Friday, September 19, 2014

The Men Who Are Invisible to Women

In college the guy who lived across the hall from me told me he was once turned down ten times in a row when he asked women to dance at a local nightclub.

He was invisible to women until he intruded into their consciousness.

The same with another guy I knew in college, who told me he often spent the weekend sitting on his bed watching TV.


Sometimes I got the impression some women would not have minded if these guys died. That way they would not impinged on their consciousness.

Now of course when women hit the Wall and become invisible, that's a different story. To them.


Anonymous said...

They say women are more compassionate than men, yet all the women I saw in volunteer organisations needed to in the public end of business while the men were stuck doing the anonymous work in the back rooms.
They are compassionate when they can be seen, but otherwise only when it suits them.

Unknown said...

I've seen a lot of women who lack compassion but don't even know it.

ennis said...

Wow! Let us take this one step further. The so-called "nice guys" are the men in the background doing volunteer work, doing public service duties, enjoying the actual rewards of helping others... and have NOTHING to do with a world that includes women.
They could have made great husbands and great dads.

Unknown said...

I would agree that women are naturally more compassionate and attentive...just as long as the objects of their compassion are attractive or wealthy, otherwise female compassion is no greater than a mans