Sunday, September 14, 2014

Feminism is the Dark Triad for Women

I dismiss the Dark Triad as catnip for women, because I have had much experience with such men, and they are not popular with women. That's the difference between theory and reality. (Men who talk about women liking those who show characteristics of the Dark Triad have no experience with such things - they read it somewhere, say the Manosphere. They are never of the Dark Triad themselves.)

There is, however, a Dark Triad for women. It's called feminism, and it's about power, dominance and control. That's what narcissists want, and if feminism wasn't about narcissism, it wouldn't be feminism.

Feminism is not about equality and never has been. It's about crushing men, and unfortunately much of it is enshrined in law.

It'll never last, of course, but before it collapses, it's going to cause even more trouble than it already has.

We are, as the old Chinese curse informs us, in for us interesting times, times full of "strong, independent" women and their hallucinations before reality manifests itself as a houseful of cats.


Ras al Ghul said...

One has only to go to the jail and prison visiting times to know that dark triad does in fact work on women.

It may not create stable relationships, but it does create baby mommas.

But then, being a good solid man doesn't create stable relationships either in this day and age.

But then, most women have not been able to keep stable relationships ever, it has required through history a tremendous amount of social, religious and political pressure to keep them married ( oppressive patriarchy) without which civilization crumbles rapidly.

as it is now.

Unknown said...

It's works for a certain very small number of women. As for prison groupies that's a fantasy for them. In reality they don't want to be tortured to death, then dismembered and have their body parts used for sex, the way Ted Bundy did,