Friday, February 10, 2017

Completely Alien Mentalities

"We need not only to understand the role of race in creating our civilization but also to incorporate that understanding in our defense of our civilization. Until we do so, we can expect only to keep on losing the war we are in. As long as whites continue to avoid and deny their own racial identity, at a time when almost every other racial and ethnic category is rediscovering and asserting its own, whites will have no chance to resist their dispossession and their eventual possible physical destruction.” - Sam Francis

DNA matters.

Some foreigners have mentalities so utterly alien to Americans we will never understand them. These are not people who want to be Americans if only given a chance. Not only are their mentalities alien so is their behavior, and since behavior is a function of those mentalities, we will never understand the behavior.

I have mentioned before I once saw a black-white-and-white video shot by an American attack helicopter in Iraq (or more probably Afghanistan – it had to be Afghanistan since the country is so bizarre) in which three men were turning turns screwing a sheep. The other two were walking around patiently waiting their turn while the first was merrily humping away at the sheep. How in the world can an American understand behavior like that?

Now we can say, well, they wouldn’t do that if raised over here. Really? I used to work with a young man from Afghanistan and considered him a screwball. I saw him giving some of the men at work lustful looks. It reminded me of James Michener’s novel about Afghanistan, Caravans, about the ages-old Afghan lust for sodomizing pubescent boys.

Are people John Lockean blank slates? (actually Locke wrote “wax tablet”) or is there some profound genetic influence that comes from inbreeding? I opt for the genetic influence, which is just common sense.

Perhaps 40% to 50% of what we are is genetics.

You can make the argument – and I do, as do others – that culture is an expression of genetics. It’s why Islam or Judaism isn’t for white people, but Christianity is. The former have cultures so alien to the West they’ll never be accepted – and both have caused horrible problems in the West.

Can you imagine a culture 33% Wahabi Muslim, 33% Orthodox Jew, and 33% fundamentalist Christian? All trying to share the same land? It wouldn’t work at all. Imagine the bloodshed and murder – and the totalitarian government necessary to keep some kind of order (think of the former “Yugoslavia” and the genocide that happened after the government fell).

Speaking of government, the lunatics in Dubya Shrub’s administration had no idea what they were doing in their attempts to impose the leftist hallucination of “democracy” on Iraq and Afghanistan. They were trying to impose “American values” on cultures that screw sheep and little boys. It why things are worse over there now than before the U.S. invaded. And they’re not going to get any better until we withdraw completely and let them go back to killing and fucking each other – which is their birthright.

Leftists – who have no sense whatsoever – think there would be no problem. We just have to be “tolerant” since all cultures are “equal.” Everyone else would realize there would be violence and “ethnic cleansing.” It’s been the history of the world.

For a while there was a concept by the historically ignorant about the U.S. being a “propositional nation”: move here and you are an American! This is so appallingly ignorant it’s not worth even commenting on.

I had a friend of mine once tell me he read some articles from the 1920s, in which it was governmental policy to allow only two people a year to emigrate from Afghanistan. They obviously understood things a lot better than people in the U.S. government today.

I also once was walking by a swimming pool at night at an apartment complex when an African woman asked me to walk her by the pool. As I was walking with her I saw a black cat by the diving board. I then knew she was just another stupid superstitious African. I never bothered to ask her what she thought it was going to do to her. Perhaps she thought it was a werecat that was going to turn into a gigantic black tiger.

Less funny was an incredibly ugly Arab woman, dressed in that ridiculous black headgear where only her face showed, who fled from my presence when she saw me walking my 16-pound pug (pugs are the most harmless and comedic of dogs). I knew that Muslims consider dogs unclean, so whenever I saw her I would walk my dog by her to see her flee. I found it a little amusing.

These behaviors are not just cultural. They’re genetic (“What’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh”).

These are cultures – and genes – we don’t need in the United States. Not any Africans with IQs below 70, or Mexicans with mean IQs of 89, or Muslims with mean IQs or 89. Not to mention all their other horrible, genetically-influenced behaviors.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't accept genetics as the full argument. Genetics play a role, but nuture is what defines them, and it's the difference between someone is predisposed to aggression so they channel it into becoming a great athlete, or they become a serial killer.

I will say that Christian values matter a great deal, that even non believers are still heavily influenced by the culture around them. So an atheist in the West will still hold Christian values even without admitting it. Childhood for example is a Christian value. All around the world kids are put to work, sold into sex slavery, used as soldiers. In faith there are some basic concepts, what we do for the least of these we do for God, the weak among us must be protected and defended. In the ME the weak are to be exploited, they exist to serve the strong.

We think of the ME as being sexually repressed, but actually Iran does the 2nd largest number of sex change operations in the world. Afganistan actually trains little boys to be "comfort women" for returning soldiers. And of course the sheep run scared everywhere. Western standards governing sexual behavior are actually Christian standards. We make a mess of them ourselves, but still, the taboo against raping sheep is universally understood here. Many pro-immigration people don't get that,they don't realize that universally held standards of behavior matter a great deal.

One Fat Oz Guy said...

It's a cultural aspect that will take generations to remove.
The reason they rape boys is because they themselves were either raped as boys or they were wealthy and got to do it to boys they considered to be worth less.
You'd have to do a communism and take all the children from their parents at 4 years old and put them in a single place under the tutelage of non Afghanis. Anything less and the cycle will just repeat.
The statistics (don't know the numbers) behind the number of children who are abused who go onto become abusers is surprisingly high.
We don't see that behaviour in victims of other crimes: we don't see 100 people turning to stealing for every 1000 people who've been robbed.
This is why in the West we send people who expose themselves in public for treatment, it's a warning sign they'll end up raping someone.
In Afghanistan, it's just their culture.

Glen Filthie said...


Training and conditioning trumps genetics every time with the rare exception of those individuals that lie on the outer edge of the statistical bell curve. I can turn a pug into a killer and a Doberman into a lap dog. It all boils down to how serious you are about training and conditioning.

I remember seeing that vid you mention myself - and I love how those 30mm's tore those shit heels up afterward. There was no mercy when they went down either - if the target was moving - they finished him off with another burst! Gawd, I love Americans!

Put your pisslamic pedo in the slam with some prison negroes and see what they do to him. I will guarantee you that if he lives - he will never offend again.

Baloo said...

Good piece as always. Of course genetics is a part of it all. Doesn't suit the liberal/neocon narrative, but most things that actually exists don't.

I've reblogged it here:

Shaun F said...

I think Bertrand Russell, the Communists, and Pavlov believed training and conditioning trumped genetics.

I beg to differ.

Unknown said...

Anything not genetic is still influenced by genetics. All this TruCon crap has already been disproven. These blacks have been here for Centuries and any difference between them and recent arrivals from the Jungle is marginal at best. Its not just IQ, its rates of insanity, temperament, and even attitude. You can see the amazing similarity between identical twins. Even raised apart, they are virtually clones of each other, with the same tastes, abilities and even tastes. Anyone clinging to environment is no scientist. They are either brainwashed, overly sentimental or enemies.
We don't need "immigrants". Only sleazy ghetto landlords and sweatshop owning gangsters need this trash. There is no "White Trash" asshole. Those rednecks built this country you fat lazy butterball. If you like brown people so much get out. Or just Get Out. The life you save will be your own.

Anonymous said...

@Glen: read Arthur Kemp's book: March of the Titans.

"If the society which has produced a particular civilization stays intact as a racially homogeneous unit, then that civilization remains active. If, however, the society within any particular given area changes its racial makeup—through invasion, immigration, or any decline in numbers—then the civilization which that society has produced will disappear with them, to be replaced by a new civilization reflecting the new inhabitants of that territory.

"The lesson is clear: a civilization will remain intact as long as its creating race remains in existence. This applies to all races equally—white, black, Mongolian or any other. As long as a civilization’s founding race maintains its territorial integrity and does not use large numbers of any other alien race to do its labor, that civilization will remain in existence.

"If a civilization allows large numbers of racial aliens into its midst (most often as laborers) and then integrates with those newcomers, that civilization will change to reflect the new racial makeup of the population.

"Any civilization—be it white, black, Asian, or Aboriginal—stands or falls by the homogeneity of its population, and nothing else. As soon as a society loses its homogeneity, the nature of that society changes. This simple fact, often ignored by historians, provides the key to understanding the rise and fall of all civilizations, irrespective of race."-- from the Prologue."

Unknown said...

"Training and conditioning trumps genetics every time"

If that was true blacks wouldn't have mean IQs of 85 and be prone to crime in every country of the world.

Anonymous said...

Just look at any place that was once created, built and maintained by whites that was civilized and prosperous, but then over run and taken over by blacks or hispanics to see the truth - These places turn into third-world hell holes: South Africa, Baltimore, Atlanta, Birmingham, Los Angeles, and Detroit for example.