Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leaders, Advisors, Merchants & All the Rest

Several years a friend used the word "Dalit." He was an American (as I am) and I asked what the word meant. "Niggers and white trash," he told me. Same thing, just different races.

When I looked up the word, I found it was based on the castes in India: Warriors, Priests (teachers, advisors, intellectuals), Merchants, Laborers...and then the dregs of society.

I'm part of the teacher/advisor/priest caste. My father was part of the Merchant class (general contractor) and his workers were part of the Laborer class. He tried to teach me his business but it didn't stick.

I knew about these classes long before I heard that word, Dalit. I was raised with a lot of Dalits, many of whom went to prison or are dead.

Because I knew so many of them, by the time I was in seventh grade I wondered why all of those different classes were jumbled together in public school. The schools were trying to improve the Dalits but only succeeded in dragging everyone else down.

The writer Jerry Pournelle writes often of the Warrior class (he calls them "the Legions") and he points out they're pretty pissed off these days. And when they get pissed off they take over. So I wonder what is coming.

Unfortunately, the Intellectual class consists these days of a bunch of nitwit leftist pseudo-intellectuals (aka "the Cathedral"). They're worse than worthless; they're dangerous.

The Dalits are as always just a drag on society, and the Merchants make mistakes with investments and opening businesses because most don't understand exactly how the government screws up the economy. And the ones that do just hoard their cash rather than risk it in a very uncertain economy.

So...the Dalits are dangerous parasites (and a growing class due to importing them), the Laborers can't find decent jobs, many Intellectuals are a danger due to their leftist ideas, and the Warriors are pissed off.

Just wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

I feel like a top notch intellectual priest cast member but objectively seem to rather resemble a Dalit.