Monday, September 29, 2014

"We'll Become ISIS" - The Devaluation Of America's Young Men

"The belief that the State can protect females from males when women have lost all of their value to them as kin and family members is a Marxist fantasy." - Vault-co

This is from the site Zerohedge and was written by by James H. Kunstler.

What he writes about I've noticed myself. One of my friends and I discuss this often, because he has a 21-year-old son. Young men rarely approach women anymore, preferring to get high and play video games. That's MGTOW, even if they have never heard the concept.

Others like to pretend the are PUAs. MGTOW is flight: PUAs are fight. Is there anything else, when you're marginalized and scapegoated? Perhaps.

There is always the solace of religion, which can get pretty militant. That's flight to start a fight. As I've said before, humiliation leads to revenge, which is an attempt to replace shame with pride. Often it's done with violence.

The real losers are these so-called "Beta" males. But they don't really exist, because as John Norman noticed in one of his Gor novels, "All men are dangerous." Just push enough and find out.

We are in the Fourth Turning. The Kali Yuga.

"I played fiddle at a small-town, country dance last night with several other musicians and it was a merry enough time because that kind of self-made music has the power to fortify spirits. About half the dancers were over 40 and the rest were teenage girls. The absence of young men was conspicuous. Toward the end of the evening, it was just girls dancing with girls. A wonderful and fundamental tension was not present in the room.

"The young men are out there somewhere in the country towns, but this society increasingly has no use or no place for them, except in the army. There is absolutely no public conversation about the near total devaluation of young men in the economic and social life of the USA, though there is near-hysterical triumphalism about the success of young women in every realm from sports to politics to business, and to go with that an equal amount of valorization for people who develop an ambiguous sexual identity.

"There really is no local forum for public discussion in the flyover regions of the USA. The few remaining local newspapers are parodies of what newspapers once were, and the schools maintain a fog of sanctimony that penalizes thinking outside the bright-side box. Television and its step-child, the internet, offer only the worst temptations of hyper-sexual stimulation, artificial violence, and grandiose wealth-and-power fantasies. There aren’t even any taverns where people can gather for casual talk.

"Many of the remaining jobs 'out there' are jobs that can be done by anyone — certainly the office work, but also the jobs with near-zero meaning, minimal income, and no status in the national chain burger shacks and box stores — and young women are more reliably subject to control than young men jacked on testosterone, corn syrup, and Grand Theft Auto.

"Of course, the idea that higher education can lift a population out of this vortex of anomie is a cruel joke, especially now with the college loan racket parasitizing that flickering wish to succeed, turning young people into debt donkeys. The shelf-life of that particular set of lies and swindles will hit its sell-by date soon in a massive debt repudiation — and the nation will come to marvel at the mendacious system it allowed itself to get sucked into. But this still only begs the question of what young men will do in such a deceitful system.

"My guess is that they will shift their attention and activity from the mind-slavery of the current Potemkin economy to the very monster we find ourselves fighting overseas: a domestic ISIS-style explosion of wrath wrapped in an extreme ideology of one kind or another replete with savagery and vengeance-seeking. The most dangerous thing that any society can do is invalidate young men. When the explosion of youthful male wrath occurs in the USA, it will come along at exactly the same time as all the other benchmarks of order become unmoored - especially the ones in money and politics - which will shatter the faith of the non-young and the non-male, too. Also, just imagine for a moment the numbers of young men America has trained with military skills the past 20 years. Not all of them will be disabled with PTSD, or mollified with rinky-dink jobs at the Wal-Mart, or lost in the transports of heroin and methedrine.

"The authorities will have no way to understand what is happening and we are certain to endure a long season of violence and social chaos as a result. The re-set from that will be an economy and a society that few now yammering will recognize. That society emerging from the ashes of the current matrix of rackets will desperately need young men to rebuild, and there will be plenty of opportunity for them - though it won’t feature fast cars, Kanye West downloads, or bottle service.

"There are other ways for young men to find a useful and valued place in a society, but these are too far beyond the ken of our current meager narratives."


A.B. Prosper said...

We will be lucky indeed if we get something a gentle as that.

With tech the way it is we may get something like Frank Herbert's The White Plague and the next crazy, desperate damaged man may decide the unleash all the horrors of modern bio-science or maybe robotics. Heck even a few well placed computer hacks may unleash hell.

Of course as Vault Co is fond of saying, Manboons are not a thinking animal and the powers that be won't see the chain of mistakes that lead to it.

Unknown said...

"Manboons are not a thinking animal." I'm going remember his comment, which he writes all the time, for the rest of my life.

I also wonder about going into crime. Think Walter White.

Going to be an interesting ride.

Omega Man said...

There is no doubt that the western world is in decline.

The question is whether is will be gradual as in the "Enjoy the Decline" meme, or whether it will be cataclysmic. I'm leaning towards the cataclysmic version, in that western society is increasingly resembling a house of cards, and all it will take is a small shock in the right place at the right time, for it all to come tumbling down.

kurt9 said...

I would not place any stock in any thing James Kunstler says. Remember that he is one of the guys who promulgated the whole "peak oil" fraud, which is the counterpart to the global warming fraud. Both of these frauds have been debunked in the last few years.

If you read deeper into Kunstler's writings, it is very clear that he is driven by a luddite ideological hostility towards any kind of technological progress and material standard of living that results from such technological progress.

Reading Kunstler is a waste of your time and my time.

Anonymous said...

"Also, just imagine for a moment the numbers of young men America has trained with military skills the past 20 years."

Half the reason the establishment keeps American soldiers doing pointless and destructive busy-work abroad is to keep them from turning on the elites here in the USA.

If they all came back tomorrow and were discharged or decommissioned, only to discover that their hometowns are now filled with unemployment, despair, crime, and multiculturalist BS, how long would they meekly tolerate it? It wouldn't be long before the VFW and American Legion posts started wielding major political muscle... or maybe worse, if you recall the Centralia Massacre of 1919. I know vets who are smart, disciplined, politically incorrect, and heavily armed. Uncle Sam doesn't want those guys doing political organizing in their hometowns. He wants them doing dead-end paperwork jobs in Fort Greely, Alaska.

As long as the Feds can guarantee them a steady paycheck while they behave, though, and keep moving them around far from their own communities, they'll be servants of the Empire, not its enemies.

Anonymous said...

And how about this.A legion of Americans who really have NOTHING (SADDLED WITH HUMONGOUS DEBT) at all to protect from an alien invader and as such, do not care!