Monday, June 23, 2014

Partying is What Got Me Through High School

I know a very intelligent 17-year-old girl who finds high school intolerable. She skips so often her parents are getting perturbed, because in the retarded state they live in, the parents can be arrested for their kids not attending school.

Only a politician can come up with a law that stupid. Or an education major.

The girl finds school excruciatingly boring, her classmates not just ignorant but stupid - and she hates every second of school.

I've suggested she drop out, get a GED, and then do what she wants. College, whatever. Or something a lot better, I hope.

Middle school for me was hell; high school was just a boring prison. The only thing that got me though was partying on weekends - and I had a blast. It was a cross between Animal House and American Graffiti.

If I hadn't had that partying, I would have dropped out of school, gotten a GED, and taken off. For that matter, one of my friends took off anyway - we hitchhiked across the country, and were gone three weeks. That's not the only time we did that - disappearing for weeks on end, sometimes in the woods, where we went camping.

I've written several times how I consider that State (and anything it touches) a Machine, and its purpose is to suck out your soul and turn you into a zombie. But when you get away from it, you're free. That's why we roamed the country and the forest - we were free. Things are not so good anymore. And as bad as it is, it's a hell of a lot worse in other countries.

There is part of us that wants an impossible safety and security - that wants to be a slave - and there is part of us that wants to be free. There is always that tension, that fight, between the two.

But when you choose slavery, you also end up losing your brains. Not just your brains, but also your soul. Like know, like the Borg.


AAB said...

Most of your founding fathers and early presidents were either self-taught or home-schooled, and it certainly didn't do them any harm.

Nowadays however, instead of homseschooling and self-teaching(i.e. people learning because they Want to), we have compulsory schooling. And guess what? Literacy and numeracy rates are falling. Hmm, I wonder why? Could it be that people learn more when they actually Want to learn, rather than being forced/coerced into learning?

Unknown said...

If you don't in school just what the heck are you supposed to do?

AAB said...

'If you don't in school just what the heck are you supposed to do?'

I guess that was a rhetorical question, but in case that it wasn't, this are some of the things that kids learn in school:
- to comply with authority figures.
- that there's a social pecking order (a 'cool gang').
- cognitive dissonance as a skill. I was taught that methane gas was the biggest greenhouse gas in geography, and then taught that CO2 was the biggest greenhouse gas in science. Go figure!
- learn information that is not needed in the real world.
- that the process of learning is on the whole not enjoyable.
- to sit still for hours at a time.
- to live in a schedule that breaks the day in to hour long sessions, so that any enthusiasm that may develop during the lesson is quickly destroyed. Like cutting a tree that's in mid-growth, or a runner that's just building up speed.

On the whole, the concept of schooling needs to be masively over-hauled.