Monday, September 22, 2014

The Utility of Men

Both men and women seek to find something greater than themselves to believe in. Otherwise you end up believing in and only serving yourself, and that doesn't work at all. In fact it's often immensely destructive.

For men far more than women, that serving often consists in creating, discovering, inventing, fixing. It's in our nature, and that is why men created civilization and everything in it.

And it's not because of 30,000 years of patriarchy, and oppression and discrimination against women. Men and women have different brains.

It used to be, not so long ago, that one of the things men served were their families - wife, home, children. Those days are gone, and the only thing most women can do is not look in the mirror and blame everything on men.

Sometimes I wonder if Schopenhauer was right - women are just big children.

Fortunately, by serving something greater than you, you also serve yourself. Ultimately, if you do it right, there is no difference between between being selfish and not being selfish. That's been noticed for thousands of years, as in the comment about loving your neighbor as yourself.

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