Thursday, September 4, 2014

Women Trying to Bully Men

Damn, that biker chick has some talent! A sweep and then tries to get an armbar on her!

The last article I wrote I said there is no "shit testing" to determine "genetic fitness." There isn't. The whole concept is nonsense.

However, Glen, one of my commenters, wrote this:

"Shit testing DOES so exist. As an experienced observer of women I know it does. So do most men - but very few of them understand exactly what it is.

"That chick you ran into was not shit testing you, Bob, she was a psycho on a power trip.

"The shit test is not about fitness or genetics. It is about dominance and testing boundaries. Women will push their men to see what they will and won't take - just like dogs or children will. There is nothing mysterious or evil about shit tests; and you handle them the same way as you handle them with dogs. Expect it. You punish the behaviour, and if that doesn't work, you get rid of it. Most older women are very subtle with the shit test and often men are unaware they are even doing it.

"Unfortunately, the feminist movement has corrupted this mating ritual so that women themselves no longer understand the purpose of their own instinctive behaviour. In their push for independence feminists often engage in behaviour that is downright abusive - and it manifests itself in the shit test. Quite often they end up failing their own test and alienate the very men they want to consider a relationship with.

Bob writes these incidents off as simple random bad female behaviour. It is easy to miss the pattern in his case, he is an old world man that runs with old world women. The younger ladies today are not like their mothers. They are the 3rd generation of hippy-dippy feminists and they live in their own reality. The patterns of feral female behaviour are becoming more pronounced and the only reason I see them is because I am about 5~10 years younger than Unca Bob.

"You younger fellas are right to trust your guts. Us old farts played by different rules, and the women we have experience with are nothing like the modern shrews and feral women you have to deal with. Whether you want to think of it as a shit test or simple bad behaviour - you are under no obligation to put up with it and if you do - you will probably regret it at some point.

"Respect yourself and make damned sure she does too - or end the relationship and find a better woman."

I have seen for decades what he is talking about. "Shit testing" is not "shit testing" and shouldn't even be called it. It's about power and dominance and control - and it includes manipulation. It's about bullying. And it's the Dark Triad for women, that the Manosphere thinks is so wonderful for men but in reality is just a horror for every one involved.

I've had several women try to bully me, including ones who just met me and decided on the spot they didn't like me) and so have you. It's why women should not be in positions of authority; the vast majority cannot handle it - and they back right down if you won't tolerate it. And why should they not be in these positions? Because as Carl Jung noticed, women's greatest flaw is thinking she is always right,and their inherent childishness (Schopenhauer called them "big children") makes the vast majority of them unfit for any command.

And when they're not in a good relationship with a man, many of them go nuts and try to attack and bully men. That's why I've run this problem with women; "I am right; you are wrong. You are the cause of all my problems - and are responsible for my happiness - so I will attack you and attempt to destroy you if you don't give it to me." And is not feminism about "do what I want or I'll destroy you"?

This type of bullying I have seen more times that I can remember.It's not about "shit testing" for "genetic fitness." It's because most women are more narcissistic than men - what is misnamed "solipsistic."

It's why the attractive women I've met have been pleasant and friendly - they had good relationships - and the unattractive and unfriendly women weren't (the Manosphere gets it wrong, too, about all attractive women being cunts because of their "Sexual Market Value." It's the unfriendly and bullying/hostile who have the low SMV - no matter if they are "hard 10s" - or whatever other silly description is used).

The Manosphere misnames men who tolerate women's bullying as "Betas" (which they confuse with providers and protectors) and those who don't as "Alphas" (which they confuse with cads). I've known several men who were supposedly "Alphas" in the sense they slept with a lot of women but they ended up in a relationship with a woman who bullied them - and they could not leave. That's the end result of being a coward and having no respect for yourself and sleeping with over a hundred women. If you're ruled by your dick you going to end up doing a women's bidding - no matter how awful she is.

I've mentioned before men like Sonny Liston and Mike Tyson - "Alphas" in the ring but ruled by their wives. Some "Alphas."

In the past a man was one who did not change his behavior to get laid. They had too much respect for themselves.

And since men and women are not equal, the attempt to do so will only end up with women bullying and ruling men. That's why we've got the PUA and MGTOW phenomena.

The women I've known who were very popular with men - Girl Game - were always friendly and appreciative. They acted like the were glad to know you and talk to you.

The unappreciative and the unfriendly, no matter how attractive, were never popular. They didn't have good relationships with any man. That's when they got hostile and bullying.

The feminine is the passive, receptive, nurturing, supporting. And, mythologically, when they aren't that, they destroy - bullying and hostile, selfish and inconsiderate.


Anonymous said...

And the relevance of the clip to your narrative?

Unknown said...

A women in authority who could not handle it and became a bully. She tried to bully men, it didn't work and so attacked a woman.

rkshanny said...

You hang a cheap Halloween "official" costume and a cheap tin star on a small-minded disempowered nitwit . . . you have a problem . . . authoritah!!

Unknown said...

You got it.

little dynamo said...

Modern females have many methods of bullying and inciting males, accomplished with glee, in utter Homeland Security. Any attempt to defend oneself results in a call to her personal army, aka police, government, etc.

The glut of personal com electronics raises (lowers) this dynamic to a whole new level. Now she has a means instantaneously to beat you down, to control every aspect of your behavior, while holding up her New Gadget, allowing her simultaneously to harass the shit out of you while clutching The Immediate Threat. The response to the dearies' 'defense' is now instantaneous, and that's a big reason why such devices are so popular with females -- they further weaponize the gynarchy's Female Command and Control over mere males.


Unknown said...

"Nature hath given women so much power the law wisely gives them little" - Samuel Johnson,

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this. I stumbled on your blog randomly. You just clarified some behaviors that I've seen in my family for years. Thanks again.

Shaun F said...

That was a very insightful post, and helps me better understand some things that I now recognize in female work related behaviour. It is about dominance.