Thursday, June 19, 2014

Leftism and the Sin of Pride

I see things fairly simply. The Seven Deadly Sins. The Seven Cardinal Virtues.

The worst sin of all ("sin" means "to miss the mark" and comes from archery) is Pride, or what the Greeks called Hubris. It is the basis of all the rest. The second worst sin is envy.

Leftism, which I don't believe in at all, is based first on Hubris, and secondly on envy.

Those two sins are why leftists think they are intellectually and morally superior to everyone, and why they are levelers - to get rid of envy (of course, as long as they rule the inferior unwashed masses).

It is an impossibility for anyone to be smart enough, and moral enough, to run the lives of hundreds of millions of people. It's why I believe in the smallest possible government, liberty and the free market.

Because I know I'm not smart enough to run someone else's life. Which makes me the Anti-Leftist.


kurt9 said...

I believe you are incorrectly using the word "hubris". Hubris originally comes from the Greeks, and it means to publicly humiliate someone. This is the reason why hubris is said to lead to nemesis, which was the Greek word for revenge. Thus, publicly humiliating someone causes that person to loose face and, therefor, want to seek revenge against you.

The word "hubris" has no correlation with pride, in and of itself.

Unknown said...

The Biblical conception of Pride (followed by destruction and a fall) is the same as the Greek Hubris. Wikipedia actually got that one right.

kurt9 said...

I'm not sure what is meant by the biblical concept of pride or hubris. However, I can tell you that certain luddites often apply it to those of us who seek to improve our lives (and bodies) through biotechnological means, even though this does not in any way involve the public humiliation of anyone. Such usage of the term "hubris" and "pride" is incorrect and inexcusable.