Thursday, September 11, 2014

Marriage vs. Whores

"If it flies, floats, or fucks, it's cheaper to rent" - Old Saying

There is only one thing that makes that saying not true. Love. Without that...

I owned a taxi for five years. It was the best job I ever had, until ruined by immigrants who live six to an apartment.

When I first started, one of the older drivers, who I think was 65-70, and still driving because he loved it, told me when he started (the '50s, I think) he thought, "Where has this job been all the life?"

He worked 11 months, then took one month off (we were independent contractors) put his wife in the sidecar of his motorcycle, then toured the country for a month.

That was when you could make $50,000 a year owning a taxi.

I knew what he meant. It was a party every day. When conventions came into town I'd work until 3 am and go home with $250 in my pocket. And have a party doing it.

The stories I could tell - like the "Little People" convention that came to town and all they did is fight and fuck.

I also got to know several whores, and in fact used to hang out at the "madam's" house (she owned the escort service) waiting for calls.

Whores are not right in their heads. None of them were hookers with a heart of gold. I knew a few who were heroin addicts.

The customers ranged from married men on business trips, guys with physical deficiencies who couldn't get a girl no how, and lonely guys who just wanted to watch movies with them but didn't have sex.

The cops knew who I was but didn't care. I was, after all, also a bodyguard for the girls.

At that time it costs about $100 an hour for a girl. $200, of course, for two.

Years later, after finding out about the collapse of marriage since it's such as bad deal for men (like getting financially raped in divorce, including losing the house) I figured the cost of whores to the cost of a horrible marriage, and realized whores were a better deal! At least you get to keep your house!

And you're not yoked for life with alimony or maybe going to debtor's prison for child support.

As Charlie Sheen once said, you pay whores to "go away."

All of this is not good. Not good at all. Women, of course, blame it on men, since when they look in the mirror all they see are puppies and rainbows.

It's got to the point love doesn't happen at all, and if it does, sometimes turns to hate or indifference.

Additionally, with the collapse of the economy you're going to get college girls becoming part-time hookers, which means the collapse of prices. Let's put it this way: a BJ from such street skank costs $5, and I was once offered one for a cheeseburger (I gave her $5 for some food and asked her to get away from my cab).

This is something not all that discussed: lousy economies lead to men renting whores, girls going into prostitution, and the surplus of girls leading to lower prices. That's basic suppy-and-demand.

One of the creepiest things about this is that if you read the stupidest feminists from the '60s and 70's they claimed wives were whores and should liberate themselves from it by using men and being promiscuous. They had no idea where they were going with this.

It's been known for thousands of years that women's sexuality is all over the map, and few of them even know that. They can be good wives or they can be whores. It usually depends on what society lets them get away with.

Having been in that life, it's more a horror than anything else. It's civilization going backwards.


Giraffe said...

The cure for high prices is high prices.

Women (even wives) put a high price on sex. Men are refusing to buy. Supply outstrips demand, and sex gets cheap.

So yes, it gets bad. And when it does, women might start to realize they have it good when a man takes care of her. And they might be more willing to accommodate what he wants in order to get his provision. Perhaps laws get changed or ignored to the benefit of marriage. Or they can be whores. Tough choice.

Anonymous said...

I've tried explaining to women that the primary result of feminism is to greatly devalue women. It's no use. They don't want to hear.

Unknown said...

Women don't understand supply-and-demand applies to them.

Take The Red Pill said...

Women refuse to accept the Law of Supply and Demand because EACH ONE of them is utterly convinced that SHE has a Golden Vagina/Uterus and is the 'Special Snowflake' to which laws of any kind do not apply.
Of course, when each one of them 'wakes up' at forty with no husband or children -- only their 'career' (which was so important when they were young), they immediately look around for the nearest man/men so that he/they can be blamed for their own poor choices.
Nearly every man is taught that poor choices lead to bad results, but again, every woman believes that doesn't apply to HER.

It's becoming increasingly obvious to men that you are more likely to have a better life without women in it.

Unknown said...

"I'll go to college and have lots of sex with many different guys, then graduate and start a career and then at 30 Prince Charming will show up...why are those cats trying to get in my door?"

I have, personally, seen this more than once.