Monday, June 30, 2014

The Goddess of Murder and Revenge

I have for years been interested in the concepts of shame, humiliation and violence. It was, as I've mentioned, because of how I was raised, and the area I was raised in. It's also why I consider the concept of "Alpha" a joke, because all of the fake Alphas I knew are dead from drugs, murdered, or in prison (99.9999% of those in the Manosphere who support "Alphas" are afraid they're wimps). And none of these Bad Boys were popular with women.

Perhaps 15 years ago I was listening to the radio and found Dr. James Gilligan being interviewed. He was spend some 35 years interviewing the most violent of prisoners, trying to understand why they did what they did. He mentioned that one day he realized all murder, all horrible violence, was explained by the Biblical story of Cain and Abel.

That it, murder is caused by overwhelming, crushing feelings of shame and humiliation, followed by revenge - brutal violence to replace that shame and humiliation with pride.

Even before that interview I had been interested in mythology. I pay more attention to myths than anything else. I rarely pay attention to 99% of the Ph.D.s from Harvard and Yale and Princeton, all of which will someday disappear.

I had found that one of the most perceptive of old myths is the Greek one of Hubris followed by Nemesis. It's Greek version of the Biblical "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." For the Greeks the full sequence is Koros to Hubris to Ate to Nemesis.

Koros means the surfeit which attends a base man who has too much, say money and power (this means base people are far more prone to hubris than normal people). It's actually unstable stability, which you find in weak people. It's considered to be a kind of greed.

I think of most politicians, almost all of whom (no matter how charming) are morally corrupt and have money, sex, drug and alcohol problems. Add political power to all those other problems and it's us who pays for it, not them. It's amazing that people — Mass Man, meaning Mass Morons — keep falling for the lies and mendacity of politicians.

After Koros comes Hubris — the God of Arrogance and Insolence. These days the word used is "grandiosity," a disorder in which the afflicted think they're far, far smarter and far, far better than everyone else - yet at the same time are weak and excruciatingly sensitive to criticism and humiliation.

Sometimes these people think they've been chosen by God, or, if they go crazy enough, believe they are a god. History is full of leaders like this, all of whom are convinced they are justified in their behavior, and none of whom have any guilt.

After Hubris comes Ate, which is a kind of madness or folly. It happens when the hubristic get challenged, when they're told they are emperors with no clothes. It's when they go crazy and in their moral blindness start slaughtering people.

Next stop? Nemesis. Nemesis is generally translated as "destruction," but it really means "vengeance." Indeed, Nemesis is the Goddess of Vengeance. Again, to replace feelings of shame and humiliation with pride.

Vengeance, or revenge, comes from other people, directed towards the hubristic. It happens when they are oppressed and humiliated and mocked to the point they rise up, overthrow and kill their oppressors, then hang them by their heels from lamp-posts.

The Biblical version is shorter than the Greek version. Again: "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

The Bible also noticed the importance of shame, which is just another word for humiliation or ridicule or mockery. The shorthand these days is "being dissed."

In the story of the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve are naked and without shame, since they have no self-consciousness. Notice the first thing they feel is shame, not guilt. This means shame comes before guilt, which is not mentioned at all in the story.

For a long time I've thought Adam and Eve were about three years old... lacking self-consciousness, running around naked, blaming their problems on other people. For little children, does shame come before guilt? That's been my experience.

Guilt is when you feel as if you are oppressing others; shame is when you feel they are oppressing you. Shame is what leads to murder, not guilt. The murder is supposed to erase the shame; revenge is supposed to make the murderer 'whole' again.

Both the Greeks and Hebrews noticed how shame leads to murder. That's what Hubris followed by Nemesis means.

Gilligan said what he heard, every time, was, "He dissed me" or their children, wife, parents, friends. Cain and Abel.

Humiliation leads to revenge and murder. Cain and Abel. Hubris followed by Nemesis. Pride goes before destruction. The stories are the same.

The Greeks considered humiliation to be an obscenity, and they banned representations of it from the theater. They were a lot wiser than we are. For that matter, the Bible contains much practical wisdom, although we think we know more than its time-tested wisdom.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Monkey Brains

I've pointed out several times I hold the ideas of Alpha/Beta/Ectera in contempt. It's based on how I grew up. The more someone believes in Alpha, the more of a wimp they are. This includes the most popular bloggers like Roissy.

Here's some things that happened when I was a teenager and in my early 20s: one guy, throat cut. Another, shot full of holes in front of me. Another was tied to a tree and had his femoral artery cut (the inside of the thigh) and was beaten until he bled out.

Each thought he was an Alpha. The last tried to rip off his suppliers. They are all now dead. The rest are dead from drug overdoses or in prison. This includes two relatives.

The easiest way to identify the Wimp Apha is that they are hypersensitive to not being taken seriously. That is, humiliation, which is followed by revenge. That's one of the reasons I call the concept "comic book."

Sure, go ahead and believe all your wimpy nonsense and cherry-picking that girls like Bad Boys. Go ahead and act like an "Alpha" and watch what happens. You'll just be another story to me.

This article is from No Nonsense Self-Defense.

Our brains and repertoire of social behaviors
have expanded enormously over
the course of our evolution
and it is shame to ignore all that.

Richard Conniff

Respect, Props and Alpha

"Generally speaking people who think they know something already tend to roll their eyes when you start talking about history. Then they proceed to go out and make the same mistakes over again ... because, after all, they're smarter than that. Here are two bits of history you might want to think about.

"First, back with when I ran the correctional center I'd constantly get punk gangbangers who'd walk in and declare three things:

'I'm a man.
"A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

"Every time I heard this, I knew I was dealing with a dysfunctional 'child' who had no idea what it meant to be a man. But worse, this was 'adult sized childishness.' Although legally adults, they were mentally immature children and they had about the same degree of impulse control.

"Unfortunately, they also had guns ... which was often why they'd ended up in prison.

"Standing before me declaring his manhood, was a dangerous and ignorant person who's definition of 'manhood' had been shaped by other, equally ignorant and dysfunctional children. As nine year old children, they'd listened to 18 year old gang members telling them what it meant to be a man. Now in their early twenties, they were busy trying to act out this dysfunctional definition. Oh yeah ... and most of them were also addicted to drugs. No matter how convinced they were about what being a man meant, being an addict really made you wonder about how functional their life's philosophy was.

"Second history point, back in 1989 I was the first to apply the concept of Alpha and Beta behavior to a street context. I did this in my first book Cheap Shots, Ambushes and Other Lessons. (This isn't just some internet claim. You can look up the registered copyright.) It was an attempt to explain an important social dynamic that has a lot to do with whether or not violence erupts.

"Unfortunately an incident a few years earlier had required that I explain to my (now you know why she's an ex) girlfriend, that her behavior on Hollywood Blvd was ... shall we say ...'unwise." To the point that if she continued acting that way, I'd probably have to kill someone. Given the dangerous circumstances, that was not hyperbole. People were going to end up with more holes in them than they started the evening with.

"Since that time the term 'Alpha male' has been run with ... and abused ... by almost every Tom, Dick and Harry who styles himself as a 'reality based self-defense' expert. The instructors present the concept as a holy grail that they can bestow on you. For a hefty fee, they'll train you how to be an alpha male, able to swagger down dark alleys with confidence.

"Criminals will recoil in fear...

"Men will step aside...

"and women will swoon at your manly physique.

"All of these benefits will be yours ... if you learn - begin deep and resonating voice - how to be an alpha male using their -begin celestial choru - Undefeatable Fighting System™.


"This is not functional self-defense training. In fact, odds are it will get you thrown into jail or killed if you ever find yourself in a violent situation. But that isn't what these guys (or in the case of some WSD training, women) are looking for. No matter how much they insist it is, it's not about self-defense. They are looking for that one thing that will make them ... an alpha male!!!(1)

"And there's someone who will teach you how... whether by self-defense training or teaching you how to pick up any woman you want (speed seduction). Yep, you too can leave three sets of tracks when you walk through sand ... if you take their training.

"The problem is, like so many other things, the people who are pandering these systems get it wrong. In fact, what they end up doing themselves and creating in others is a macho parody.

Respect and the Monkey Brain

"Cesar Millan has a show called the Dog Whisperer. In this show he travels the country helping people with problem dogs. His basic premise is that dogs are pack animals and they are psychologically more comfortable when they know their 'place' in pack. He often encounters overly aggressive and territorial dogs running rampant in the owner's lives. He calls this kind of dog is 'an insecure alpha.' It's a dog that should be a beta, but because of circumstances has found itself in the role of an alpha.

"Or at least what it thinks an alpha is.

"Such dogs are bullying, aggressive and overly controlling ... to the point of dysfunction. By this we don't just mean the dog itself is over-the-top, but so too is the rest of the pack.

"The sense of insecurity, nervousness, paranoia and hypersensitivity that motivates the insecure alpha infects those around it. Through it's unpredictable actions, the insecure alpha creates the same sense of dread and panic --that it feels -- among the other dogs members. And this unfortunately, also happens with the humans in its life (a.ka. the 'out of control dog').

"The problem with the insecure alpha is that it doesn't have the sense of calm assuredness that real alphas have.

"Since it doesn't believe that it can 'back it up' the insecure alpha is hyper-sensitive (and yes to the point of paranoia) about challenges. This creates a complex cocktail of problems because the insecure alpha's insecurity and hypersensitivity not only detects challenges that aren't there, but its overly aggressive actions creates more conflict than is necessary. In short, it becomes both a bully and hyper-insecure.

"We took this trip into dog behavior because although a lot has been written about adrenal stress reactions in the SD world, there hasn't been much consideration into how primate behavioral patterns affect our behaviors. And this especially applies to our status in the troop. (A group of monkeys is called a troop).

"In short, how much of our behavior, pride and fear about 'respect' is based in our Monkey Brain? And with that in mind, how much can we learn about OUR behavior, by looking at pack behavior and insecure alphas?

"We are big fans of the works of Desmond Morris (Author of Naked Ape). In fact, we have an entire section in our bibliography dedicated just to him. Dr. Morris is a zoologist who turned around one day and realized much human behavior is unconsciously based on what we think of as 'animal behavior.' He saw the same patterns of behavior, but with more brain cells. It's not anthropomorphizing animals by saying 'they are exhibiting human behavior.' It's humans exhibiting more complex versions of primate behavior, but the basic patterns are the same.

"In short, ask yourself how much of what you do is based on psychology vs. how much is based on primate behavior -- but being filtered through your psychology and rationalized?

"We think the answer is: A lot.

"This is why it is important to look at the idea of respect, status, perceived challenges, insults and the fear of being disrespected from the perspective of the monkey brain. Because with most people who are concerned about it, it is NOT coming from the rational part of the brain, but rather the emotional parts. In short, the monkey brain is driving the car.

"Moreover, with most people who are obsessed with the issue, you're looking at a beta who's trying to 'ape' what he considers alpha behavior. And usually he's doing a very poor job of it. So what you're seeing very closely resembles Cesar Millan's 'insecure alpha,' but in a monkey troop instead of a dog pack.

"Unfortunately, while most people will simply choose ignore this kind of behavior, other insecure alphas will react negatively to it. Thereby bringing about the very conflict the first person hoped to avoid with his threat display.

Respect: Why You Aren't Getting It

"The quote at the top of the page is Marc's summation of the people who were most insecure about getting their proper respects and status. They were also the ones most likely to cause trouble.

"Like clockwork these people would bring up these issues in the intake interview (in fact, this was the primary indicator of this kind of insecurity). In time Marc developed a counter for their three points.

"1) Being a man is a whole lot more than what you have between your legs. It's about what you do. If you're claiming to be a man, you'll be held to a higher standard.

"2) Respect is a one winged airplane. It doesn't fly without the other wing. That other wing is duty. Duty is that person holding up his end of the bargain. It is him doing what is expected of him. Respect is earned by how well you uphold your duty. "You do your duty and you'll get respect from me (Marc)."

"3) What a man has got to do is his duty. Your duty is to follow the rules. You break that and it's 'hammer time,' because hammering people who break the rules is MY duty (Marc's). That's how this man does what I gotta do( 3).

"The one winged airplane analogy is an important one. Most people who are pathological about getting respect, have no idea that there is more to being a man than just being macho. Nor is it about THEIR feelings. Those motivations are not only selfish, but also short sighted.

"More importantly, they lack the understanding that respect comes not from fear, but from trust. Trust that the person who wants respect KNOWS the rules and will abide by them. Fear, because you are a loose cannon on deck, is NOT respect. (In fact, it's a pretty good way to get shot in the back).

"In short, a big part of it is people knowing that while you have 'the power,' you won't go off on other people without a good reason. One of the most obvious examples of a 'good reason' is the difference between a real challenge and a perceived one (imagined).

"An important factor on that last point is that ' emotions are contagious.' If you take and put two 'betas who want to be alphas' in a room they'll infect each other. BOTH of their monkey brains will kick in and imagined challenge will escalate into real ones.

"Your monkey brain doesn't recognize duty. Nor is it particularly adept at recognizing the difference between reality and actuality. What it's real good at is getting all excited, jumping around, screaming and throwing feces (in this case words) when you get emotionally upset.

"In short, when you are running on emotions and perceptions, you have a monkey driving your car.

"Your monkey brain is terrified that if you don't get the 'respect' that you will be victimized. That's because YOU don't know what being an alpha really is. An insecure alpha doesn't understand the reasons for using force. As such, an insecure alpha doesn't know when to back off. The reason people are afraid that if they back down they will be thought of as a punk and picked on is 'projection.'

"Putting it bluntly, they're afraid of being bullied because THAT is what they would do to someone else.

"Because they don't know how to behave, they assume that nobody else does. What often happens is they engage in behaviors that provoke an attack-- in a situation where violence could have been avoided. In short, their fear of conflict and losing face makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

When Respect IS A Life-and-Death Issue

"There ARE cultural, socio-economic and ethnic circles where 'respect' IS a life and death issue.

"White, middle class America is not one of them. And believe it or not, neither is most of blue collar America -- no matter what color it is. The same goes for most schools. And yet, these are the people who worry most about it. If you find yourself operating within these circles, but still worrying about being disrespected or that 'if you don't stand up to people you'll be continuously bullied,' then odds are your monkey brain is driving the bus.

"Realistically if you're in a place where people live or die over 'respect' you won't have to be imagining these guys lurking in the shadows. They're right there and in plain sight. And there's going to be a lot of them.

"Thing is, if you find yourself in a place where these guys are common, then odds are you grew up there. That means you KNOW THE RULES!

"Rules? You might ask.

"Yes. ANY social level, cultural group -- and in many cases, location -- has rules of conduct that allow everyone to get along with the minimum amount of violence. It is in fact, it is usually the violation of these rules of conduct that results in most violence.

"This is why if you find yourself in a situation surrounded by people who are willing to use violence to enforce the rules of behavior then you really have one of two choices 1) Leave 2) Learn the rules.

"The absolute WORST thing you can do is to try and prove how ' tough' you are so no one will bother you. 99% of the time, you'll be acting blindly. If you do that you're going to end up violating these standards with your actions. By not knowing the rules, signals, signs, nor having the level of commitment necessary all you are going to do is provoke an attack.

"In short, while you may believe you're sending the message of 'Ooooh see how scary I am?You better leave me alone.' It usually get comes across as a beta aping what it thinks is alpha behavior.

"The problem with this is it is going to trigger other insecure alphas to move against you. You're going to cause what you are afraid of!!!

"The situation isn't about what YOU think people will think of you (if you don't stand up), fear, your self-esteem, anger, imagination or fantasies about violence. It is a complex interplay between people to establish boundaries so the situation DOESN'T become violent. On his part so he doesn't think it would be easier for him to get what he wants by becoming violent. On your part so you don't cause him a) a loss of face b) grievous insult c) hurt feelings or d) reason to believe that you will do so in the future those will provoke him into attacking you.

"So IF you're really looking to avoid violence then we really recommend you check out the Alpha Behavior Hub, the Bullies Page and the Kinds of Violence Hub, because you'll learn a lot about respect and being an alpha. If your more interested in letting your monkey brain run your behavior as you try to gain 'respect' then keep on reading those internet forums about how 'a tough guy' acts.

"In closing, we'd like to point out that when it comes to avoiding violence, respect is as much about what you give to ALL others as what you do to earn it.

"1) Unfortunately, the problem of dysfunctional children telling other dysfunctional children what it means to be a man is not solely limited to gang-bangers. It is rampant among reality based self-defense, combatives and deadly fighting arts organizations and forums. Return to Text

"2) While at the San Diego Wildlife park I witnessed in the gorilla pen a set of behaviors that I'd seen countless times in high schools, bars and at parties. Four silverback gorillas were in an enclosure. A female with an infant, an immature male and the bull silverback male. All the female wanted to do was to eat, but the young male continued to crowd her into the corner with his not-so-subtle advances. The female was becoming more and more agitated as she lost room to move. In the meantime, the alpha male was in another part of the enclosure, but watching this interplay. Finally the bull silverback got up and very casually sauntered over to that part of the enclosure (bringing his food). The young male flopped on his back (a submissive sign) and started 'casually' playing with a small tree. A classical 'la-la-la, I'm not doing anything' behavior. The female escaped from the corner she'd been pinned into and ran to a position behind the senior male. The bull silverback, now positioned between the young male and the female, simply sat down and continued eating as though nothing had happened. As I was with another bouncer (Tim Toohey) we both started laughing at this interplay that we'd seen among humans so many times before. Return to Text

"3) Then came the speech regarding 'You want out of here. I want to get you out of here. You do your duty of follow the rules and that will happen. You go thinking that something's more important than your responsibility and I'll roll you up (remand him back to higher custody).' With the older, more experience convicts, they understood this. Unfortunately, the younger -- more insecure ones -- often found reasons to let their monkey brains drive their behavior and crossed the line. They were 'violated' and sent back to higher custody.

Female Drama and "Safety"

I've said for years single mothers are automatically child abusers, even if they don't appear to be, and no society can survive them, which is why no society has tolerated them.

When I was a kid we played dodgeball in school and bashed each other in the head. I loved it because I was great at it. If they had an Olympic team I would have tried out for it.

Outside we found excavation sites and had dirtclod fights. We rarely got hit but we had some great fights.

And snowball fights. I got a face full of snow once, eyes and mouth. The guy who did it fell down laughing.

We sailed our goofy Styrofoam Sea Snark sailboat, stuffed with three guys when one was supposed to be in get the picture.

Once time in middle school I was hit in the head with a soccer ball and knocked down. It cut my eyebrow. I have scars all over me, including stitches in my face. No big deal.

A few days ago I met a single mother. She was telling us about an episode that meant nothing. But to her is was drama, indeed horror.

One of her two boys, less than ten, hit her other son in the head with a ball. Pretty hard, apparently, but it was an accident. Big deal. So what?

I would have said, "Are you okay there? Is your eye still in your head?" And to the other, "That was a accident, right? It was? Okay, go about your business."

She made them stop, made the hitter go inside and write 25 sentences about how he wasn't supposed to hit his brother in the head with a ball, then made him apologize. Then she told us, "They never mentioned it the rest of the day."

Of course not, you dumbass, I thought. You're the one making a big deal out of it, not them. It was just a ball to the head. Ever heard of dodgeball? Soccer? Anything to do with a ball?

What's the old saying? Making a mountain out of a molehill? That's what many women do. Drama queens. A fake safety above all. And so many of them lack discernment. That's why being a drama queen believing in fake safety will do to you. And it's why women lack courage, and justice, and self-control, and prudence...

Women ultimately destroy society when they get out from under men's authority. And they destroy little boys.

I wonder how these boys will turn out? Afraid of everything? This is why I point out one of the Four Cardinal Virtues is bravery, courage, self-confidence. And the interesting things about them is that if you lack one you lack them all. If you lack courage and confidence, then you are going to lack Prudence, and Justice, and Self-Control.

That's why I wonder about these boys. Putting "safety" above all and being afraid of everything? Lacking courage and confidence? And being that, will be they be unable, out of fear, to give each person his due, which is why justice is? Will they be able to choose the right path, or wrong one, out of fear and lack of confidence?

Only time will tell. And things will change only when things get bad enough and we end up with a lot of adult boys instead of men. Or maybe them acting like women instead of men. Which is what we sorta have now.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Men Fix and Repair. They Don't Get Paranoid-Hysterical

"I call it the paranoid style, simply because no other word adequately evokes the sense of heated exaggeration, suspiciousness, and conspiratorial fantasy that I have in mind." - Richard Hofstatder

There is a famous essay, written by Richd Hofstatder in 1964, called "The Paranoid Style in American Politics." I read it years ago, and it's very much worth reading.

I don't believe in impossible conspiracies. Many people do, but I'm not one of them. I consider these people to have something wrong with their brains. Three shooters on Kennedy. The moon landings shot on a stage. Remote-controlled airplanes on 9-11. Chemtrails. The Illuminati. The Masons. British bankers. Aliens. Gold fringe on the flag. Never heard that one? Look it up.

All childish paranoid nonsense. Childish because children blame their problems on other people. It absolves them of fixing things. "These incredibly brilliant but evil geniuses....we can do nothing!!! We are but puppets!! Helpless, hopeless, brainless, dickless! But even though we are helpless, we're smarter than them because we figured out their nefarious plans!!!"


This nonsense has existed for a long time. "The Nazis are going to take over the world! And the Japanese! Oops, sorry, I mean the Commies! Oops, sorry again! I mean the Japanese again! Oops, that's still not right! I mean Islam! Dammit, I'm still wrong! I mean the Chinese!"

How many people have died in wars because of this paranoid nonsense?

Since the Chinese are the du jour villains, I'm reading all kinds of nonsense. "They're smarter than us! Their IQs are higher! They're going to take over the world! It's the end of the West and the white man!!!" Blah, blah, blah.

Men don't get paranoid-hysterical and believe in fantasies. They deal with facts and they fix the problem. You can't fix problems when you're paranoid, hysterical, and blaming your problems are everyone but yourself.

Some Asians have slighter higher IQs? Whites have far more geniuses. Why did whites invent almost everything in the world and other races almost nothing? Why did liberty and the free market take root in the West only? Why are so many Asians uncreative, ant-like and conformist? Why are so many Asian males nerdy and/or effeminate? Why do their women almost always prefer white men over Asian men?

Of course, these questions are not PC. But men aren't supposed to be afraid to invent and discover.

I write about the Four Cardinal Virtues a lot. One of them is Courage. Not being afraid. Another is Prudence - choosing the right path out of many. That is, avoiding the PC path, not being paranoid-hysterical, not believing in impossible conspiracies everywhere you turn, not blaming all your problems on non-existent villains.

And standing up straight and not being pathetic. And not memorizing, imitating and conforming to nonsense.

"The paranoid spokesman, sees the fate of conspiracy in apocalyptic terms — he traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds, whole political orders, whole systems of human values. He is always manning the barricades of civilization... he does not see social conflict as something to be mediated and compromised, in the manner of the working politician. Since what is at stake is always a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil, what is necessary is not compromise but the will to fight things out to a finish. Since the enemy is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable, he must be totally eliminated — if not from the world, at least from the theatre of operations to which the paranoid directs his attention. This demand for total triumph leads to the formulation of hopelessly unrealistic goals, and since these goals are not even remotely attainable, failure constantly heightens the paranoid’s sense of frustration. Even partial success leaves him with the same feeling of powerlessness with which he began, and this in turn only strengthens his awareness of the vast and terrifying quality of the enemy he opposes." - Richard Hofstatder

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Most Imitative of Animals

"Societies unify themselves by focusing their imitative desires on the destruction of a scapegoat." - Rene Girard

Aristotle said that man is the most imitative of all animals, and Thomas Jefferson commented without imitation we couldn't learn anything. But - there is good imitation and bad imitation (look at how many parents become hysterical who their kids imitate).

There is a curious question about imitation. It appears a lot of imitation is based on some kind of envy - if I imitate you I will have the life you have. That can be envy, or admiration, which the Greeks noticed is the benign form of envy.

When you try to imitate someone in the hopes of having their life, you can, and often do, defend them vociferously, and attack, scapegoat and try to expel those whom believe are attacking your attempts to live a "better" life - even if it's clearly not a better life.

I see this in the Manosphere all the time. "You're saying Alphas don't exist? How dare you?!?! I aspire to be an Alpha - to imitate one! And no, they are not liars and frauds! They are gods! And I want to have the life of a god!" They get self-righteous and outraged, which allows them to feel superior without having to anything worthwhile at all.

I've thought for a long time the more imitative a person is (say, the expensive suit and the Porsche) the more possessed by greed and envy they are. They lack internal resources, so they seek their meaning and importance and from people. They're completely dependent.

So, paradoxically, the more independent and thoughtful you are, the more you will be attacked and turned into a scapegoat. Because you resist being part of the herd and the herd-mind. Bizarrely, this is considered the basis, of all things, of human sacrifice. Kill the infidel! Save society! We are renewed! Safe from the evil!

It's a bit amusing when people think they have taken the Red Pill and Woken Up but they have the exact same thoughts, including using the exact same words: AlphaBetaDeltaGammmaOmegaShittestHypergamyRedPillBluePillDarkTriedChicksDigJerks.

"According to this theory human beings imitate each other, and this eventually gives rise to rivalries and violent conflicts. Such conflicts are partially solved by a scapegoat mechanism..." - on Rene Girard's theories

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Bits of Zubaty"

"The purpose of art is to wake you up." - Erza Pound

I leaned about the Machine State versus the Natural State in college. The theme started in literature during the Industrial Revolution, when men and their families were ripped from their land through the Clearances in England and Scotland and forced in work in what William Blake called Dark Satanic Mills.

That theme resonated with me. School for me ranged from hell to boring. and I used a fair amount of alcohol, drugs and partyig to get me though high school. Yet starting when I was 12 I wandered the countryside, exploring. I felt normal. It felt right. So that split is something I am well aware of.

This is a compliation of writings from Rick Zubaty.

"I have been forced to conclude that virtually everything in this world is the outright opposite of what we were taught it is. Psychic events, I discovered, are mind events, ego events, arts like psychology and astrology and palmistry, which relate to what shape my ego is in today – what are the stars predicting for me today? – ego stuff.

"Spiritual events, on the other hand, are beyond the ego, beyond the sights and sounds and visualizations and verbalizations we use to construct our world. Psychic teachings come from parts of California and New York and India. Spiritual teachings come from sitting quietly in a chair or watching babies sleep. Psychic events are sensual; spiritual events are outside the senses. And I might as well spit it out right now: psychic events are essentially feminine and spiritual events are overwhelmingly masculine. Women who break their minds out of the psychic swamp are few and far between.

". . . This fact constitutes an awesome difference between the sexes with profound implications for human society. When a woman is talking about 'spirituality', she is almost always referring to psychic phenomena.

"And right at the top of my list of misperceived things, in fact the essence of the problem, are the supposed attributes of men and women. The reason that men and women don't get along, the reason the divorce rate in America is 60% and half the kids are growing up without dads, is that somehow, over thousands of years, men and women have swapped mental roles and each are acting out of character weaknesses which have been wrongly perceived as the inherited strengths of that sexual model.

"To this day the average Australian aborigine – the one who hasn't yet been seduced out of the outback by the temple prostitutes of materialism – still works only twelve hours a week. That's all that's required for him to provide for his family. The rest of his time is spent making art and dance and music, the very things that keep him harmonizing with his natural world.

"To the Native American of the Pacific Northwest the man accorded the greatest prestige was the one who, at the annual Potlatch ceremony, gave the most away! He gave away the most salmon, the most honey, the most furs, and he gave away the most prayers; for everyone understood a real man could always get more of what people needed and therefore he had no need to hoard any of it! This is masculine thinking.

"This is what MAN is all about: the faith that his rapport with nature and with his God will continue to provide what is best for him. This is not rugged individualism. This is rugged spiritualism.

"It's my opinion that the tragedy of modern times – the past 8,000 years – is that the masculine pole has been deserted. It's time to relocate the center of gravity of the human personality far, far. back onto the male end of the spectrum. Buddha, Jesus, some Sufi mystics – all of them tried to bring the male spirit back to life, but their messages were reinterpreted in the context of agrarian, mercantile nations. The message was perverted. Now fundamentalists talk about the Christian Work Ethic. THERE IS NO CHRISTIAN WORK ETHIC.

"We don't have the faintest idea what it means to be men anymore. Our male models are reconstituted women. They are the men women like, not the men God likes.

"Starting 140 years ago, men were taken completely out of nature and sent in to the office and the factory where they manufacture and sell more items to make women's lives easier. Thus, men have been maneuvered into doing work that historically, for 2.2 million years, had been women's work: farming and making pots. Children were removed from the daily companionship of their dads where they exchanged energy sowing, reaping, fishing, repairing wagon wheels, investigating bird's nests and hollow logs; and they were shunted off to school where they were raised, by and large, by women.

"We don't need more education. We need more spirituality – more of a sense of how to live happily with less.

"Men don't need to do what women want; men need to do what the Deer God wants.

"It hasn't taken women very long to figure out that they can do men's work because, after all, now men's work is mostly all women's work.

"Pursuit of happiness is primarily a female goal. Pursuit of the mysteries of life is primarily a male goal.

"You want to know what has happened to us men? Look at Native Americans. The decay and dissolution we see in them is the exact same thing that has happened to all of us. What we are seeing on the reservation is a speeded up version of what Western society has done to all men – killed off the visionaries and turned the rest into a bunch of alcoholic businessmen. What they have gone through in the last 200 years is what we have gone through over the last 2,000.

"Women are people-oriented and men are object-oriented. That's why we see so many women buying crap in the malls and so many boys playing team sports. Have you ever been in a bachelor apartment? There's a stereo, one sheet, and a plastic spoon/fork from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Wait 'til the poor sucker gets married.

"My ex is Jewish. My kids are Jewish. Morning minyan is the only place men can go to get away from the women and that's only because the women are still in bed. Judaism is a Matriarchy disguised as a Patriarchy. Jewish women obey no one – not their husbands, not their God. They are in many ways the mold for the type of women American society is producing.

"Judaism is a system for enforcing female values and the hell with goat herds.

"Catholics pray more to Mary than to Jesus. And can you guess who Mary is? Mary is a JEWISH MOTHER.

"We now live in a country where 60% of marriages end in divorce and half the kids are being brought up without dads. This is not men's fault. This is women's fault. 85% of divorce actions are filed by women. This does not mean that 85% of men are assholes. It means that 85% of women are profoundly unhappy with life.

"Is it not true that religious laws have a lot to say about wives being obedient to their husbands? Why would you think every single religion on the earth, in every existent culture, including the 120,000-year-old aboriginal culture, has strictures regarding this? Is it possible that the cultures that never took steps to curb the raw ambition of their women are not around any longer? Don't you imagine that some extinct culture in the last 120,000 years experimented with the total emancipation of women?

"Ultimately, the main thing that gives a man meaning and purpose in his sorry life, the thing that gets him up in the morning and off to work at some stink-ass job, is the time he spends being enriched by his kids. Kids do that for men. They make us happy to be alive. Where does this society get off ripping that away from us and still expecting us to perform?

"Men know a lot of things women can never know. I have no doubt it is the same for women. Marriage was intended to achieve a g< Men have always been the dreamers, the poets, the artists, the imaginers. Men don't talk as much as women, not because they are insipid, but because they perceive reality differently. Men do not see the same things. We look for essence more than form.

"Men cast their nets into the sea of life, over and over again, mostly coming up empty. But eventually they bring in buckets full of many-colored fish, and women gather on the shore to sort them and haggle over the price. That's how the world works, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf of Siam – not how you see it on TV where the men are stumbling, bumbling, inarticulate, incompetent fools who can't even answer the phone without dropping it on their foot.

"Women manipulate the bananas out of their kids, especially their sons, creating vicarious existences to supercharge their own dull egos – and they have the nerve to call that nurturing.

"School is the place you go to learn all the things that are exactly the opposite of what you need to know to succeed in life. Life requires cooperation and giving of your time to other people and to yourself. School teaches you to compete for grades.

"John Gatto, 1991 New York School Teacher of the Year, said – shortly after he quit teaching – that he was tired of teaching kids how to fit into a society that he didn't care to live in anymore.

"[School] That's where you went to learn to read so you could study the holy book which told you everything you needed to know about how to live a successful life in your given culture. That was school. Now you learn computers. Now you go to a place where you find out William Shakespeare was a great man, but you don't even hear the names of Jesus or Buddha or Moses or Mohammed or Krishna or Ahura Mazda or Black Elk. What kind of education could anyone possibly get in a place that ignores the major players in the growth and development of human civilization, but where students are trained to hang on the sensuous and undeniably compelling words of a possibly pseudonymous 16th Century actor?

"Before Astarte and her agricultural plotters a man never had to fear hunger because he could always say a prayer, pick up his bow, and go shoot a rabbit. Now they call that trespassing!

"The neglect, indeed the rejection, of wisdom has gone so far that most of our intellectuals have not even the faintest idea what the term could mean. – E. F. Schumacher (an economist).

"Do you ever listen to women talk? Do you get the idea that the foundation of their belief system is that the world is essentially a good place? Or do you get the feeling from them that life is a constant battle of things to be manipulated and arranged?

"Our brain is a gonad, a sex gland.

"The problem is that our habitat is being destroyed. Our territory has been fenced and plowed under, our ivory sold for earrings, our children poached to serve institutions of higher something or other. We are being squeezed out by feminist values. There is scarcely a real man left alive.

"We've created parks for wild elephants; maybe we'll have to establish some game reserves for men – human nature sanctuaries, monasteries of maleness, museums of the soul.

"It has been shown that the right brain is bigger in men than in women. That is, men are naturally endowed with a greater physical brain capacity for embracing the spiritual and intuitive dimensions of life. Clearly this is the exact opposite of what we have been led to believe.

"Sandra Witelson suggests that greater separation of brain spheres in males makes it easier for them to do two things at once – easier to do what the guru do – live in the paradox. Women are handicapped in the sense that if they can't put a word on it they don't see it! All the psychic garbage aside, unless an image or a feeling or a sound can be named, it can hardly be noticed at all by a woman. . . . No wonder there are so few women artists and spiritual leaders, and so many psychics and realtors and lawyers.

"Art and spirituality, by definition, defy verbal description; they evoke sensations that are outside our normal repertoire of phonic symbols. Shortly I will show that females have better fine-hand motor skill aptitudes than men and that's why you see so many of them in arts and crafts classes making baskets and ceramic butterflies, but creative giants like Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso could scarcely be accused of exercising fine motor skills. What they can be credited with is poking a maniac's peephole into the mind of God.

Women are given to logicizing: constructing rational-sounding sentences which are essentially word association games. Mention the word 'hose' in a sentence about boats and you're just as likely to end up talking about stockings. Men get frustrated to hell conversing with women because women think nothing of skipping off the topic at hand to track down some word association. It's not a question of their being irrational, though that's what they're most often accused of. The problem is one of being too literal. When the conversation wanders into an area which is unfamiliar to them, rather than just listening, they will leap out at some random word and jerk the whole thread of thinking back into some groove that is familiar to them.

"Women have more emotions, men have deeper feelings.

"Maharishi has said that life is 100% Unity and 100% Diversity – probably the most direct statement of truth I have ever run across. He bids us to live in this fundamental paradox. This sort of koan opens a doorway in most men's minds, a vista on greater things. Most women go into spasms of dissociation when this thought ricochets around inside their skulls trying to find a solid place to land.

"For a woman to break out of her psychic stew of verbal props must be as frightening as leaping off a bridge into a misty bottomless canyon. It is not part of her experience; she has nothing to hang on to. Women are biologically disposed to expressing life with words. It is not a fault per se, but neither should men feel inferior because we don't reduce the vastness of our right brains into words that women understand. That's expecting an elephant to fly. We're not made for that. We have other strengths.

If I tell my kids, 'I happened upon a moment of Buddha consciousness standing on a street corner', my son will say, 'What's Buddha consciousness?' and my daughter will say 'What street corner?' I love my daughter more than all the raindrops that fall on the Pacific Ocean in 1000 years, but notice from her answer that one could easily be mistaken into assuming that she knows exactly what Buddha consciousness is and she just needs to pinpoint where to find it, when, in fact, she knows nothing about it at all and therefore the words don't even stick in her head. This is language? This is communication I'm not convinced most women have any idea at all what communication is.

"Sharing with a woman most often means responding to her questions. Sharing with a man means being quiet and just being with him, absorbing the silent wisdom of the universe that pervades every moment.

". . . We have shattered another toxic myth: women are not more attuned to relationships than men. In fact, men are more perceptive of relationships in all things. . . . Men, with more compartmentalized brains, have a whole different vista on the relationships between things and between people. Men don't worry too much about what they are feeling because they know that, just like the tides, those feelings will pass. Feelings are not any sort of constant, or anything substantial to run your life on. We don't like talking about emotions any more than we like talking about clothes. You have them. So what? They're not the basis of a life well lived.

"Turner's Syndrome Kids – kids born with only one X chromosome – are so entirely female they are born without ovaries so they have no opportunity whatever of secreting 'male' androgens (like testosterone, which is found in both men and women, and which is the main sexual activator in our bodies). These kids are disproportionately protective of objects like toys and dolls and they adore jewelry and rings. Here is the unopposed female instinct, Mater, at work. Kids who don't have a trace of male hormones in them instinctively hoard objects. They shun sports, they love to go shopping. Why would this simple observation come as a surprise unless we had all been brainwashed into believing that boys love objects and girls love people.

"Prehistoric woman, say Moir and Jessel, with a shorter life span and more pregnancies than modern women, could expect 10 menstruations in her life. Modern women can expect 400! We have to put up with 40 times more shit from our women than biology ever intended, and they expect us to believe that we are the problem. Contrary to toxic rumor, pregnant women are the happiest, most centered, women in the world. Women were intended to spend the great part of their young lives pregnant, not working in offices. It's a biological fact.

"Men apply for ninety-nine percent of all patents. Genius may have a lot to do with the greater male facility for single-mindedness – separation of the brain spheres – say Moir and Jessel. We can stay in our right brain, our intuitive brain, for lengthy periods of time, as long as no one jerks us out of it by asking us where we put Bobby's muddy shoes. Talking is a form of mental abuse – violence – perpetrated against men, by women, on a constant, unremitting, incognizant basis day in and day out.

"The duration of modern childhood has become an oppression of men. The son who used to be available to help dad cut wood and catch food is still in school for fifteen more years! It is a genuine outrage that we have arrived at the societal consensus that the purpose of a man's life is to pay other people to raise his kids.

"Ruben Gur has found that women pick up emotional signals with much less effort than men. He determined this by measuring blood flow to the brain while testing his subjects to interpret certain emotional cues. This is the sole example of what we call 'women's intuition'. that I have run across in my two years of research. It exists, but it exists within the limited parameters of 'reading emotions.'

"Old age becomes a war of the sexes to see whose brain content is going to dominate the home front. Sadly, if grandpa is not permitted to build a hogan of his own out behind the chicken coop he will be trampled by an invading army of words. He waves the white flag and sets up camp by that lake inside his mind that he remembers from when he was a boy. It is one of the forgotten jobs of this society to protect old men from the cheekiness of old women.

"Neuro-scientists have recently discovered that the places in the human brain that produce the most endorphins and that contain the largest concentration of endorphin receptors are those involved most intimately with learning,

"If you're redesigning a modern city from the ground up, get a female architect. If you're designing a city under the sea, get a man. What are we saying? That women are not creative? Then why are art classes comprised of 80% females? Because women, biologically endowed with superior fine motor skills, have an easier time controlling brushes. For drawing horses or flowers these are perfect attributes. But if you are trying to capture the soul of a Bolivian shaman, better take along a man.

"When I was a kid all the faces on TV were men. Now they're all women and manholes – even sportscasters. We are being hourly bombarded with gossip and snippets of information about how to do things that nobody is actually going to do. We've been bestowed the Fix-It-Philosophy, that if the President just does this or doesn't do that everything is going to be wonderful or awful. The media is guilty of government by gossip, and who are they serving? The people who do the shopping. The women.

"In Indian philosophy prakriti is matter, the physical, the feminine; purusha is spirit, consciousness, masculine. If you don't like to think about God think about this: the purveyors of spirit and consciousness and form and yang energy have always, in every culture, been men. In cultures separated by thousands of years and thousands of miles the vessels of the spirit were always men.

"School is where boys go to be shamed by women. School is where boys go to learn how to be men from women in the absence of God or religion or clear value systems. When I talk about feminization and secularization and materialization of society I am talking about the same thing.

"And what of the male teachers? Undeniably there are many fine men and there need to be more in a country where 85% of all teachers are white women, but, a man who is less than a man can be more damaging to boys than a domineering mother. And the chance of hiring feminized men in schools is fairly high because those eligible and willing are those who made it through a femin.ized school system in good standing without conflict or failure.

,b "School is the place where boys go to be shamed by girls. It's never happened before in history.

"We have been invaded by the meme which asserts that the more organized society is the better it is. The better for whom?: Women and manholes.

"College is the haven of middle class culture and feminized behavior, says Patricia Cayo Sexton in Feminized Male. Boys who survive college are the ones who have been successfully feminized.

"What this country needs to light a fire up its wazoo is a one-week strike by anyone who considers himself a 'real' man. That would be more devastating than Hurricane Andrew and the San Francisco Earthquake all rolled up into one. Just one week of real work not getting done. Out with the manholes, up with the men.

"We spend our marriages trying to wrest the same affirmation from our wives that we got from our moms, way back when, before we could even 'think'. Our wives accuse us of trying to get them to mother us and it's true, we are, that's how we were trained.

<"Esther Vilar in The Manipulated Man says, 'If praise is applied in the correct dosage a woman will never need to scold. Any man who is accustomed to a regular and conditional dosage of praise will interpret its absence as displeasure.'

"Most jilted male lovers and husbands have an explosive mental meltdown at their beloved's infidelities, which is vastly out of proportion to what they are being deprived of. It feels to them as if they are being torn away from their mother's bodies, and indeed, that's just what is going on down deep in their psyches.

"Shame, that deep feeling of worthlessness and helplessness, is precisely the result of withheld praise. Regarding my own mother I've always referred to it as 'withdrawal of love'. Even now, 43 years after the fact, she can set off an awful, depressing, manic, physical grinding in my stomach simply by withdrawing her love. Clearly she trained me to respond that way eons ago, before I had any sense of how anything works. In its way, it is sheer brutality. This is the meaning of Jesus' admonition that we must learn to hate our mother and father if we expect to find God – find inner peace.

"God says surrender your ego. Mom says hang onto your ego so I can continue to use it to shame you into doing what I want. Who do you want to believe? God or mom?

"Do you wonder why so many more men than women drink and abuse drugs? Here is the substance of addiction. We were strung out on praise early in life and without regular doses of praise we hurt so bad and feel so useless we have to try to kill the pain somehow. Ah, that first glass of beer, that first joint, how it took the pain away!

"Responsible older men used to be available to initiate younger men away from this bondage to women. Without the mental breakdown that accompanies initiation men remain enslaved to female praise. It's a fact, and an outrage. We are letting them rent free space in our heads.

"Vilar says, 'Girls are given dolls and boys are given train sets. While boys are learning to keep the wheels on the track girls are scolding and praising their dolls just like mommy does to them. Thus, the boy will become adept at manipulating the physical world and the girl will become adept at manipulating him into manipulating it for her.'

"Our lives are replete with technical marvels: automatic dishwashers and microwave ovens and hot running water and electric garage door openers. . . . Is it true that in the absence of beating clothes on rocks and carrying water jugs on our heads we have meditated more on the essence of creation? No. We just chase around faster and faster trying to keep up the payments on all our labor saving gadgets.

"But back to Esther Vilar: 'Someday it will dawn on man that woman does not read the wonderful books with which he has filled his libraries, and though she may well admire his marvelous works of art in museums she herself will rarely create, only copy.'

"We have lost the sense of the sacred in our lives. Women were entrusted with the education of children and what do we have? The objectification of learning. A bunch of stupid rules. If we cannot resurrect the wherewithal to relate ourselves through our art to the world we live in we are doomed to extinction.

"Women love money because they love shopping – power over objects – and they love men who give them the money to have this power.

"Says Vilar: 'Once a particular field of work has brought a man success and financial security, it is uncommon for him to test his abilities in another sphere – his supply of praise might be dangerously reduced. Like Miro and his dots-and-lines technique, Johann Strauss and his waltzes, and Tennessee Williams with his plays about psychotic women, he will stick firmly to his successful technique. The risk of him attempting to be the measure of his own success is too great for him to take.'

"When people talk about the 'woman who stands behind the man' what they mean is that even if she did not lift one finger to help him, at least she held in check her vast repertoire of tools with which she could have sabotaged his delicate, uncertain, creative leap. It's not easy for a woman, with limited right brain and no creative disposition, to resist critiquing and manipulating her spouse into more logically productive activity. There are no more than a handful of women alive who can see their way to supporting men's follies when the paycheck stops coming in.

"A man is generally delighted to find that his wife is taking up painting or weaving or writing because this means that she has less time for shopping or manipulating him, or arranging romantic trysts. Who cares if the dirty dishes pile up? If she's happy she's not going to torment him.

"Woman is not a Goddess. She is a breathing bag of protoplasm – spiffed up with pink panties and blue eyeliner. She is earth, not sky. Down, not up. Her children are as much a part of her body as her arms and legs, and when she claims to have sacrificed everything for her family it is akin to saying she did everything she possibly could for her thighs and hips.

Says Vilar: 'Women really are callous creatures – mainly because it is not to their advantage to feel deeply. Feelings might seduce them into choosing a man who is no use to them, i.e., a man who they could not manipulate at will. Listen to the conversation of young lovers in the park. It is ALWAYS about the female trying to convince the male to do, or not do, something. The first thing a woman wants to know is whether she can manipulate the man. That is the beginning of the relationship, the beginning of 'I love you.'

"But she knows, at the same time, that it is absolutely necessary for 'woman' to enact the role of a sensitive being, or man would become aware of her essentially cold, calculating nature."

"Through double-signals, deception, and feistiness women create discord that they expect men to repair, 'to show me you love me.' This is not helpless emotionalism; this is analytical manipulation run wild. Baffle them with cowshit. And men, the deep lovers, put up with it.

Says Vilar: 'What an advantage a man would have if he only realized the cold, clear thoughts running through a woman's head while her eyes are brimming with tears.'

"Let us recognize and establish and conclude that men feel things more deeply than women! The only remarkable thing about any of this is that we would expect it to be any different. A Female Meme has been telling us for centuries that women are more emotional. than men, but who are the passionate artists? Who are the passionate musicians? Who are the passionate inventors? Men, men, and more men!

"Women are emotional faucets. A woman can insult the intestines out of her husband, brush on some eyeliner, go to a dinner party, and have a wonderful time, meanwhile leaving the poor man writhing in pain all night. And why does he keep coming back for the abuse? Because he needs the praise that mom taught him to need. And he needs sex.

"In America and Europe, men's libidos are constantly being aggravated and stimulated. Soda ads, short skirts, magazine covers, beer commercials, ruthlessly stimulate his sex. His relentless exposure to things feminine keeps him in a constant state of sexual arousal – a testosterone nightmare of cruel pervasiveness which is not known in "primitive" societies.

"When a man says 'I love you' he's thinking about what he can give her. When a woman says 'I love you' she's thinking about what she will get. It's a perfect match.

"S.he praises him, she affirms him, she takes his money, and he's addicted to it. This is the manhole. The man more committed to female values than indeed, even women are.

"Says Vilar: 'Since men are strong, intelligent, and imaginative, while women are weak, unimaginative, and stupid, why isn't it men who exploit women? Could it be that strength, intelligence and imagination are not prerequisites for power but merely qualifications for slavery? Could it be that the world is not being ruled by experts, but by beings who are not fit for anything else – by women?'

"Why do you suspect mothers-in-law and wives don't get along? They're both competing for the same praise/manipulation territory in their son's/husband's brain.

"Women work less and get more than they ever have in the entire history of life on earth – and they're not happy about it.

"Women have taken great care to ensure that their lobby, the clergy, are always men. First, because the female image might be damaged if they represented their own interests – men might think them calculating – and second, because they know men rate feminine intelligence rather low, which is why they can only influence a man's emotions. Advice from another man, and one respected from childhood, is much more likely to be listened to and taken. Although this advice always benefits women it does not reflect hostility on the part of this holy lobby toward "normal" men, but is a direct consequence of that lobby's financial dependence on women.

"Men, the carriers of the Spirit throughout the ages, have been put to work with tractors and shovels to create the wealth which is garnered by women and priests. It's like a science fiction nightmare. But it's real.

"Men are slaves to women and women serve themselves.

"Vilar says: 'Questions about the meaning of life do not interest woman. Since she does not think abstractly the problems of existential anxiety do not touch her. All she needs is an excuse for making one particular man work for her long after he ceases to want to go to bed with her. This excuse is provided by bearing his children. When a man engenders children he gives a woman hostages in hopes that she will exploit him forever.'

"Vilar says: If, occasionally, women do see more clearly than men it is only because their feelings, unlike those of men, are never involved.

"Says Vilar, 'The only important act in any woman's life is the selection of the right partner.'

"Says Vilar, 'American women, more than other women, fail to consider men as fellow human beings. And American men prefer to see themselves in this role: a man's salary is the yardstick of his worth. America is the only place where a badly paid professor is a bad professor, and an unsuccessful writer is a bad writer. For the Latin American male, masculinity is still associated with sexual potency. For the American male, however, the association is directly with money. The American man knows that happiness comes only through women, and women are expensive. He is ready to pay that price. As a young adult he pays in advance, as a grownup he pays in installments, and as a corpse he is cashed in for a fortune. The American man, more than any other man, mistakes his wife's lack of intellectual ambition for modesty, her stupidity for exceptional femininity, her giving up responsibilities for love. More than any other man he is able to close his eyes to the evidence of his own exploitation.'

"How come a 'liberated' woman won't willingly go to work to support her husband and children at home?

"Says Vilar, 'To a woman love means power, to a man enslavement. 'For the sake of love' woman will do things that are only of advantage to herself, while man does only those things that will harm him. . . Only woman can break the vicious cycle of man's manipulation and exploitation, but she will not do it. There is absolutely no compelling reason why she should. It is useless to appeal to her feelings because she is callous and knows no pity. And so the world will go on, sinking deeper and deeper into this morass of kitsch, barbarism, and inanity called Femininity.'

"Says Phyllis Schlafly, 'Men are philosophers and women are practical. Men may philosophize about how life began and where we are heading; women are concerned about feeding the kids today. . . Women do not take naturally to a search for the intangible or abstract.'

"Men are at home with mysteries and paradoxes, tracking strange creatures over uneven mental terrain, following a flash in the bushes or a quirky sound in a hollow. Women cannot stand a mystery that cannot be solved. It shrivels their circuits.

"We have taken the worst of the nomadic and the agricultural ways of life and are building a world out of them. Unlike nomadic kids our kids are in school for twenty years starting as soon as they get out of diapers. They are not producing anything, they are an enormous drain on their parents, and they're not even having fun or learning basic values. Half of them are being raised without dads and have no notion whatever of the male modes of behavior.

"Reproduction does not belong to women alone. Child rearing does not belong to women and their schools alone. Men need to be included in the raising of their children. . . . We are not just beasts of burden assigned to work shit jobs and mail-in our child support checks.


"A buffalo hunter on a plain where the buffalo are gone. A supporter of minority rights which has left him in the minority A poet who is chastised for wearing the wrong colored socks. A creature who could make his way in the world with a blanket and a pocket knife, who has been preyed upon to buy his family a 3-bedroom house and a garage full of toys that they take for granted, and he paid for with his life.

"Men protect weak females. It's in their memes. Women do not protect weak males – they despise them. Women are not solicitous providers for their men. They don't have any idea what that role would be; historically, biologically, sociologically, memetically, they aren't equipped for it. And that is why they will never lead this, or any other society, until they can show that they are responsive to the genuine needs of their men. Right now, we're upholding their dignity while they squat peeing in our shoes.

"George Gilder says, 'It should be clear to any sentient observer that the worst parts of the ghetto present a rather typical pattern of female dominance, with women in charge of the families and male gangs away on the hunt. Workable in primitive societies with garden and game this system brings unremitting tragedy in the tenements and on the streets of our modern cities. . . . In any disintegrating society the family is reduced to the lowest terms of mother and child.'

"It seems to me the whole country has moved the way of ghettoization. Women feel they are entitled to something from the government and the job market. Men are increasingly being made obsolete; their only purpose is to perform the menial labor jobs women don't want to do.

"Says Gilder, 'We pride ourselves on living in a nation of laws but few people recognize the limitations of the law. No law can prevail against the dissolution of the social connections and personal motivations that sustain a civilized polity. Carl Jung pointed out that society can resist epidemics of physical disease, but it is defenseless against diseases of the mind.'

"We are moving to a system where children will be raised entirely by the state. Gilder calls this the emerging Matriarchy Without Mothers.

"There is more spirituality in most Blues songs than there is in the entire church oratory. 'Soul' is first and foremost male soul.

"Across cultures, the worry that boys will not grow up to be men is far more widespread than the worry that girls will not grow up to be women.

"Philip E. Slater in The Pursuit of Loneliness says, 'We seek entertainment, not God. The same man who chuckles and sentimentalizes over a happy-go-lucky film hero would view his real-life counterpart as a frivolous and irresponsible bum.'

"In America we are all free to pursue exactly the same goals – house, car, career, family, retirement. How boring to live in such a one-dimensional society devoid of wandering gurus – who are arrested for loitering – and Gypsy wagoneers – who can't get permits for their vehicles.

"On page 25 of the May 4, 1992 Newsweek we can see a photo of women carrying placards which state, 'Our Bodies Our Business'. And on page 41 of the same issue we can see a lineup of delinquent dads arrested for non-payment of child support.

"In a public lecture in Seattle, Washington Margaret Mead suggested that American men had been so effectively domesticated by their women that they had too little time and too little energy to engage in the national and communal tasks which needed doing – including the initiation of young men.

"All the young men in this country are alienated. Alienated from society. Alienated from themselves. And how has the machine of civilization responded? By creating the "information revolution" – yet another computerized, feminized attempt to solve the problem by shoveling on more information. . . . Dad's either at work or kicked out of the house.

"Psychotherapists have been lying to us for 100 years. They tell us we are born without an ego and need to spend our lives building it up. For them empowerment is a matter of bolstering the ego, building self-esteem. This is straight-on feminist, materialist philosophy and indeed this is the diametric opposite of the truth.

"Modern media can most politely be described as a 'celebrity suck-off'. Let's get some famous person up here to tell an anecdote about what happened on a film set in Europe or something their daughter did. This is criminal misuse of our airwaves and our print space. Playboy magazine is notable for having the worst writing by the best authors around. If some literary light has something laying around under his bed he sends it to Playboy. Why not go out there and find some of the best writing by the least known authors? Don't tell me you don't have the time. You don't have the brains. You don't care.

"Says Robert Bly, 'Women want a tractable man, if they want one at all; the church wants a tamed man, the university wants a domesticated man, the corporation wants subservient men.'

"This is entirely a woman's world we live in. That's why they want the political accolades. That's why they want the recognition. They already run the whole show and now they just want us to formally acknowledge the fact.

"You can almost take it as a rule of thumb that whatever a woman says she is feeling, she is not feeling. This is not caring and sharing. We never know what they feel because they just lie about it. They lie to themselves, and in doing so, they lie to us.

"Women turn emotions on and off like tap water. A woman can scream at her husband an hour after dinner and send him off to get drunk, watching TV in his room – then be ready to 'give him some sex' a half hour later. These digital emotions belie how shallow the feelings are to begin with, and constitute a daily variety of emotional abuse.

"This is America. It is so entirely feminine it baffles people all over the rest of the world and it is killing us off at an alarming rate. We fought and died to create this? Amazing.

"No matter which of society's goals a man has pursued it is never satisfying because, essentially, it is a materialistic, feminist-approved goal; for if it wasn't, he would never have gotten anywhere performing it.

"Men were created to counter, to offset, to compensate for female memes; and we can only do that by drawing a line in the sand and asserting our position. That is done by holding your palm out in front of you and saying, 'You can do what you want with your own life, but you will not invade my mind, or my children's minds, past this point.'

"All this propaganda we get about how happy and free we are here [in the U.S] is a lot of whistling up your wazoo. Other people in other countries are not chained like dogs to 25-year mortgages.

"We have organized ourselves right out of being able to provide basic shelter. Everyone has to be upper middle class, or there's no room for them. You are totally free to pay rent to somebody and, in two years, pay them what it would cost to build your own place. So what if your hand-built, third-world house would be small? It would be yours and it would be paid for! We don't even remember what freedom means anymore. It means: freedom from paying a goddamned mortgage.

"What has feminized American society made us into? Idiots. We make money during the week to meet our mortgage payments and then spend the weekend mowing the lawn and fixing the gutters. Idiots.

"Says Rohr, the feminized corporate male cannot do what he believes is right because he's not even sure what he believes in. What's worse, if he ever figured out what he believed in he'd quit his job today. Or if he actually acted on what he believed in he'd get fired.

"Men speak three and a half times fewer words than women and consequently a greater portion of their communication is done through gesture and nuance and body language that is beyond the scope of female apprehension.

"It's clear to me that anger is what wrote this book. Without that passion, that depth of feeling, I wouldn't have dropped everything I was doing for two years to research these gender topics. So it was a good thing. That anger. And in a big way my life and my writing have been about living with and defusing anger and resentments. Without some spiritual tools to dampen the dynamite, my brains would have blown out my ears long ago.

"It is important to remember that each year over 97% of all husbands do not resort to violence in their relationships. Considering the sheer amount of verbal abuse we withstand that statistic amazes me.

"When too much emphasis is put on the purchase and possession of objects too many people suffer. Shopping is evil. But you won't hear women or corporations say that.

"There are courses taught by human relations consultants called 'Marrying Up' and 'Marrying Money'. Men are welcome to attend but the instructor warns the lessons will not be applicable to them.

"I do not know a single man who goes into a relationship with the idea of changing the woman; I do not know a single woman who goes into a relationship without the idea of changing the man. She still wants to be saved. She will train him to save her.

"Men need mothers' permission to turn boys into men, and that permission is not forthcoming in our society. In our feminized legal climate the male initiators would be thrown in jail if they attempted to perform this ritual service without the permission of the mothers.

"All the things that I knew in my youth to be superficial and a waste of time became the norm and benchmark of our family aspirations during 15 years of marriage.

"My future-former wife once flew into a rage that I wasn't being paid enough. She cut me off sexually and made my life miserable until I took her advice and fired my salesman. Within two weeks my business was ruined.

Women are being consumed by their own consumption. They've become wage-slaves in their own corporate fantasia. Women are being manipulated by their own manipulations.

"A family with two full-time working parents does not function as a family. Something is missing. The family is missing. The modern American family is a pathological joke that will not endure.

"Our educational system – the corporate job-training it has devolved into – and most of the jobs in modern society – are hopelessly feminine. The soul-scarring and deep resentment this causes in men is almost beyond calculation.

"Recently a guy in Iowa was told that the U.S. economy created 280,000 jobs in the last quarter. He said, 'I know. My wife and I have four of them.'

"Cities are feminine. Nature is masculine. Corporations are female. Government is female. God is male.

"It should be one of the stipulations of receiving Social Security that each old man has to spend three hours a week with some kid from a broken home.

"In Hawaii, the kids call every adult male 'uncle' and every adult female 'auntie'. The beauty of this is that every adult feels involved and responsible for the health and worldview and good sense of every child.

"Do I hate women? Not at all. I don't hate tigers, and I don't hate women. But I'm putting myself in extreme danger if I don't understand a tiger's nature or a woman's nature. Yes, extreme danger. This is no game any more. Feminism isn't cute. Femaleness is rotting people's souls.

"Feminists are not the problem, they're just trying to get due credit for 8000 years of women manipulating human civilization.

"All the things women blame on men are the things women put in men.

"Until we recognize that war is caused by female materialistic greed, we don't have a chance of ending it.

"If American culture were a real culture, it would provide some sort of initiation rituals to bring young men into the company of revered elders.

"The United States is a 'new' country. In fact, it hasn't really become a country yet, it's just an idea. We have no culture other than the culture of buying things and talking about freedom.

"The female's initiation is her wedding. The groom should burn the bride's wedding gown at the ceremony to demonstrate to her that her girlhood is over. This is real. This is marriage. This is the death of the little girl ego.

"James Joyce said that all art which creates desire is pornographic. Our media, our advertising, are pure pornography.

"The New Male Manifesto is easy to remember. It goes like this: LET THEM FIX THEIR OWN TOILETS!

"Women obey rules and regulations. Men obey principles."

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Imitation and Conformity in the Manosphere

"what fantasy world do you live in. the evidence is all around you of girls popping out babies to these men. but because you have failed to better yourself & use game, you want to take the blue pill & think that none of this is real. you sound young. so very very young & inexperienced with girls." - PhantomZodak

People imitate each other, and they do it to conform. They desire to conform, because they are terrified to independence, of ambiguity, of uncertainty, of not being a sheep with their identical sheep thought. In high school we imitated exactly how each other dressed, which showed to which social group we belonged.

Unfortunately, I see this imitation and conformity in the Manosphere Here's some examples: Alphas, Betas, Deltas, Gammas, Omegas, shit tests, hypergamy, Red Pill, the Blue Pill, the Dark Triad, "chicks dig jerks"....

Men memorize these words and conform to them, so they can belong. They get meaning, importance and community from them. For them it is now tradition. If they can't change their minds and move beyond these things, they're not that smart.

Again, unfortunately, those who refuse to conform - the critics - become the ostracized and the scapegoated. Isn't that amusing? The critics are insulted and cursed as witches who are a threat to the cohesion of the group.

But isn't that what the feminists do?

Nothing can advance unless there is opposition and criticism. Many haven't forgot that. They've never known it.

And what are their responses based on?


Stay Away From Scrawny, Boney Women

When I was about 28 I worked for a 50ish woman who was scrawny and boney. She kinda looked like John Brown, above, She was the kind who was never attractive, even at her best.

She was hostile, stupid and incompetent. And she had been hired as a saleswoman! I thought, what moron thought a woman who looked like that could do sales?

We didn't get along. She kept sticking her nose in my job, about which she knew nothing at all - but she thought she knew more me. I was just going to outwait her. I knew she'd be fired.

She was. And was shocked, because she thought in her hostily and stupity and arrogance and blindness that she was doing a good job!

Years later I encountered another scrawny, boney middle-aqed woman. I've written about her before. She called the police because I had left my pug in the car. Again, hostile and self-righteous. And when I called her an ugy stupid cunt, she yelled, "You're no gentleman! You're not married!"

Men problems, you see.

Are these women as they are because of their unattractiveness? Or is it just inherent in being scrawny and bony? Seems like in fiction when someone is scrawny and boney they are always cruel.

Think the sex pervert Anthony Weiner. Why did anyone vote for someone who looks like that?

I tried not to judge people on their looks at first, but have you ever met a scrawny boney person you liked?

I haven't.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Partying is What Got Me Through High School

I know a very intelligent 17-year-old girl who finds high school intolerable. She skips so often her parents are getting perturbed, because in the retarded state they live in, the parents can be arrested for their kids not attending school.

Only a politician can come up with a law that stupid. Or an education major.

The girl finds school excruciatingly boring, her classmates not just ignorant but stupid - and she hates every second of school.

I've suggested she drop out, get a GED, and then do what she wants. College, whatever. Or something a lot better, I hope.

Middle school for me was hell; high school was just a boring prison. The only thing that got me though was partying on weekends - and I had a blast. It was a cross between Animal House and American Graffiti.

If I hadn't had that partying, I would have dropped out of school, gotten a GED, and taken off. For that matter, one of my friends took off anyway - we hitchhiked across the country, and were gone three weeks. That's not the only time we did that - disappearing for weeks on end, sometimes in the woods, where we went camping.

I've written several times how I consider that State (and anything it touches) a Machine, and its purpose is to suck out your soul and turn you into a zombie. But when you get away from it, you're free. That's why we roamed the country and the forest - we were free. Things are not so good anymore. And as bad as it is, it's a hell of a lot worse in other countries.

There is part of us that wants an impossible safety and security - that wants to be a slave - and there is part of us that wants to be free. There is always that tension, that fight, between the two.

But when you choose slavery, you also end up losing your brains. Not just your brains, but also your soul. Like know, like the Borg.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comic Books, Nerds and Pseudo Alphas

"The book looks at the evolution of the superhero through the early Egyptian, Greek and Roman myths to the modern era." -Wikipedia

Like many boys I read comic books as a kid. Watched all the James Bond movies, too (my heroes, at five, were Sean Connery and Elvis). Years later I wondered why superheroes existed, and when I discovered the history of comic books I found all the founders and writers were unpopular nerds and geeks. They freely admitted the fantasy of the superhero was wish fulfillment for them. Superheroes are in a sense gods, just like Thor and Odin and Heracles...who today are in comic books.

The same applies to the concept of the "Alpha." I've pointed out before it is a comic-book concept, a wish fulfillment for unpopular guys who don't know how to talk to women or act around them. I keep wondering, "Did they not have fathers? Uncles? Older friends? No mentors at all? Are women today so screwed up and so nasty that young men hope acting like comic-book heroes might give them a leg up?"

The Alpha, in a sense, is a god to be imitated. Some people in the past wanted to imitate Jesus; now they hallucinate shit tests, "Game," despised "Betas" and exalted "Alphas." Since gods are sacred, when I point out their many flaws, the belivers have seizures, and I am of course profane for poking at those flaws.

As John D. McDonald wrote, "People are herd animals, social and imitative." And who do they often imitate? "Leaders." (After all, look at how many parents are horrified at who their children imitate!)

Here is the god to be imitated: "ALPHA: The alpha is the tall, good-looking guy, who is the center or both male and female attention. The classic star of the football team who is dating the prettiest cheerleader. The successful business executive with the beautiful, stylish, blonde, size-zero wife. All the women are attracted to him, while all the men want to be him or least be his friend. At a social gathering like a party, he is the loud, charistatmic guy telling self-flatteriong stories to a group of attractive women who are listening with interest. However, Alphas are only interested ih women to the extent they exist for the Alpha's grattification, physical and psychological, they are actually more concerned with overall group status."

In reality this god-to-be-imitated does not exist. The closest is a narcissist/sociopath/psychopath. What fool would imitate this?

The best an "Alpha" can be is a man who is the best and happiest he can be (well-being achieved by excellence), who is a protector/provider, who fixes/repairs, who discovers/invents, who innovates, who pushes boundaries too see what's there, who founds and maintains civilizations. It has nothing to do with the comic-book definition.

A women mentioned to me once she considered the philosophy of the Manosphere to be the male equivalent of female romance novels, and I agree. And much of it is no more realistic than women's romance novels.

I kept seeing Fabio on one hand, and Travis McGee on the other. Both ain't realistic at all. They're for adolescents, not adults.

For boys it's all about power and control - not so much over others, but over yourself. To be immune, which is power. To have armor, like Ironman or Spawn. To be able to protect yourself, like Wolverine.

Not so far in the past there were mentors and rites of passage that took care of removing boys from the feminine and introducing them to the world of men. Not anymore. They can't get away from the feminine, and women are too stupid and deluded to realize they've cut their own throats.

And now we have confused semi-adults offering bad advice for the young, and the young too confused to tell the good from the bad.

Now boys today cannot escape the feminine, which is why the Manosphere is a reaction to this montrousness. A needed reaction. Unfortunately, it is has not separated wisdom from the nonsense, the adult from the comic book, the "Alpha" from a man.

Women Are Far Worse Than Men and If Not Under Men's Authority Will Destroy Civilization

"Men of learning are those who have done their reading in the pages of a book. Thinkers and men of genius are those who have gone straight to the book of Nature; it is they who have enlightened the world and carried humanity further on its way. If a man’s thoughts are to have truth and life in them, they must, after all, be his own fundamental thoughts; for these are the only ones that he can fully and wholly understand." - Schopenhauer

When I was about 13 and in the eighth grade a friend told me about a girl at a friend's house who had sex with the five guys there. She was 13. I was shocked. Four years later, as I have mentioned, a 13-year-old girl tried to lose her virginity to me by telling me she was 16. And in high school I had seen girls screw five and six guys in a row. And in high school I met several girls who'd have sex with me after knowing me half-an-hour.

Years later I realized none of this had to do with being "an Alpha." You'd just had to be somewhat attractive to them. I realized that uncontrolled female sexuality is ravenous and promiscuous and will destroy men and society.

When I got into the workforce I realized the vast majority of women have no business in men's jobs. Most of them fuck them up, and the pay and status goes way down. They try to change the culture to suit their childish characters.

I remember thinking, Jesus, as bad as men are, women are far worse. The fuck up everything. And this is why there exists the myths of Eve and Pandora. Schopenhauer was right: most of them are big children.

Humanity is depraved - Original Sin and all that.

Now let's take the Manosphere belief women like "bad boys." Some do. In fact, such women are considered mentally ill. But I prefer depraved by Original Sin. People are inherently imperfect. And the more naive and perverted women are attracted to the thuggish, the more civilization collapses. Such women and men are bottom of the barrel, and those who extol their "virtues" are complete and utter fools.

Men are supposed to be protectors/providers, the creators and upholders of civilization, the innovators, the discoverers, the explorers, the inventors. When they aren't those things, that's the biggest red flag civilization is on the downhill slide. Being PUAs and Men Going Their Own Way is what happens when men are displaced from their rightful place as patriarchs.

The following article is from Anglobitch, and it an illustration of why I have said, over and over, people such as Roissy and Vox Day and Roosh and Krauser are not telling you the truth..

How do I know this? Because I have more experience in life than all of them. Let's see them talk about watching people shoot up heroin when you're 15, watching guys get shot to death in a bar, watch a friend hold a pistol to his girlfriend's head, pull pistols on thugs attacking me in the street, fight two guys at one time, and see friends dead in a ditch from overdoses. I have experienced horrors the fools can only imagine. Civilization is a thin, fragile skin only top of a lot of horrible human nature, and only the utterly stupid and blind try to destroy it.

For the dense, the author is being ironic.

"Roissy in DC has been mentioned on this Blog before. He runs a somewhat disorganized Wordpress blog dedicated to 'Game' - the art of picking up and seducing beautiful women. Actually, much of what he writes is pretty good. However, Roissy lays a lot of bad advice on his many fans. He trots out the usual Anglofag bullshit about cars and material wealth, when women are truly attracted to bullies, sadists and killers. Many have accused this blog of being negative, pessimistic, giving little practical advice to men on how to improve their lives. Well, here we reverse that trend - follow this sage advice, guys, and you'll soon be ankle deep in premium pussy, Anglo or otherwise... guaranteed!

"Act like a Violent Bully/Thug/Criminal

'Mention any involvement with prison/gangs/crime and women turn to putty, whatever their education/social class. When Jimmy Troiano, the Northport associate of Satanist killer Ricky Kasso emerged from a spell in jail for breaking and entry, the affluent girls were mobbing him:

"'They didn't want to be him - but they got brownie points by just standing next to him...'

"So, lesson one: if you want to attract pussy, become a criminal and preferably spend some time in jail. Women can't resist the frisson of danger and excitement the tattoo'd, hardened criminal positively radiates!

"Become a Sexual Sadist,

"Like the hardened criminal, it seems the sexual sadist embodies a form of torrid hyper-masculinity that women find irresistible. With his rakish good looks and purloined RAF uniform Neville Heath had no problem picking up upper class, blue-blooded pussy at Debs' Balls in London. Most of these were 9s or 10s on breeding alone, way beyond Roissy's wildest American wank-dreams. Having picked them up, he would then proceed to torture them by beating, tying and strangling. More often than not, they didn't even report these attacks to the Police! It is obvious that these women actually enjoyed Heath's savage treatment. Quite aside from which, Heath's victims went willingly to a brutal death at his expert hands!

"So, what can the seasoned PUA learn from Heath? Easy - openly express sadistic inclinations and act with sexual brutality towards women (no Missionary Position tedium, please). You'll soon be fighting them off with a club!

"Become a Mass Murderer

"The Kings of Pussy! After all, Mass Murderers on Death Row are inundated with offers of sex/marriage! Ted Bundy fathered a child with one of his groupies. Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker collected a whole army of female fans during his trial (his murderous crimes involved gouging out his victims' eyes while raping them, for the most part). Burnished Valley Girls were swooning 'cute!' over this black-toothed, sociopathic wreck. In a similar vein, 'Bobettes' swarmed around the girl killer Robert Chambers of the celebrated Preppy Murder case in 1986. Even gay serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy have an irresistible hold over women. Again, this relates to the 'hyper-masculinity' of the accomplished murderer - even when he is gay and entirely disinterested in women as sexual partners! How cool is that?

"Become a Counter-cultural Freak/Misfit

"Charles Manson was an unemployed ex-convict, who had spent half his life in correctional institutions for a variety of offenses. Despite these personal limitations, he was soon ruling a harem of adoring middle class females. How did he manage to achieve this coveted 'Alpha' status? Education? Charm? Wit? Money? Are you fucking serious?

"After release from prison for theft, he soon got to know Mary Brunner, a twenty-three-year-old University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate working as an assistant librarian at UC Berkeley. After moving in with her, he soon broke her resistance to his bringing other women in to live with them; before long, they were sharing Brunner's residence with 18 other women! With this adoring harem in place, Manson established himself as a guru in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, which, during 1967's "Summer of Love", was emerging as the signature hippie locale... and the way was paved for murder and mayhem!

"Aleister Crowley is another good example. This mentally-ill, latent-homosexual degenerate soon gathered a veritable harem of adoring upper-class females, whom he marooned in the Abbey of Thelema - his occult lodge in Sicily - for a variety of perverse sexual escapades!

"Then there was David Koresh, who fathered numerous children on the warm and willing females of his deranged 'flock'... or the Reverend Jim Jones... or that Japanese guru whose (largely) female followers released toxic gas on the Tokyo underground - the list is endless! If murderers are the Kings of Pussy, then deranged gurus are the dashing princes!

"In short, Roissy in DC doesn't know shit from shinola when it comes to picking up beautiful young women. Women have no interest in bourgeois trappings of material success - what they REALLY want is a hyper-masculine thug/misfit/killer who is entirely OUTSIDE social convention. Given this, what the successful PUA REALLY needs to cultivate is the mien of a bullying, psychopathic brute. If possible, hint at sadistic cruelty in all your conversations. And to get a women attached to you, abuse and torture her whenever possible. The more women are hurt, the more they enjoy it - abuse them and they will always be drawn back to you.

"Because masculinity is persona non grata in Anglo-American culture, hyper-masculinity has particular appeal as 'added value' to women therein. The uglier a man is within, the more beautiful his women will be. More importantly, he will get to screw far more of them!

"Good luck, guys!"

Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Does Game Work?"

I have pointed out several times the "Alpha" is a comic-book concept, and you'd be better off watching James Bond or Derek Flint or Matt Helm movies, or reading John D. McDonald, than reading much of the nonsense in the Manosphere. As for "Game," it's basically the confidence/courage of the Four Cardinal Virtues.

Beyond that, it's the male version of female romance novels.

The article below in from Jim's Blog, and while quite short, it is to the point.

Most men are not going to be all that popular with women no matter what they do - "Game" isn't going to help them at all. And if you are popular, you will become jaded but fast unless you can love. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. Sex can become cheap but fast. This is personal experience, which is why I know the most popular commentators in the Manosphere are lying to you/don't know what they are talking about.

And yes, many women are children. That, too, is personal experience. And being children, they have no business in men's jobs...they just fuck them up, and the pay and status plummets.

By the way, the comments at the blog are very good and I urge you to read them.

"For a lot of men, game is not all that effective. This is because the major part of game is to superficially appear to be high status, as women perceive status, which is very different from how men perceive status, and it is simply hard to appear to be high status. One’s subconscious shoots one down, resulting in incongruent behavior. Easier if other people act as if you are high status, as in the video.

"Obviously it was stupid to emancipate women. Fertile age women should have the legal status of children. The state should back parental authority over children, and the husband’s authority over his wife.

"Emancipation was a shit test that we failed."