Saturday, June 21, 2014

I Was Right and They Were Wrong

"The most dangerous man in the world is one who afraid he is a wimp." - James Gilligan.

The Manosphere is utterly unable to account for Elliot Rodger. I wasn't, because I look to the past and what smarter men discovered.

I've been pointing out for years that those who support the Dark Triad as something good, that it's something "chicks dig," didn't know what they were talking about. They were foolish and naive.

I was raised with murdering, raping, conscienceless psychopaths. I know what the humiliated can do, as did Aristotle and St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas - men much smarter than the pompous frauds of today.

So why am I not seeing anything recently about the wonders of the Dark Triad? Perhaps because of Elliot Rodger?

In modern terms, Rodger was clearly some kind of narcissist/borderline. He was a wimp who felt unbearably humiliated. He was of the Dark Triad.

He was a wimp couldn't look people in the eye, couldn't say "hi" to a girl, and went insane and committed mass murder to replace his feelings of humiliation with pride. How can someone be of the Dark Triad be....a murdering wimp and not an Alpha? Ohmigod? What happened?

I have been pointing this out for years. Narcissists/psychopaths are not charming people who are popular with women (it doesn't work even if you act like them). A few are, but the vast majority are not. They don't have high self-esteem. They have no self-esteem, which they cover up with grandiosity - just like Rodger did.

Now I'm seeing backtracking, trying to say what they really meant was "practiced charm." Which is what I've said for years. I'm a natural at it.

The support of "Dark Triad Alphas" is over. Suddenly people are seeing what they really are. As I predicted.

"When I saw this prisoner I asked him,'What do you want so badly that you are willing to give up everything else in order to get it?' It seemed to me that this was exactly what he was doing. In response, this man, who was usually so inarticulate that it was difficult to get a clear answer to any question, astonished me by standing up tall, looking me in the eye, and replying with perfect clarity and a kind of simple eloquence: 'Pride. Dignity. Self-esteem.' And then, speaking more in his usual manner, he added 'And I'll kill every motherfucker in that cell block if I have to in order to get it.'" - James Gilligan

" endure being insulted and put up with insult to one's friends is slavish." - Aristotle


Anonymous said...

On a different note, you had opposed the Iraq War from the start if I'm not mistaken. At the time I thought the war was necessary, being caught up in the Post 9/11 wave of patriotism. Now I'm having serious second thoughts about that support. Under Bush, we gained a few things from the war, but it doesn't seem to have been worth the huge cost. Now Obama is throwing away what little we gained. I thought that during the early 60's, most Americans were so ignorant to support the Vietnam War without question. Maybe I no longer have grounds to criticize them, given my own track record. 10 years ago, I never imagined I'd reach such a conclusion.

Unknown said...

Yes, I opposed it from the start. It was planned and orchestrated by the neocons, who are now claiming they did no such thing.

White Knight Leo #0368 said...

The only comment I will make is that Elliot Rodgers was a schizophrenic, which means he might well have taken any reason at all to go on a killing spree.
There is no need for the Manosphere to answer for him, because he was, literally, psychotic. In much the same way, the video game culture doesn't have to answer for the Columbine boys.
For the record, I am not defending the PUAs. I don't like them. But in this case you are barking up the wrong tree.