Sunday, June 29, 2014

Female Drama and "Safety"

I've said for years single mothers are automatically child abusers, even if they don't appear to be, and no society can survive them, which is why no society has tolerated them.

When I was a kid we played dodgeball in school and bashed each other in the head. I loved it because I was great at it. If they had an Olympic team I would have tried out for it.

Outside we found excavation sites and had dirtclod fights. We rarely got hit but we had some great fights.

And snowball fights. I got a face full of snow once, eyes and mouth. The guy who did it fell down laughing.

We sailed our goofy Styrofoam Sea Snark sailboat, stuffed with three guys when one was supposed to be in get the picture.

Once time in middle school I was hit in the head with a soccer ball and knocked down. It cut my eyebrow. I have scars all over me, including stitches in my face. No big deal.

A few days ago I met a single mother. She was telling us about an episode that meant nothing. But to her is was drama, indeed horror.

One of her two boys, less than ten, hit her other son in the head with a ball. Pretty hard, apparently, but it was an accident. Big deal. So what?

I would have said, "Are you okay there? Is your eye still in your head?" And to the other, "That was a accident, right? It was? Okay, go about your business."

She made them stop, made the hitter go inside and write 25 sentences about how he wasn't supposed to hit his brother in the head with a ball, then made him apologize. Then she told us, "They never mentioned it the rest of the day."

Of course not, you dumbass, I thought. You're the one making a big deal out of it, not them. It was just a ball to the head. Ever heard of dodgeball? Soccer? Anything to do with a ball?

What's the old saying? Making a mountain out of a molehill? That's what many women do. Drama queens. A fake safety above all. And so many of them lack discernment. That's why being a drama queen believing in fake safety will do to you. And it's why women lack courage, and justice, and self-control, and prudence...

Women ultimately destroy society when they get out from under men's authority. And they destroy little boys.

I wonder how these boys will turn out? Afraid of everything? This is why I point out one of the Four Cardinal Virtues is bravery, courage, self-confidence. And the interesting things about them is that if you lack one you lack them all. If you lack courage and confidence, then you are going to lack Prudence, and Justice, and Self-Control.

That's why I wonder about these boys. Putting "safety" above all and being afraid of everything? Lacking courage and confidence? And being that, will be they be unable, out of fear, to give each person his due, which is why justice is? Will they be able to choose the right path, or wrong one, out of fear and lack of confidence?

Only time will tell. And things will change only when things get bad enough and we end up with a lot of adult boys instead of men. Or maybe them acting like women instead of men. Which is what we sorta have now.

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