Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"The Divine Hitler: Reincarnation of Kalki"

Nietzsche wasn't a philosopher. He was a prophet. A crazed prophet, but a prophet nonetheless.

He actually predicted the horrors of the 20th century, specifically the denigration of religion and the worship of science (today, I see this in the atheistkult retards who "Fucking Love Science" and try to use the State to destroy Christianity).

Hitler, of course, was a monster. But the word "monster" means "a demonstration" and "a warning." So as Nietzsche warned us of the 20th century, Hitler, even now, can warn us of the 21st. "

This article is from the site Owner of Reality.

I, personally, pay great attention to monsters. Elliot Rodger and was a monster and I know what he means. The chattering classes do not. By the way, Cooper's Law states that "All machines are amplifiers." Remember that. Also remember multitribalism, the growth of the State, and murder all around.

"I would like to have a word with you about Hitler. He is a poorly understood figure, despite being the most influential man of the 20th century. Hitler could be seen as the reincarnation of the deity Kalki, who is known as the 'annihilator of ignorance'.

"The divinity of Hitler is a great taboo in our society, yet an undeniable truth, as there is an extent of divinity in every person. To state that Hitler were the reincarnation of a deity, however, is to say that the degree of Hitler’s divinity is very high.

"In the 20th century man became acquainted with magnificent tools of mass production. What Hitler did was to show that these tools can be used to produce death: an industrial-scale production line of murder. One of Hitler’s greatest acheivements was to attempt to acquire a nuclear weapon, but to fail. I believe Hitler was aware of what he was doing. He was sending a warning signal of such intensity that it can probably be heard from a thousand years. In this sense, the Nazi reich truly will prevail for a millennium. And this sense is more important than actually prevailing, that is, prevailing as a social institution or as a nation. Hitler granted man knowledge about the power of the technology he has acquired, and his great success was to send the signal that greed and the desire to win at all costs will make man destroy the Earth as a habitable place, polluting it with radioactive material. If biological weapons had been available at the time of Hitler, he might have tried to acquire them too and use them even at the risk of killing every person on Earth. His words indicate that he was disappointed even in his own people, the Germans. Even if he would not really have used such weapons, he wishes us to believe that he would have.

"The memory of Nazi Germany thus serves as a protective shield and a guiding hand, which is to deter us from destroying ourselves. Hitler was fast – he was around to show the dangers of very powerful weapons before there were any available for him. The Cold War was won by both belligerents due to the guidance of Hitler’s legacy, as both belligerents managed to abstain from using the weapons they had.

"The Jewish holocaust was done to strengthen this legacy. There is no scientific point in persecuting Jews, who seem to do well in society and be intelligent. Jews were chosen only by virtue of having persecuted Jesus millennia ago. The motive of the holocaust was to demonstrate undeniably the power of industry to produce both good and evil, and that it is up to man to choose good. But if there is going to be a holocaust, some people have to be victims. By choosing Jews Hitler strengthened his message by ending an epoch at the same time as he broadcasted his message of danger that was intended to frighten people. The era of Christianity gained its power of the sufferings of Jesus, but as all eras had to end, Hitler ended this era by turning the tables. Now the Christians had their vengeance of the Jews, but lost their own power upon doing so. We live in a spiritual void of fear, in which no man feels entitled to use nuclear and biological weapons against his enemy. The Nazi reich prevails as a positive fear that prevents us from killing each other. Kalki is a great incarnation of Vishnu that ends an era and destroys the darkness of ignorance, which would have made man to not fear and to use dangerous weapons to cause his own peril.

"There is no danger in understanding the spiritual, benevolent nature of Hitler. The deaths he caused prevented much more suffering. Misunderstanding Hitler’s nature can be dangerous. Hitler ended an epoch, and to emulate his behavior would no longer do any good, but evil. What he did is now done, and cannot be redone, as God would no longer manifest through people who behave like that. The epoch has changed, and God will now manifest differently, but benevolent and wise as always. To view Hitler as a bad man with mysterious powers, however, will only cause suffering in the viewer without granting an ability to effect the course of future events. It is pointless to see evil as such a powerful thing, and ungrateful although excusable to dismiss the protective Hand of Hitler over the sky which will deter us from collective suicide initiated out of anger and due to the availability of suitable weapons. The real danger lies within ourselves, and what Hitler did is now history which most of us can no longer directly experience."


Questor said...

This is overwrought. Your own comments are better than your guest material. No offense but this guy you quoted is making me drag my knuckles.

The guy really leaves out how many other candidates existed for this kind of behavior. The times tend to bring the man. Caesar in Rome, Napoleon in France, Hitler in Germany, etc. Someone would have brought the mass-industrial-scale killing in the industrial age. It was not just Hitler that had the thousands of troops fighting the way they did, like bugs into a bug-zapper into the hails of machine-gun fire. And for pete's sake, it was probably Hiroshima that demonstrated the horror of nuclear bombs.

Hitlermania. Idiot talk in my humbly-submitted opinion. Scapegoating, Bob--like you have said before. Blame it all on Hitler. Even if you get cute and "invert" it like this guy tried to do.

Questor said...

Bob, what are you getting at with what E. Rodger means, as you say?

Unknown said...

Rodger was a weak man. Why was he weak? Half-Asian male, short, scrawny, effeminate, raised in a hedonistic area obsessed with sex, looks, money, status. No meaning, family, importance, community. He lived a live of humiliation followed by revenge. The Greeks called it Koros to Hubris to Ate to Nemesis. Weakness to grandiosity to insanity to revenge. we are going to see more of this our fractured society - look at the ones who killed the cops in Vegas.

As for Hitler, he and his minions were the first ones to use advanced propaganda, advanced technology, paganism, the growth of the State, a charismatic leader and the attempt at community to commit genocide. Now look around today.

Questor said...

I'm just saying the guy you quoted is not one of your best selections. I'll accept your own observations about H. and the Nazis. I'll only add that your points about scapegoating are important. And if you'll pardon it, point out examples of technology and the growth of the state from older times. "Advanced" is relative. I'm not diminishing the threat of the present, just looking at the cause, which is ancient. Rather like you when you mention ancient wisdom and mythology.

Your mention of machines caused me to look up your old post: Very good post.

kurt9 said...

I came of age at the tail end of the Cold War. When considering both Stalinism and Hitlerism, I can to the conclusion that the notion that the individual does not own his or her own self was the philosophical root of all tyranny. I also came to the conclusion that collectivism (based on monopoly authoritarianism) is the root of all evil. If there is such a thing as an "ultimate battle", it is liberty against tyranny.

Is there any reason for me to question these conclusions?

Anonymous said...

"Hitler, of course, was a monster."

No. Hitler was not a monster.

@Bob, I respectfully urge you to study this subject if you want to know the truth - forget about what you have been taught and led to believe about Hitler and Germany during world war II. Look at the primary source evidence for yourself and decide for yourself what was going on. The propaganda by the allies did not stop after the end of the war.

Adolf Hitler, the Germans and Germany are the most maligned, slandered in history.

Adolf Hitler was much loved and revered by the Germans, and for very good reasons.

Please see this website: