Monday, September 1, 2014

My Horrible Precognitive Dreams

I don't remember many of my dreams, and good thing, too, because when I do they're almost always vivid nightmares.

I think all dreams have some meaning to them; you just have to figure out what.

Here's an example of a precognitive nightmare:

For some unknown reason I appeared to be driving an '87 Impala with a stick-shift and a carburetor. I don't think they exist in reality.

My trunk, however, was full of advanced weaponry. Some not so advanced, such as swords. And when I say advanced, I mean advanced. Like laser pistols, and hand-held rotary guns.

And my trunk was just stuffed with them, along with your basic high-capacity semi-automatic pistols, shotguns and maybe a sniper rifle.

Not so surprisingly, I ended up having to kill two guys trying to steal my car. And the reason I was driving such a primitive car is because in reality I can repair everything on it. I can use a lot of weapons, too, though I have no idea where the laser pistol and rotary gun came from.

Let's just say you can make every weapon that exists in a fully-stocked machine shop - and I have seen the entire setup in a detached garage. And with 3-D printing these days...

Now here's the kicker: there were no women anywhere.

When I thought about this, I realized what was going on: in a societal collapse women are going to end up in some sort of fortified compound. There will none in public. That's why there were no women in my dreams.

Contrary to women's delusions, they are completely helpless on their own, and their safety is assured only through the good graces of some men. Not all men. If men became savages, women would be raped and then most probably murdered...along with some men. Think Mad Max.

If our soft technological society collapsed, women's freedom would collapse along with it. They couldn't make it on their own, in the slightest. How many women can repair a car or even change a tire? How many can shoot a firearm, or know how to dissemble one? That girl with the bow-and-arrow in The Hunger Games? Pure fantasy.

I once had a girlfriend who had a MBA and made $120,000 a year. I could never get her to fire a pistol. Her hands sweated even holding one.

When I was a kid I read a story titled, A Boy and His Dog, by Harlan Ellison (made into a movie of the same name, with Don Johnson, looking about 16).

Society had collapsed, so technological civilization had moved underground, while feral men lived in the ruins above-ground.

Where do you think all the women were kept? You know where. Underground.

One excessively horny and promiscuous woman did sneak aboveground to sample the savagery, and not surprisingly she ended up not only dead but eaten by a dog.

My dream was telling me that sooner or later civilization will, let's say, "go backwards" in some form or another, and when it does, women's parasitical, make-work jobs (which is about 99.99% of them) will disappear, while patriarchy will assert itself - for one thing, for women's safety.


Ras al Ghul said...

With a collapse comes a technological backslide, it always does. I've argued with TFH and others about this. There was a backslide with homer, a backslide with Rome.

I don't think we could put a man on the moon today. It doesn't matter if the knowledge is there, if you can't drum up the money, resources or will to do it then impact is the same. Our infrastructure is decaying.

Economically I expect us to hit at minimum, one car per family, one tv/computer and the family vacation is a camping trip on the way to relatives. With Hawaii, or Europe, or disney being a once in a lifetime trip.

It could be worse, we could get to where most people bike to work.

And that presumes no civil wars in the US or Europe or for that matter parts of Asia

Anonymous said...

Ras, re. vacations etc.:

Except for the TV/computer part, it has become like that for most Americans already.

You are surely right about moon shots. When Jorge Boosh was proposing manned Mars missions about 10 years ago, I wondered what planet he was living on.

Robert What? said...

@anonymous - you still read NASA articles about there being a manned mission to Mars within X years. I've been saying for a long time it's a fantasy, and not just because of a possible Mad Max scenario. Firstly, the US is not producing enough high caliber materials scientists any more. Secondly, within ten years entitlements and debt service will eat up most of the federal budget leaving precious little for anything else. Finally, when Hispanics and Muslims make up a majority of the population ... well, neither group have any interest in those kinds of things.

TroperA said...

I thought the journey to Mars would pretty much be a suicide mission, what with all of the cosmic radiation you'd absorb between Earth and The Red Planet. Still might find a few volunteers, but why pony up to send fleshy humans when you can send robots?