Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ali Had Puglistica Dementia, Not "Parkinson's"

So Ali died. He was dead, anyway. He could do nothing for himself. His wife and others had to do everything for him.

I kept hearing Ali had Parkinson's. He didn't. He had brain damage from boxing - what used to be called "Puglistica Dementia" - "punch drunk."

Why does the media lie about these things? At the end Joe Frazier could barely talk. Jerry Quarry made it until his early 50s and was about ten years old mentally. The normal fluid-filled spaces in his brain were the size of oranges.

There are former boxers - whose names I cannot remember - who are in nursing homes in their fifties.

Boxers cannot give up the fame and attention, even if it kills them.


icr said...

When I was a kid jokes about punch drunk fighters were common. Famous comedian Red Skelton even played a regular character who was clearly a punch drunk boxer. All comedy is based on tragedy-I guess the jokes today are mostly about exterminating the white race and similar cultural marxist themes.

Twarog said...

The pros really need to return to bare-knuckle boxing. It causes more acute short-term injuries like cuts and broken bones, but there's a lot less long-term brain damage. The bones in a human hand are very thin and frail, while the skull is thick and hard. Putting thick padded gloves on fighters just means they can punch a heck of a lot harder directly to the brain case. Sock somebody in the top of the head full-force without a glove and you're liable to bust your hand.