Sunday, September 21, 2014

Women's Greatest Sins Are Pride and Envy

Let's start, again, with the story of the Garden of Eden.

The serpent, which is a symbol of envy, targets Eve by telling her she can be "like God." He targets her pride and envy. Those are the two worst sins there are, especially pride, which has traditionally be considered the sin on which all others are based. The envious will also destroy themselves as long as they can destroy those they envy.

The Eve talks Adam into listening to her, meaning man's greatest sin is listening to women when their motivations are pride and envy.

Want proof in real life?

Leftism, which is feminine, is based and hubris (pride) and envy.

Why do women want to move into men's fields? Envy, the belief we're having a party out here.

Why do they want to change men's fields to suit themselves? Hubris, the belief they can do it better.

Why do successful women not help less-successful women. Envy they may become their equal, and hubris, in that they think they're better than them.

Why do less attractive women want all women to be fat and ugly? Envy! Since they can't raise themselves up, they want to drag down all women to their level. Envy!

I would not say all women are motivated by pride and envy. If Pareto was right, just 80%.

Men are also motivated by pride and envy, but far less so than women. In their case it tends to be admiration, which, as the Greeks noticed, is the benign form of envy. It's why men can be mentors, but women can do so only rarely.

Again I repeat: men's greatest sin is listening to women when they are motivated by pride and envy. That is one of the reasons we are in the trouble we are in, to the point some sort of collapse is inevitable.

Then, of course, society will regroup itself, as it always does, and again men won't listen to women. Then later on, they're make the same mistakes, forgetting the lessons they've learned, and they'll start listening to women. And then we'll have the same problems - again.


cecilhenry said...

Bang on right about envy.

ALL cultural marxism, PC coercion, and multiculturalism is about envy too.

IT needs to destroy everything.

Anonymous said...

Watch "Lithia" of "The Outer Limits":

That women might become the sole beneficiaries of destroyed men comes as no surprise. That women marry men for the sole purpose of collecting alimony and child support, if you're a woman, makes perfect sense. Why do you think we have life insurance and social security? Who mainly benefits from that? Men or women? In our age of equality, why are men still mostly the breadwinners in marriage? Could it be women's pathological obsession to marry the man with the most resources? What about male only selective service and conscription? That this pathologically narcissistic trait exists within women will be their own daughters and granddaughters undoing. Makes me giggle. Those that live on the unjustly won spoils of the labor of antecedent slaves (men) will suffer fates conceivable only to their descendants.

It is said, that a protein exists, to destroy the male of the species. Fascinating. Those that benefit from cutting off their noses to despite their faces will do so. Makes perfect sense to me. For women to control resources, they need to control men. If women lose control of men, then they lose control of the resources. This is where social conditioning and programming of men comes into play. As long as men are susceptible to shaming, they're controllable. When that power starts to fade, then women must dispose of natural male power through misandric laws and policies. Women need naive, ignorant white knights to maintain control of policies and laws. Eliminate white knights and you eliminate female privilege; hence the rapid increase in misandric legislation. Women need to get the current generation of white knights to pass man hating laws because the number of white knights are declining.

The sins of the mother will so saturate future generations of daughters and granddaughters that their daughter's and granddaughter's only hope will be to further their mother's and grandmother's denigration of men. Again, makes me giggle.

Women produce their future slaves in the same way a farmer once produced cucumbers in days past. The nutrients of the land must be replenished, lest the land become barren and the cucumbers fail to grow. How apropos.