Saturday, June 21, 2014

"Does Game Work?"

I have pointed out several times the "Alpha" is a comic-book concept, and you'd be better off watching James Bond or Derek Flint or Matt Helm movies, or reading John D. McDonald, than reading much of the nonsense in the Manosphere. As for "Game," it's basically the confidence/courage of the Four Cardinal Virtues.

Beyond that, it's the male version of female romance novels.

The article below in from Jim's Blog, and while quite short, it is to the point.

Most men are not going to be all that popular with women no matter what they do - "Game" isn't going to help them at all. And if you are popular, you will become jaded but fast unless you can love. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. Sex can become cheap but fast. This is personal experience, which is why I know the most popular commentators in the Manosphere are lying to you/don't know what they are talking about.

And yes, many women are children. That, too, is personal experience. And being children, they have no business in men's jobs...they just fuck them up, and the pay and status plummets.

By the way, the comments at the blog are very good and I urge you to read them.

"For a lot of men, game is not all that effective. This is because the major part of game is to superficially appear to be high status, as women perceive status, which is very different from how men perceive status, and it is simply hard to appear to be high status. One’s subconscious shoots one down, resulting in incongruent behavior. Easier if other people act as if you are high status, as in the video.

"Obviously it was stupid to emancipate women. Fertile age women should have the legal status of children. The state should back parental authority over children, and the husband’s authority over his wife.

"Emancipation was a shit test that we failed."


Glen Filthie said...

I will agree with you on that. Good grief - define 'status', for example. Us guys can't agree on it: some men will say it comes from flashy cars and bling, other guys (like yourself, if I don't miss my guess) define it as deriving from accomplishment and happiness.
Women will define it differently too. Vox Day is a big believer in game and the alpha male concept. I agree with the alpha male (depending on how you define it) - but 'game' is a pant load. just may work on the female tire biters and pump n' dumpers...but who wants their ashes hauled by them? I prefer my woman to be first class.

PhantomZodak said...

ugh you are one of those PUAHate guys. you are the next elliot rodger blaming everyone else for your failings. take reponsibility for your life & stop looking for quick fixes. improve yourself, become the man women find attractive.

Unknown said...

I am attractive to women, which I seriously doubt you are.