Monday, September 8, 2014

Men and Women As a Stupid/Evil Cybernetic Feedback System

I mentioned before in my last post that society goes as women go, because men follow them. That is, society is destroyed. Why? Because, as the story of the Garden of Eden informs us, women's greatest sins are wanting to be God-like (you can be as God, knowing good and evil) and envy (the serpent is a symbol of envy - and just remember the serpent targets, Eve, the weaker vessel, and not Adam).

Carl Jung also noted women's greatest flaw was thinking she is always right, which means men are always wrong...which is the hubris or pride that wants to be God-like.

And, of course, Adam followed Eve, seduced by the pride and envy. In other words, never listen to a woman when what she says is motivated by pride and envy...which exactly what feminism is based on. And men misinterpret this as a plea for "justice" and "fairness" instead of what it really it - the attempt to destroy men out of envy and the belief they are always wrong.

Yet, just as men follow women, women follow men. It's a cybernetic feedback system.

Where men go, women follow, again out of envy, because they think men are having some sort of party, and it must be a really groovy one (I wish that word would come back). And then when men let them in, they want to change men's institution because they think men are wrong.

So, either way, women, as a group, are motivated by pride and envy, and men, as a group, are motivated by a desire to please women, and are apparently unable to see pride and envy when it's before their noses.

It reminds me of that old joke that the Republicans (supposedly conservative) are the Stupid Party and the Democrats (supposedly liberal) are the Evil Party. Or as my 31-year-old niece (who is not political at all) recently told me, men are stupid and women are evil.

Now imagine that as a cybernetic feedback and watch what happens. It's all around us.


Anonymous said...

It is why sexuality sells in advertisements, music, films, magazines, etc.

There are studies that have shown when men are in the presence of women they make stupid decisions.

Not only did men in the past not want women to give up their feminine qualities to join them in the corporate world, but also women joining them in the corporate world would mess them up.

Similar to women joining men on the battlefield, or a police squad, or army squad. The men in those groups have a million thoughts running through their head "Is she strong enough? Do I have to protect her? Is she hot? Can I impress her?" He loses focus on his own mission and it becomes about her in more than one way.

The separation of duties between male and female and the female keeping the household straight was not only to protect the female from the outside world (Dangers, seducers, PUA, corporate bosses, wars) but also to protect the man from the woman.

little dynamo said...

Spot on. Nothing has changed in male-female dynamics since the Garden, which assuredly is far more than mere 'story'.

I'm over sixty, and I can't recall ever hearing a female admit she was wrong . . . about ANYTHING. I can't recall ever hearing a female apologize for something. Anything.

What's that tell you about the pathology of modern culture, and about the true reality of power between the sexes?

Female vanity and insecurity demand that they always be right, and if they aren't, then they either bring force against you (the State, whiteknights, the 'pastors' and churches, etc) or they silence/censor you, then go about slagging you to anyone who'll listen or help. Their Holy Opinions must be regarded as Truth, and enshrined into civil and criminal law.

And thus it ever was, even from the beginning.


Quartermain said...

Here is an article you may find of interest:

TheShningOne said...

Or, as Baudelaire put it: "La femme, esclave vile, orgueilleuse et stupide,
Sans rire s'adorant et s'aimant sans dégoût;
L'homme, tyran goulu, paillard, dur et cupide,
Esclave de l'esclave et ruisseau dans l'égout;("Woman, a base slave, haughty and stupid,
Adoring herself without laughter or disgust;
Man, a greedy tyrant, ribald, hard and grasping,
A slave of the slave, a gutter in the sewer;")

Robert What? said...

I think I once heard my wife say she may have been wrong about something - can't remember what. But I remember it was very painful for her.