Sunday, September 21, 2014

Misogyny is Not Giving Special Treatment to Women

I picked this up from the Red Pill Reddit.

Now let's extrapolate a little bit from it: if you don't give some women everything they demand you hate women and are a mysognyist, which is a word that means nothing because it means everything. They demand to be treated as something special, which they mis-perceive as "equality."

Let's try it this way: no matter what you give them it will never be enough.

"It's common to see, principally in the discussions about SJW's and feminists taking place right now , the statement that a men is being misogynistic, simply by not giving special treatment towards woman.

"Even in the interactions taking place in college, in the workplace, with your friends, it's not rare to come upon such scenario.

"I would like to share with you a little study that I found.

Lay misperceptions of the relationship between men’s benevolent and hostile sexism; by Amy W.Y. Yeung

In this thesis I presented two studies that documented lay people’s misperceptions of the link between HS and BS in male but not female targets. Psychological research finds that benevolent sexism and hostile sexism are positively correlated, such that people have ambivalent attitudes towards women across these two types of sexism. I hypothesized that lay perceivers would understand how female target’s attitudes towards women might be ambivalent across the two forms of sexism, but I hypothesized that they would assume that men’s attitudes towards women are more univalent. Specifically, I hypothesized that men who do not value women in conventional ways – through expression of chivalrous and benevolent sexist attitudes – would be misperceived as harboring hostility towards women. Study 1 demonstrated that men’s rejection of BS was equated with high hostility toward women and their endorsement of BS was equated with low hostility toward women. Study 2 tested the hypothesis that negative evaluations of low BS male targets may be due to conflicting attributions about the meaning of low BS in men. Lay perceivers may be uncertain whether low BS attitudes in men are due to resentment of women, egalitarian attitudes, or other reasons. Consistent with this hypothesis , in Study 2 I found that perceivers attributed less hostile sexist attitudes to a male target that rejected BS if this target’s rejection of BS was explicitly connected to his endorsement of egalitarian values .** For female targets it was not necessary to explicitly tie rejection of benevolent sexism to egalitarianism for perceivers to see the target as having non - hostile attitudes towards women**.

In Study 1, I manipulated the target’s gender and responses on a subscale of the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory (high HS, low HS, high BS, or low BS). The low BS male target (compared to high BS male target) was judged to be higher on HS, less supportive of female professionals, less good of father and husband, and more likely to perpetrate domestic violence.

"TL;DR: Males that don't engage in "Benevolent Sexism" are perceived as Hostile toward woman."

Click HERE to read the paper.

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Anonymous said...

A misogynist used to be someone who hated women. Now it's someone whom women hate.