Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comic Books, Nerds and Pseudo Alphas

"The book looks at the evolution of the superhero through the early Egyptian, Greek and Roman myths to the modern era." -Wikipedia

Like many boys I read comic books as a kid. Watched all the James Bond movies, too (my heroes, at five, were Sean Connery and Elvis). Years later I wondered why superheroes existed, and when I discovered the history of comic books I found all the founders and writers were unpopular nerds and geeks. They freely admitted the fantasy of the superhero was wish fulfillment for them. Superheroes are in a sense gods, just like Thor and Odin and Heracles...who today are in comic books.

The same applies to the concept of the "Alpha." I've pointed out before it is a comic-book concept, a wish fulfillment for unpopular guys who don't know how to talk to women or act around them. I keep wondering, "Did they not have fathers? Uncles? Older friends? No mentors at all? Are women today so screwed up and so nasty that young men hope acting like comic-book heroes might give them a leg up?"

The Alpha, in a sense, is a god to be imitated. Some people in the past wanted to imitate Jesus; now they hallucinate shit tests, "Game," despised "Betas" and exalted "Alphas." Since gods are sacred, when I point out their many flaws, the belivers have seizures, and I am of course profane for poking at those flaws.

As John D. McDonald wrote, "People are herd animals, social and imitative." And who do they often imitate? "Leaders." (After all, look at how many parents are horrified at who their children imitate!)

Here is the god to be imitated: "ALPHA: The alpha is the tall, good-looking guy, who is the center or both male and female attention. The classic star of the football team who is dating the prettiest cheerleader. The successful business executive with the beautiful, stylish, blonde, size-zero wife. All the women are attracted to him, while all the men want to be him or least be his friend. At a social gathering like a party, he is the loud, charistatmic guy telling self-flatteriong stories to a group of attractive women who are listening with interest. However, Alphas are only interested ih women to the extent they exist for the Alpha's grattification, physical and psychological, they are actually more concerned with overall group status."

In reality this god-to-be-imitated does not exist. The closest is a narcissist/sociopath/psychopath. What fool would imitate this?

The best an "Alpha" can be is a man who is the best and happiest he can be (well-being achieved by excellence), who is a protector/provider, who fixes/repairs, who discovers/invents, who innovates, who pushes boundaries too see what's there, who founds and maintains civilizations. It has nothing to do with the comic-book definition.

A women mentioned to me once she considered the philosophy of the Manosphere to be the male equivalent of female romance novels, and I agree. And much of it is no more realistic than women's romance novels.

I kept seeing Fabio on one hand, and Travis McGee on the other. Both ain't realistic at all. They're for adolescents, not adults.

For boys it's all about power and control - not so much over others, but over yourself. To be immune, which is power. To have armor, like Ironman or Spawn. To be able to protect yourself, like Wolverine.

Not so far in the past there were mentors and rites of passage that took care of removing boys from the feminine and introducing them to the world of men. Not anymore. They can't get away from the feminine, and women are too stupid and deluded to realize they've cut their own throats.

And now we have confused semi-adults offering bad advice for the young, and the young too confused to tell the good from the bad.

Now boys today cannot escape the feminine, which is why the Manosphere is a reaction to this montrousness. A needed reaction. Unfortunately, it is has not separated wisdom from the nonsense, the adult from the comic book, the "Alpha" from a man.


James said...

I keep wondering, "Did they not have fathers? Uncles? Older friends? No mentors at all? Are women today so screwed up and so nasty that young men hope acting like comic-book heroes might give them a leg up?"

2012 40% kids born out of wedlock. The vast majority of them will not have fathers.

2012 depending on who you ask 35-60% of people get divorced. They will not have their father, or will have sparse access similar to like Elliot Rodger did.

With the break up of families, you also get the breakup of the non-nuclear family. You don't have access to these uncles because they are all on your father's side who your mom divorced. The uncles on your mom's side agreed with her decision to divorce.

How many older men go to mentor younger men? Some due, but usually those are already in communities where families are intact and whole.

So whoever looks successful will be idolized as a role model. Famous rappers and thugs and former drug dealers, PUA's, narcissistic people ARE our mentors.

American whites and even some blacks realized this in the 80s 90s when they spoke about the direction TV entertainment and music was going. They were called racist by most of the black community and now the black community is in even worse straits then before. This has affected whites too but not to the same level as blacks.

Unknown said...

Oh are so right, right on the money.

Aurini said...

I was just going to answer that question with a straight-up "Yup."

I've been studying masculinity since the age of 14 - when I realized I needed something that I did not have. I've gone down a lot of false-paths and made a lot of mistakes, but overall the fact that I keep challenging myself is why (hopefully) I have something useful to say on the matter.

Unknown said...

I've gone down a lot of false paths myself, and I had fathers, uncles, and extended family. They were good emotionally but otherwise not much help.

Glen Filthie said...

No, the manosphere is not Harlequin Romance for men. There are plenty of intellects up there like Aurini, Captain Capitalism, and yourself.
The message these guys push is good: think about who you are, address your weaknesses, stay fit mentally and physically - and enjoy life as much as a real man can.
Even Vox Day (who believes in Game and the Alpha Male) has much to offer: he is fighting a one-man war for the heart and soul of the SF genre of fiction writing - and he is winning against overwhelming odds.
How many times has it happened to you? You buy a promising sci-fi book, and get two chapters into it - only to find that it was written by some marginal faggot or woman...and it is nothing more than message fiction. It's propaganda for multiculturalism, homosexuality, feminism or some such rot. I don't know how many of those I have thrown away in disgust. Vox is the only one that had the balls to stand up to the legions of queers, alpha-bitches, and bed wetters that infest the genre today. Don't tell me there is no such thing as an alpha male, Bob - a trip over to Vox Popoli will convince you otherwise.

PhantomZodak said...

more nonsense. you think alpha males don't exist? what fantasy world do you live in. the evidence is all around you of girls popping out babies to these men. but because you have failed to better yourself & use game, you want to take the blue pill & think that none of this is real. you sound young. so very very young & inexperienced with girls.

Unknown said...

Amusing. Come on, you can do better than imitate someone's else's bad ideas.

Anonymous said...

Superheroes and comic books are a great insight into the psyche of the Jewish male (the quintessential outsider and "beta")

Unknown said...

The majority of the early comic books were created by unpopular nerdy Jewish males. Superman and Batman, for example. Which is why when young men so vociferously defend the "Alpha"....they have no idea what that defense says about them.

Aurini said...

Have you seen the movie "Super" yet? I think it's right up your alley - it's pretty much what you're saying here.

I may do my own review of it.

Unknown said...

I've never even heard of the movie but checked it out at Wikipedia, and yes, a review would be appreciated.

Believe it or not, I have my father's old pipe wrench.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever read DC Comics? There was a series called "Tales From The Crypt" which was later adapted into a TV series in the 1980's. Among other things, it does a good job at highlighting the flawed nature of people. It also uses fiction to claim that the things one does to others usually comes back to them sooner or later. Greek mythology told the same message, albeit it in a different manner.

Unknown said...

I watched "Tales from the Crypt" when it was on but I preferred Marvel. And yes, there are certain ethinic groups which produce a lot of shyters...which some of the younger don't get. Until they get older.