Monday, September 22, 2014

I Told You They Weren't Right in Their Heads

"Admitting to part of a lie does not help to relieve guilt, and may even increase anxiety and shame. Coming completely clean is the best approach" - Rick Nauert

I know PUAs. Real ones, not the frauds of the Manosphere.

I've pointed out before I know guys who've slept with over 100 women. Had I slept with every woman I could have, it would have been about 50 - and that was without even trying. And they would have been for free. And I didn't do it.

The PUAs I've known, every one of them, was as insecure as hell. They used women as Narcissistic Supply to fill the hole in their souls. They were cowards, just like the sluts I've known were cowards. And liars.

There is nothing admirable about them. And not only do they lie, they fuck whores, fat women, unattractive women, and fat unattractive women.

The faux-PUAS of the Manosphere are doing it for attention and money. They'll even lie to get those things, as all narcissists do. And, sometimes they want to confess, to receive absolution - to cleanse themselves of their self-hate, their guilt and shame, their ennui and nihilism. And, sometimes, they even repent.

No matter how much some claim they love women, they don't. They despise and fear them. And when someone hates women as much as Roissy and Roosh and Krauser do, what they really hate and despise is their selves, which they try to cover up that grandiose comic-book concept of "Alpha."

This article is from Men, Women, and Society and was written by Aaron Sleazy.

Guest Post: Roosh spends $6,500 per Lay

"It's been a while since I spent time writing on alleged pickup gurus, and I don't think I'm going to spill any more ink on that topic. However, I recently received an email by a disgruntled follower of Roosh who did some back-of-the-envelope calculations and questioned what that guy actually writes. This reminded me of when I pointed out that 'Style' was teaching game before he was even getting laid using Mystery Method and when some morons asked me for a source, I told them that it he says so himself in his book. Anyway, here is Exposer with a note on Roosh.

Pick-up Guru Roosh Seduces Five Women Per Year

"When Roosh wrote his self-proclaimed 'game bible' Bang, he made $60,000 per year, which is a good salary for a 27-year-old biologist. After taxes, he's got around $45,000 left. After saving $13,000 to travel, he spent $32,000. He calculated his 'True Cost Per Notch' as $6,500. That means he slept with only five women that year. If that sounds unimpressive, realize that Bang concludes 'an average player ... will get 3-8 notches in a year' and 'will score a one-night stand once in a blue moon.' By his own reckoning, Roosh was pretty average.

"Ironically, his book 30 Bangs explains that half his notches do not come from cold approaching women. Instead, he had affairs with a coworker, social circle fix-ups, blog groupies, and women who approached him. On his vaunted Ukraine trip, he just stuck with an English-speaking girlfriend he met at work. Even his prime advertisement for Bang shows that success comes when women approach him:

One night we went out to a club ... when a girl came up to my friend and said he was handsome. She was fat and ugly but she had a few friends with her, one of whom was very pretty.

"The point is that Roosh, or pretty much anybody, could effortlessly sleep with a couple of average women per year. Instead, he cruises until 4:00 a.m. in pursuit of 'Craig's list fatties' and 'monstrous', 'ugly', women who were 'too drunk to legally consent,' and sex that 'did not meet expectations.' It seems like a lot of effort to get just a few extra one night stands. Is this the idol you want to look up to? No wonder he's so negative about women."

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Anonymous said...


You've really got a hard on for PUAs.

Unknown said...

They're cowards, as is the young and naive who support them.

Anonymous said...

"They're cowards,"


"I know PUAs. Real ones, not the frauds of the Manosphere."

OK, so there are snake oil salesmen in the Manosphere. There are also guys looking for the pheromone shampoo that would just drive women insane with desire. And yes, there is one born every minute.

We know what you think of PUAs. You've repeated it over and over, the interesting question is .... why?

Why do you even care, there is next to nothing you can do to change the dynamic of the current fashion.

Unknown said...

You want to know how many private letters I get from young guys who don't know what the hell is going on? So I just post it like this for those interested.