Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"The Problem that has No Name: Feminism has been worse on women"

I picked this up from the Reddit Redpill.

It's not perfect, still believing that Evo-Psych nonsense about "women have always been sexually attracted to the top tier of male genetic potential," when the reality is associative mating. For that matter, read King Roughbeard sometime.

Women, who are far more narcissistic and childish than men, often miss out on the best men until they are humbled. And it's only the proud who need to be humbled. As I've said before, women's greatest sins are pride and envy.

They're also often attracted to the worst men, not the best, which is why in the past parents and family had such a great say in whom their kids married.

Here's the article.

"It's not really just feminism, it's a combination of cultural and economic factors. But women are significantly less happy now than they were 40 years ago, when feminism had made fewer inroads in the average American girl's life.


"This should not be a surprise to Red Pillers. Modern cultural and economic forces have combined to:

"Tell women that their primary value in life is as drone workers and drone consumers.

Pharmacologically alter their normal hormonal cycles.
Rob them of the years in which they could most easily produce children.
Encourage behavior which makes pair bonding with a mate much more difficult.
Convince them that behavior which pleases men is outdated and foolish.
While doing all of the above, still appeals to the old ideals of motherhood by telling women they need to 'have it all' at some point, preferably by having one child in their mid-30s.

"The myth of late fertility has been discussed a lot on this board and I won't rehash it here. It's a dirty trick played on women everywhere.

"What's less discussed is the sad notion that the average woman will find some deep spiritual fulfillment in her work simply by having 'a career.' I've yet to meet the fulfilled career woman (just as I've only rarely met the fulfilled career man). What we see, instead, is a nation of frustrated, exhausted women trudging home from the fluorescent lights and mindless button-punching, grabbing fast food, vegetating on the couch in front of the television and pretending that there are deep truths being dispensed from it. She's a worker drone.

"The reward for this meaningless paper shuffling? Buying stuff. Quick dopamine hits, the rush of excitement in the dressing room - a rush that disappears as soon as the transaction is complete and the goods are in the plastic bag. She's a consumer drone. She's buying the things the TV says will make her happy, more desirable, more fulfilled.

"This is the escape from the 'problem that has no name.' This is the rebellion against the ostensible indentured servitude of raising children. Instead of home and husband, she now is enslaved to corporate and government interests (the two are virtually indistinguishable now).

"Instead of early love and new life, she now engages in a series of meaningless hookups and serially monogamous relationships until she's 30. She wants a child by 32 but her decreasing fecundity means she's not able to until she's 35. At that point, she's tired, so tired. All of her youthful enthusiasm and energy went to late nights at the bars and she has none left over for something that is the flesh of her flesh. The attention she sows on the child is a strangely emotionally disconnected one, more reflective of her own narcissism (honed over the last few decades) than genuine care. She buys the cutest outfits she can, as if the child (rather than she and her friends) cares for brand names and labels.

"Despite the apparent advantages conferred to women in the current social arrangement, they're miserable. Most men are similar, in that they are also mere worker/consumer drones in the service of government-corporate interests ---- but they have fared slightly better.

"Now, there was no prelapsarian paradise. Monogamy has probably always been a bit of a pipe dream, as most women have always been sexually attracted to the top tier of male genetic potential. The search for meaning in life has always been incredibly difficult. But modern forces, feminism included, have robbed women of some of the basic joys of life traditionally afforded to every woman."

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