Saturday, September 13, 2014

Why I Cannot in Good Conscience Teach Young Boys the Silly Concepts of the Manospherere

I refer specifically to the foolish concepts of Alpha Fux/Beta Bux. There is also the just-as-silly concept of "shit tests," specifically for "genetic fitness."

I read an article not too long ago about how some younger women were hooking up with richer older men to be their Sugar Daddies. I've known about this for years. The author claimed this was an example of Alpha Fux and Beta Bux.

No, it's nothing of the sort. In fact I started laughing. These young women are whores, but too deluded to know it. And the Sugar Daddies are "blue pill," not "red pill," because they are paying way too much for these whores. Hell, when I owned a taxi I was offered BJs for cheeseburgers, rides, and sometimes for free because they were drunk. One driver was offered one by a dwarf, excuse me, I mean Little Person.

If anything, this is an example of "Beta" Fux.

Remember I said I owned a taxi and worked for an escort service? I took some of the women to see richer men. Sometimes I saw them. One looked like his face was melting, sort of like William F. Buckley, Jr. He looked to be 75. The girl was 19.

And one was rich rich, like owner of a multinational corporation. I won't mention his name, since you'd recognize the company.

These guys weren't "Alphas." They were just rich and kinda pathetic and could afford teenage whores. They paid for young whores, sometimes 15 years old. I also know a guy, who was close to 80, who the cops caught in his car getting a BJ from a 19-year-old girl. She was a drug-addicted, street-walker, though.

You think later these women married "Beta Bux"? Often they didn't get married at all, or if they did they married trash like themselves. Trash seeks trash.

What we're seeing here in reality is an example of that Eagles' song, "Lying Eyes."

City girls just seem to find out early
How to open doors with just a smile
A rich old man
And she won't have to worry
She'll dress up all in lace and go in style

Late at night a big old house gets lonely
I guess every form of refuge has its price
And it breaks her heart to think her love is
Only given to a man with hands as cold as ice

So she tells him she must go out for the evening
To comfort an old friend who's feelin' down
But he knows where she's goin' as she's leavin'
She is headed for the cheatin' side of town

I know what these girls with their Sugar Daddies are thinking. "I'll screw these rich old men and later on marry a younger, good-looking guy, and he'll have money, too."

Sorry, whore, but that's not the way it works. You use these Sugar Daddies for the money, trading sex for money, and then suddenly you hit the Wall, and if you think some "Beta Bux" is going to marry your sorry ass you've got another think coming.

You're a commodity, sweetheart, nothing else. You reach your peak at 21 and by 25 you're a has-been. If a guy has so many millions he can pay for a 19-year-old, with no strings attached, why should he waste his time and money on a 25-year-old?

Know what Charlie Sheen said about whores? "You pay them to go away." These older wealthy men are paying these silly young women to, in the long run, go away to make room for the younger ones.

We didn't need any of this "Red Pill" when I was a teen. We knew the score. Some women were whores, too stupid to know it, and we knew they'd trade themselves for money, and then were horrified when they ended up with no one.

We also knew the more promiscuous a woman the faster they lost their looks. And when a woman starts having sex at 13, and is very promiscuous, or a whore at 15, but the time she's in her 20s, physically she's usually a catastrophe.

If you really want to understand the worst of women, read about Lilith, Adam's first wife, and Jezebel. They're both in the Bible, a repository of great wisdom.

Those are two contradictory concepts the Mansphere has not come to terms with. It understands when women hit the Wall their choices for men are severely limited, but somehow thinks a woman can ride the "cock carousel" with "Alphas" and somehow get a "Beta Bux" even though her looks have collapsed like a house of cards.

I've seen women try this "Alpha Fux and Beta Bux" in the sense, "I'll be promiscuous when younger and then settle down with a guy I love" but I rarely even seen them succeed at that. Usually it's "I can't find a guy to fall in love with." That's because you're a slut, and sluts have a hard time with falling in love with anyone (this applies to guys, too - the more promiscuous they are, the worst the inability to love).

Of course I'll get some guys claiming "Alpha Fux/Beta Bux" does exist (because they read it in the Manosphere) and how "they've seen it" (not in the way you think, besides look up Fallacy of Composition) or how I need to "get out more" (which makes me laugh because I've experienced things 99% of the guys in the Manosphere will never encounter). Or they'll cherry-pick and distort studies.Or they'll engage in ad hominem attacks.

Yes, I do tell younger guys about women, for good and bad. But I never use Manosphere concepts. It just messes things up.


Robert What? said...

I agree - the AFBB thing has been overplayed. I see comments about "how marriage really works" from guys who sound like they've never even had a relationship at all.

But it is important to communicate to young men about the incredible lies we are fed about how the world works, how the decks are stacked, what women really want, etc. Wouldn't we be abandoning our responsibilities if we didn't at least try?

Unknown said...

I agree - these guys are lied to, and why they believe it I don't understand.

I started seeing what women were, for good or bad, when I was 12. How these guys were taught that "Women like nice guys" - and they believe it - is beyond me.

It's as if they have almost no experience in life.

Anonymous said...


It's because you refuse to call the color "black" it's opposite and the nighttime the day. Teaching lies is not teaching.

Unknown said...

Ad hominem, just as I predicted. Silly, you are.

Glen Filthie said...

Correct as usual Bob.

I think the main lesson to be taken from the manosphere is this:

It's not you, son. It IS the women. They are nuts and most are flat out fucked. It is not you, not your imagination - it is THEM.

The problem can be distilled too - there are three ways to deal with The Modern Woman (formerly known as the slut):

1. Get in the game and go PUA - and lose any chance of real happiness or love

2. Get out of the game and go MGTOW - which is basically copping out and throwing away your self respect

The manosphere does not address the final option which is this: find a good woman. Respect yourself and avoid Modern Women. Take your relationships seriously, take classical marriage seriously and insist on it. Any guff from your gal - dump her and get out clean and quick as a gentleman should.

Life is good - and simple if you keep it that way

Novaseeker said...

Interestingly, Facebook's CEO, Sheryl Sandberg, herself weighed in on "lane changing" (which is another way of saying "AFBB") in her best-selling book "Leaning In".


The full quote from the book is:

"“When looking for a life partner, my advice to women is date all of them: the bad boys, the cool boys, the commitment-phobic boys, the crazy boys. But do not marry them. The things that make the bad boys sexy do not make them good husbands. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner. Someone who thinks women should be smart, opinionated and ambitious. Someone who values fairness and expects or, even better, wants to do his share in the home. These men exist and, trust me, over time, nothing is sexier.”

Now, of course she doesn't use the manosphere's "terms" to describe what she is recommending to young women. But in substance she is recommending this: "date the men who are hot and attractive but inappropriate to marry when you are young, and then switch to the reliable and supportive men to marry when you are older, even though you didn't find them attractive for fun relationships and sex when you were younger and more attractive yourself." The former are "AF" (that is, men whom women will fuck purely for fun -- that's how the manosphere defines "alpha", not money or career status or what have you in itself), while the latter are "BB" (that is, men whom women would not have fucked for fun, when they were younger and fucking for fun, but whom they will look to marry when they are ready to settle down and marry, when they are a bit older). That's the essence of AF/BB: lane changing between what they are doing when younger and what they are doing when they want to marry around 30. It has nothing to do with gold-digging or being a whore. The women Sandberg is talking about have their own incomes which are substantial in most cases -- they aren't gold-digging whores. Rather, they are women who want to fuck certain men for fun when they are young (AF) and then marry different men when they are older for stability/support (BB), and, yes, in the case of the latter they want men who are as financially advanced, more or less, as they are themselves (along with other things).

More humorously, this is similarly confirmed by the well-known bar game that women play sometimes, known as "fuck, marry, kill" -- i.e., look around the bar and identify each man as being in one of the three categories. Translating that to manosphere terms, the first category is AF, the second is BB, and the third is complete loser. Of course, that's just a game, but it reflects a mindset which easily relates the categories and finds them intuitive -- it is based on that underlying, existing perspective. And, again, not gold-digging whores.

So, call it what you will, but when it's a life strategy that is being peddled by the highly-educated and wealthy CEO of Facebook to younger professional, educated women (i.e., not gold-digging whores), it's a "thing". The manosphere uses its own words to describe it, but it's a thing nonetheless, regardless of how one wants to describe it.

Anonymous said...

This might be a generational thing, Uncle Bob.

I'm in my forties. I've seen what you describe amongst the older set.

But the younger people today marry later -- and this societal trend has allowed women time to date a succession of bad boys in their twenties and then find a "nice guy" when their partying days are over.

I've observed this with women I know from college and work. But anyone can witness it by perusing online dating sites. Women in their thirties write things like "I've had all my fun -- time to settle down!"

It's not the dominant trend (yet), but it's enough of a trend for people to have noticed -- and for the manosphere commenter Great Books for Men to have coined that phrase.

-- Days of Broken Arrows

Unknown said...

Sheryl Sandberg has admitted she suffers from Imposter Syndrome, and I would not listen to a thing she says. After all, everything she got, she got from men.

I'm aware of what women do in bars. I spent years hanging out in them, starting at 15 ( as I said, I have a lot of experience compared to a lot of guys).

I also know that women who try this stuff end up where they did not want to go - "I'll be promiscuous when younger and still marry a hot guy...why didn't it work out? Why do I have three cats? And is that bastard Bob snickering at me?"

Women shouldn't be allowed to do what they want. They usually make bad choices, being irrational and ruled by their feelings.

It's up to men to set the standards.

Unknown said...

Glen is right: you go PUA and you lose your soul in the long run. You go MGTOW and end up alone and unhappy.

"Society" is telling women they can be the female version of a PUA when younger and not have them affect their character when younger and give it up and become a good wife. Life doesn't work that way.

I am reminded of a very old saying: "What does it profit a man (or woman) if he gains the world but loses his True Self?"

That is the correct translation. True Self.

Anders said...

As long as feminist anti-white male laws are the law of the land in western countries, THERE ARE NO GOOD GIRLS!!! The institution of marriage is a goddamn joke! As long as feminism exists, there will be no love between men and women because that well is poisoned.

Unknown said...

The spirit of Lilith and Jezebel is loose in the land and it's going to take a lot of put them back in the bottle.

little dynamo said...

Well, remember that the Game Group are just kids themselves. Kids giving 'advice' to kids. They want their OWN system, codewords, etc.

I agree with yr comments, but it is true that there is a large repository of EXTREMELY desperate and doggy males who are sufficiently pathetic (especially in their later years) that they gladly will welcome pretty much any skank into their lives, including for marriage. I'd guess that mebbe thirty or even forty percent of U.S. men fit this category of sick desperation. I know bc I have numerous family members in this category. ANY female, no matter how skankified and rebellious, paying the slightest attention will be accepted by them, as from their standpoint, it's a step 'up' from the nothing they are used to (and deserve). These 'men' are the true fundament of whiteknightism and feminist-pandering, and often are in positions of power in government, academia, and the church, over far superior men, who they routinely crush and oppress, to the delight and profit of their horrid wives and girlfriends. And the courts. And the wedding businesses. Etc.


Unknown said...

I've met those guys, too. I recommend they go to the Philippines.

By the way, I know a Filipina and she tells me the kind of Filipinas old white guys get are the Philippine version of trailer trash or ghetto skanks.

Still sounds better than most of the American women they can get. And a lot younger, too.

Marko said...

Glen and Bob - how does one find a "good girl" in America? I agree there needs to be a balance between PUA and MGTOW, but it seems like if you don't lock down a conservative 18 year old farmer's daughter when young, quality choices as a respectable man later in life become slim - especially for a guy like me, in his 30s, good career in a big city and a stand up guy, but unwilling to put up with skanks, feminists, careerists and the like.

Black Poison Soul said...

I'll admit that I'd rather be alone than lose my soul. Which I came very close to jumping over that cliff.

In the end it seems that the mythical unicorns have already been snapped up. If she's divorced then she doesn't qualify.

Pretty-much every foreign girl looking for a Western man as a husband is a deluded whore looking for her sugar-daddy. Doesn't matter if she's from Russia, Asia, India, Greece, anywhere. Anything to get outta her hellhole.

Unknown said...

The only foreign women I am truly familiar with are Filipinas, and a lot of guys marry them. Actually, they marry an inordinate number of Asian women, which is a huge red flag about how bad many American women are. If course, they blame the problem on men instead of looking in the mirror.

Black Poison Soul said...

It's a tremendously huge red flag when you realize what it truly means. Asian and Filipino trash are better than ours by far.

I wonder what the quality women in Asia and the Philippines are like? It would probably shred the souls of Western women if there was a true comparison.

Anonymous said...

I've seen AFBB in a reasonable number of women.

They had a succession of jerk boyfriends up until late 20s, when suddenly they "got serious" and saying things like "I've had my fun, and now I want a family".

My answer will be, okay, but in exchange for not getting your hottest years, I want to be able to bang some 20-something hookers from time to time.

You had your fun, I shall have mine.

When the revenge comes full-force to this society, as it eventually will, I want to have moved somewhere else.