiful, and noble, we are holy, yes, but this is also when we most fully alive and most truly ourselves."


DeNihilist said...

Jeez Bob, you're sounding very beta this morning.


Unknown said...

Come a little closer to the screen to I can poke you in the nose!

Avraham said...

The Mediaeval approach was to see the glory of God in his creation. This at least I saw a lot in the mediaeval books of Musar like the Obligations of the Heart.