Friday, September 19, 2014

Thomas Chittum on the Coming Breakup of America

There is an old saying to the effect that the difference between a lunatic and a genius is that the genius happens to be right.

Thomas Chittum does come across as a bit of a nut, which doesn't matter in the slightest if he's right.

Chittum believes in the coming break-up of America, with first a Great Depression. I see the same thing coming. Of course, the funny thing is that if Mexico somehow takes California, it'll turn into a toilet, which it is doing right now, and the denizens of that now-foul state will wonder what the hell happened to the wealth.

Chittum now lives in the Pacific Northwest. I know people who have moved there. They like it.

It will break up along racial/ethnic lines, and those morons in their fortified mansions in L.A. are going to be in for a big surprise.

Now as to now many nations it will break into, I have no idea. But I do know California is so far a lost cause, which is why the natives are moving out.

And of all things, we fighting bankrupting wars on the other side of the planet while letting anti-Americans flood this country.

Certain people are trying to destroy the U.S., and it appears to be for the same old reasons - money and power. And, I suspect, more for power than money.

"Social, political and economic forces are pulling America apart and driving her toward a bloody conflict that may fracture the nation into several different countries" - Thomas Chittum


AAB said...

Thomas Chittum on Russia Today, wow, now I've seen it all!

RT certainly do have a liberal/free attitude when it comes to hosting guests with different views on the world. Russia Today UK quite often have opinions from Lyndon Larouches colleagues (notably Lawrence Freeman) that you would never expect to see on MSM channels like BBC or Sky. It definitely makes for some interesting analysis.

Unknown said...

Pitiful, isn't it, when there is more freedom of expression in Russia than the U.S.?