Friday, September 12, 2014

Michael Brown and the Four Cardinal Virtues

"Bullies," said Andy, "are always afraid of people who are more confident than they are."

I am not exactly glad Michael Brown is dead, but it doesn't bother me. We all know he was guilty, and had he lived would have done worse unless he repented - and how often does that happen? (By the way, "repent" means to "change your heart and mind," just the way "sin" means to "miss the mark."

I tell people 80% of life is knowing and understanding the Four Cardinal Virtues, and the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

The Four Cardinal Virtues are Prudence, Justice, Courage, and Self-control. And if you lack one, you lack them all.

Prudence is defined "as choosing the right path out of many." Justice, "to give each his due." Courage is confidence (those of the Manosphere, please note that). Self-control means not being impulsive.

Now let's applies these traits to Brown.

Brown certainly wasn't prudent - he didn't choose the best path. He choose a wrong path.

He lacked justice when he attacked the Indian guy and pushed him around and stole his stuff. He certainly didn't give the owner "his due.'

Brown didn't have any courage. Bullying dwarfs in not courage.

And he had no self-control. He was impulsive and reckless and fool-hardy.

However, when he got shot through the top of his head after shattering some cop's eye socket, he got his "due." He got justice. He got what he deserved.

The Four Cardinal Virtues are not some misty religious concepts. They are good, hard-headed, practical wisdom, based on thousands of years of experience with knuckleheads like Brown.

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Glen Filthie said...

To anyone with a double digit IQ this is a non-issue.

For blacks, liberals, and other stupid people, this is a race issue and a case of the nigger trying to stick it to The White Man.

Fuck 'em. Yes, a white cop shot a feral negro. That isn't racism, that is law enforcement. Deal with it.