Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Men Aren't Mad At Women's Success--They Just Don't Want To Help"

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds” – Bob Marley

Apparently women are never satisfied - more! more! more! And it's still never enough. When women act like that, contempt follows from men. Can they not see that? I guess not.

What they are going to do, mostly, is have hallucinations about men being afraid of "strong, independent women" - which don't exist. And, of course, they'll blame all their problems on men - which is one of the points of this article, even if the author can't quite figure that out.

Women - including the author - can't quite figure out that their attempt to destroy men from birth to adulthood hasn't produced what they want - "the new man." They don't even see it as destroying.

This is from Forbes and was written by Meghan Casserly.

"On Monday writer Suzanne Venker, the author of the progressively-titled “How To Choose A Husband” dropped a bomb in the feminist blogosphere by way of FOX News: there is no war on women being waged in modern society, rather a widespread and well-orchestrated offensive by women into the territory long-held by men.

“'To say gender relations have changed dramatically is an understatement,' she writes. 'Ever since the sexual revolution, there has been a profound overhaul in the way men and women interact. Men haven’t changed much – they had no revolution that demanded it – but women have changed dramatically.'

"We’re angry, she says. We’re defensive and we’ve overstepped our bounds, fighting our way up the pedestal once reserved for men (and falling off of our own in the process). In short? “Women aren’t women anymore.”

"Up until this point, I have to say Venker didn’t blow my mind. It’s not news that there’s been a significant shift in gender dynamics as women enter the workforce in record numbers, and it sort of goes without saying that women of my generation (we of the Bring Your Daughter To Work Day tribe) don’t buy the notion of 'men’s work' and 'women’s work,' preferring the pedestal of success to be equal opportunity.

"No, I wasn’t wowed by her logic, but I wasn’t as upset as my colleagues at Jezebel or even The Frisky—I can’t say I’ve never asked myself the question of whether too many brilliant, self-sufficient women was at the root of the dearth of wedding bells among Millennials. It’s a point that’s been raised before, most recently by Hanna Rosin in “The End Of Men.” In fact, I thought, if we put Venker and Rosin in one room I have a feeling they might agree on more than they’d argue about.

And then she went and did it.

The so-called rise of women has not threatened men. It has pissed them off. It has also undermined their ability to become self-sufficient in the hopes of someday supporting a family. Men want to love women, not compete with them. They want to provide for and protect their families – it’s in their DNA. But modern women won’t let them.

"So what are men pissed off about? Venker’s entire story seems to set up the argument that men are, in fact, threatened by women’s onslaught. 'Modern women won’t let them' provide because they’re making their own money. Modern women 'climbing the pedestals' that rightfully belong to men. All that threatening would be an understandable cause for their fury. It’s human nature to get angry when we’re afraid.

"But Venker says that’s not the case. In an email today she answered my question: if it’s not that men are threatened by the rise of women, what are they so upset about?

“'Men are not pissed about women being successful in their own right — they’re pissed about never being good enough. About always having to change to accommodate the endless list of women’s needs. It’s to the point where there just isn’t enough give and take: women are always suffering in some way.'

"In other words, they’re modern men are fine with women’s success—as long as they don’t have to change themselves in the process. Modern women’s goals—say, that both mom and dad can share professional work and domestic work equally—are unrealistic and a total turn-off to men. 'Modern men have become more involved on the home front — they cook, they clean, they care for babies — but they’re also expected to bring home a full-time income,' she told me, 'And even after all that, it’s still not enough.'

"Women, do you hear Suzanne Venker? It’s all your fault. The women’s sexual revolution has left you too aggressive and too needy at the same time—two things 'good men' absolutely abhor. But it’s not so much the changing that’s pissing mankind off, ladies. No, we’re pissing them off by expecting them to change along with us. To help us.

"Venker writes that women have changed in recent decades and that men have stayed the same–as there hasn’t been a revolution that demanded it. But it seems that very revolution might be upon us. Modern men have two options: to change—or continue going the way of the buffalo.

“'One of the reasons men are less successful today is because women have been insisting for decades [that] they don’t need a man!' she says. 'So men stopped reaching as high as they used to.' But as women continue to reach higher and higher towards success, will men reach lower and lower? Will they even be able to lift a finger?"


Anonymous said...

I would rather go the way the of buffalo than help these selfish, self centered affirmative action b*thces. I have no sympathies at all for these broads who have painted themselves into a corner and wonder where have all the good men gone!!! As is a new trend that has been in the media recently, they can have lesbian relationships with their own mothers.Screw them all.

JKB said...

The results show that if there were no returns to career choices in the marriage market, men would tend to work less, study less, and choose blue‐collar jobs over white‐collar jobs. [Journal of Human Capital] observation by Scott Adams recently. Marriage may be doomed in the modern world because it is the road to unhappiness. In a world of near unlimited choices, marriage demands one partner (or both) to be alway compromising making unhappiness when conditions no longer require it.

JKB said...

My 9:51 comment got chopped in the middle. The italics quote was from an article called 4 myths about mating and dating.

TDOM said...

Everyone here is missing the boat. men (in general) aren't afraid of successful women. Most men I know have no problem with strong, successful women. But in part, Venker is right. Men are tired of constantly being told they have to change to accommodate women.
Women demanded to be allowed to enter the world of men. When they found that world unpleasant, or had trouble competing with men, women told men that they had to change. Men who resisted were criticized and demonized. When women have difficulty meeting standards and requirements for certain types of work, they demanded that those standards and requirements be changed; but only for women. As a result, women entering these fields are often looked at as lesser or inferior because they are not held to the same standard.
But demanding that men change in order to accommodate them isn’t all. Men most certainly still want family. But women began to kick them out and take their family. Then women still demanded that men support that family, when men resist, they are demonized as deadbeats. Women demand reproductive choice, but want men to fund that choice either individually or en masse through government programs. But they don’t want to share the children.
The message men are hearing from women is “sit down, shut up, and give us everything we want because if it wasn’t for you, the world would be perfect.” This is most likely what Venker is talking about. Women demand the world from men yet offer nothing in return.

Take The Red Pill said...

"It’s to the point where there just isn’t enough give and take..."

Sorry, but I heartily disagree. There is PLENTY of 'give and take' -- it's just that men give, and women take. And with Modern Women, it is NEVER enough no matter how much they take.

Unknown said...

Yes, men are supposed to give and give and give, sometimes by the force of the government, and they get very little, sometimes nothing in return.

Black Poison Soul said...

Less than nothing in return, actually.

Men pissed off? Maybe. Once you get over that though, it's just a big yawn of "I can't be bothered with this crap".