Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Our Sucess is Always Synergistic With Our Environment"

I've mentioned before no one is independent. Everyone and everything is interdependent. And that is why Sir Ken Robinson said that "Our success is always synergistic with our environment."

So, obviously, we need the best environment in which excellence and well-being...arete leading to eudaimonia.

Robinson, among others, has investigated what it takes for people to achieve well-being at work: autonomy, mastery, purpose. For that matter, that's what it takes to achieve that flourishing/well-being in life.

Everything is supposed to lead to eudaimonia: religion, education (which means "to draw out," as in drawing out our natural talents), our country, our culture, our economy, our politics.

But those things, in varying degrees, do and do not work.

For the ways it does not work, what all have in common is the interference of the government. Which is mostly made up of busybodies to seem to think they are intellectually and morally superior to the unwashed masses. What Thomas Sowell called "the Anointed."

The problem is that when the government alters one thing that is none of its business, everything else is thrown out of balance, until the point everything is out of balance and breaks down.

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