Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Demon Girls

At their worst men and women are Satanic...just in different ways. They can be monsters. In the West, the easiest way to see the good and bad is to read the Bible, in spite of ignorant comments about "I'm not interested in anything written by a Spook in the Sky/Invisible Sky Daddy/cave dwellers 2000 years ago." They're missing a lot of wisdom about how people act. As I've mentioned before, read the story of Jezebel. Or look at Samson.

Unfortunately, mythologically, women are the ones who bring evil into the world. These days, you can see their worst aspects in movies, novels and video games. And as Ezra Pound noted, "The artist is the antenna of the human race."

This is from SpeakeasyX

"Perhaps it is simply a trend brought on by the early aughts and the commercial introduction of so-called “J” & “K” horror in America like The Grudge. The Eastern lore is overwhelmed with stories of jilted, abused women returning demonic to exact return judgment—on any and everything in their path.

"So much feminization has happened in the US in the last 30+ years, perhaps it is simply male writers and directors who are actually frightened of the modern shift toward all things feminine. I would be surprised if any ever admitted such a thing, however.

"Or it could be the current fascination with demonic supernatural everywhere. It’s everywhere today, if you’re even bothering to look around. From video gaming to movies and TV, awards shows, music videos, books; darkness rules the day. Symbols to the old gods are now ubiquitous and daring observers to be less ignorant than average and point out the obvious.

"Maybe it’s all three and more. But I have seen an influx of demon girl horror in the last four, maybe five years. I have never been interested in blaming specific people, or their media, for society’s stupidity. However, the message these movies are sending—planned or otherwise accidentally – will have consequences. I can already see those consequences in young women. I’ve seen tantrums from some that boggle the sane mind; both from the standpoint of 1) how do they live with themselves and 2) why does anybody put up with that behavior in a relationship?'

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